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How To Send GIFs On iPhone

    It is possible to text GIFs or GIFs to your iPhone to add a sense of humour to your messages.
    To send GIFs or text GIFs, it is possible to utilize either Messages’ built-in GIF keyboard or another application.
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    GIFs can be an excellent and frequently humorous method of engaging with text. GIF keyboards are a fun and often funny way to communicate. GIF keyboard is included in any iPhone operating iOS 10 or later, which allows you to use images to express thoughts or concepts.

    To have a more significant collection of GIFs, Users have the option of downloading third-party software such as GIF keyboard or GIPHY. Like sending a text message, sending GIFs GIF is a breeze using the Messages application.

    How to send GIFs via iPhone

    Even though the iPhone has everything necessary to allow, you can send GIFs to contacts via text. There are different methods readily available to enable you to take the GIF game to a higher dimension.

    Not every version of iOS provides the same functions; the features listed in this post may not function. These methods were tested with iOS 17.0.3. It is possible to do this using the Messages application. It is essential to ensure you have Wi-Fi and cell data for this method to be effective.

    Here are three ways to help you make the most memorable GIFs feasible.

    Method 1: Make use of the in-built iPhone feature

    To use the built-in GIF feature of your iPhone, You can adhere to the instructions described in the following paragraphs:

    • Launch the app Messages.
    • Find the contact number of whom you wish to forward the GIF GIF to.
    • On the left side of the input bar for messages, Click on the + sign.
    • Tap for More.
    • Press #images.
    • Look up a specific GIF or swipe left to choose the GIF you want to share.

    Method 2: from the Gallery

    This is an excellent option for those with an amazing GIF stored in the iPhone gallery.

    • You can open the phone number you’re texting and press the plus sign in the lower left.
    • Select Pictures.

    • Click on the GIFs you wish to share from the gallery, sent directly to the individual who requested it.

    Method 3: Make use of Apps from Third-Party

    The App Store has numerous great apps from third parties with a variety of GIFs that are modern and highly engaging. It is possible to choose Apps such as Giphy and GIF Keyboard. The steps below to download it and then make use of it to send a GIF using your iPhone:

    • Start the App Store from your iPhone.
    • Click on the search button at the bottom left-hand corner of the display.
    • Then, on the upper side of the display, you can search for GIFs.
    • Download the applications you prefer. Try downloading Giphy to begin.
    • Open the Messages application from your iPhone.
    • Select the person to whom you wish to mail the GIF.
    • Click on the plus sign next to the input bar.
    • Click on More to explore other alternatives.
    • If you want to expand your options, select Giphy.

    It is now possible to browse through a full range of GIFs that you could use to send.

    How do I send GIFs? GIF by using the Messages App

    The most efficient method to share GIFs is by using the choices available through the Messages application. It is possible to search GIFs and then select them without leaving the application.

    • Start the Messages application for your iPhone.
    • Create a new thread or pick one of the threads already in.
    • Scroll down the Messages app’s toolbar at the bottom and tap the magnifying glass red icon. (If you’re unable to locate it, tap directly on the left side of the field for text entries for it to pop up.)
    • Be aware that the GIFs shown below on the box for searching are GIFs which you’ve recently viewed or GIFs which are popular now.
    • For a search on a particular GIF or topic, click on the Find Images search field and type in a keyword.
    • Click a GIF within the search results for it to be added to your email.
    • Write the message in text, then forward the message.

    How can I add a GIF Keyboard on an iPhone?

    In the wake of GIFs growing in popularity across the globe, Apple included the GIF option as part of the standard iMessage program for iPhones. You can get third-party GIF applications from the App Store. GIPHY as well as GIF Keyboard are among the most-used alternatives. In addition to using the app store, you may get them from iMessage in the app itself by clicking the plus icon in the App drawer in-app (the”A-shaped” icon).

    Questions about Sending GIFs via iPhone

    What’s wrong with my iPhone? Why isn’t it able to have an option to use the GIF option?

    The removal and installation of the Pictures app from iMessage are among the most straightforward solutions if you find that GIFs do not work with your iPhone. Move left from the app list that appears at the bottom of your screen after you are in the Messages application until you can see a button that has three dots.

    How do I access GIFs on my iPhone?

    While downloading GIFs onto your iPhone could be fun and addictive, they may be huge. Here’s how you start. To begin, make sure the GIF that you would like to download can be found within the message or email that you have opened. Click on the GIF. On the top right, you will see the Share icon. The symbol resembles a rectangular box that has an arrow. For the GIF into the camera Roll, Select the Save Image option.

    What can I do to post GIFs on Instagram?

    You are utilizing the Instagram GIF function. Initially, you must include a picture to your Instagram story by posting it online or taking it. In the upper-right corner, click the Sticker icon. Select to select the GIF option. Search for the word GIF on the menu or browse the most well-known GIFs. You can then add pictures text, as well as doodles and effects you’d like.

    How can I transmit GIFs to iMessage? iMessage?

    You must open messages on our iPhones and enter the contact number or choose an existing chat. To search for a specific GIF, click Find Images and type in a keyword like birthday or cat, Taylor Swift, and more. After that, include the GIF to the message you are sending by pressing it. In the end, you need to tap. for sending.

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