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how to select multiple layers in procreate

    Choosing multiple layers within Procreate is simple, even if it’s complicated. Similar to many of the tasks in Procreate, there is an initial learning curve even if you’re accustomed to other drawing programs. The process is precisely the same for every version of Procreate.

    When you are used to it regularly, selecting and working with layers will become a natural part of how you create. With many years of experience in the field of illustration, I’ve learned to utilize this tool frequently to make changes to my artwork quickly.

    In this video tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to choose multiple layers within Procreate and also provide some suggestions regarding working using layers.

    What Is the Best Way to Select Multiple Layers in Procreate?

    When you are working on big projects, choosing several layers in Procreate can be very useful. The layers panel within Procreate is the most efficient way to manage and select layers.

    The tab for layers can be found on the left part of the toolbar’s top. The symbol for it is two overlapping squares. It is possible to add, remove the Layer, select, group and move layers inside this panel.

    To select several layers, start by selecting the primary Layer. Your primary Layer will appear in bright violet in the layer panel. Be aware that you only have one primary Layer in use at any moment.

    The next step is to select your secondary layers. Swipe right over any other layer and add the secondary Layer to the selection. The Layer will be displayed in a deep blue on the Layers panel. If you accidentally choose an unintentional layer you weren’t planning to, swipe left over it to delete it.

    Once you’ve chosen your layers, you can remove and move them around as you like. If you decide you don’t need more layers, tap one of them to remove all of them.

    How To Select Multiple Layers In Procreate

    To select multiple layers within Procreate, slide every Layer you want to select towards the right. The selected Layer will appear highlighted with blue, signalling that it has been selected. You can select the layers by moving them back to the right.

    Select Multiple Layers In Procreate

    We’ll first look at how to select layers. We’ll then discuss how to remove them (spoiler, it’s identical in both!)

    Step 1: Open the Layers Menu

    The first step in selecting layers is to open the Layers menu, which is located at the top-right of your screen.

    As a default, it is the case that one Layer must be selected. This is evident by an orange highlight.

    Step 2: Slide layers to the right side to select them.

    Once the Layers menu has been opened, the only thing you need to do to choose additional layers simultaneously is move the layers to your right

    As shown in the screenshot above, your chosen layers can be seen in highlighted blue. But a toned-down blue shade is chosen for the other layers you have selected. The primary Layer is the same shade of blue.

    That’s it! You’ve selected multiple layers. You can now do whatever you want.

    How can I alter different layers of Procreate?

    In the beginning, you’ll need to launch an option for layer menus. Then, in the top left corner of the screen, there is an icon with two overlapping boxes. Click it. This will open your menu with layers. You can choose, move, delete, and add various layers from this menu.

    What is the easiest way to choose multiple layers in Photoshop?

    To select several layers in Photoshop, you need to hold the Ctrl (Cmd on Macs) Mac) key, then click on the layers you wish to select.

    How do you choose multiple layers at the same time?

    To select several layers at once, press your Ctrl (Cmd on the Mac) key, then click on each Layer you wish to select.

    How can I rearrange layers within Procreate?

    After selecting single or multiple layers to work with, it is possible to arrange them by moving them either upwards or downwards. Press and hold your finger over any of the layers and then move your finger upwards or down to shift the layers according to your preference.

    How can I erase my entire screen within Procreate?

    The easiest method of clearing your Procreate screen is by clearing the layers.

    Please select all the layers within the layer panel by clicking right on them.

    Click “delete”.

    Procreate will appear with a message asking if you want to remove all layers. You can choose “yes”.

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