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How to take apart xbox one controller?

    If you’re planning to disassemble the Xbox controller to repair a stuck joystick or unruly d-pad, this is how to do it swiftly and effortlessly.

    It’s challenging to figure out how to repair the issue with your Xbox One Controller. It’s not like you’ll be able to walk into a store and buy a new one. What are your options? You can explore ways to fix it yourself or take the entire thing apart and see whether that solves the problem.
    Its Xbox One controller is broken in a variety of places. However, they can all be fixed by a bit of tinkering.

    How to disassemble your Xbox One controller

    You might want to consider the tray to keep screws or other pieces from falling to the floor or being lost.
    Grab the orange pry tool in your toolkit.
    As illustrated, the pry tool is positioned between the plastic seams on the grips.

    The grip should be moved away from the central controller body. Be aware that there’s also adhesive that holds it under the plastic. So don’t be scared of using the forces.
    Repeat the exercise for each grip.
    The next step is getting off the screws. After the screws have been removed and the screws removed, the Xbox controller will be separated as a sandwich. Be extremely careful because you may damage the cable that connects batteries to circuitry if you pull it away excessively.

    What’s the most efficient method of disassembling the Xbox One controller?

    To take apart an Xbox One controller, you will require a Phillips screwdriver with a head. Take off the screws on the side of the controller, and then pull off the protective casing. Then, you can take out the circuit board and all the other internal components.

    How To Put It All Back Together

    You’ve successfully dismantled the Xbox One controller. The final step is to put it back together.

    The Xbox One controller has several different parts. The largest is the controller’s body comprising the main buttons and joysticks, in addition to the D-pad (which is removable). The second most significant component is the thumbstick, containing two thumbsticks, triggers, and any shoulder buttons you may have on either side. In addition, there are the headphone and power pack Jack modules, which only have to be connected.

    How do I get the Xbox one controller to clean it?

    You’ll require an inexpensive Phillips screwdriver with a head to remove the Xbox One controller. Unscrew the screws at the back of the controller and then take off from the case made out of plastic. Be cautious not to lose the screws!
    The controller’s interior is coated in dirt and dust. Utilize compressed air to wash it off, and then put it back together. Controller.


    From this point, the controller is divided into three components. The front plate is a body that houses the circuitry, and the backplate accommodates the housing for batteries. Be sure not to lose any parts while operating the controller.

    When you assemble the controller, it is essential to ensure your battery connections are correctly aligned within the backplate and that the audio jack beneath is snugly inserted inside the shell.

    I took apart my controller the moment I dropped it. I got the joystick stuck in an awkward position inside. Removing it to adjust the order of the parts in these situations could be more affordable or, at a minimum, a faster alternative to sending it to repair However, be sure to be cautious as specific components are challenging to work with.

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