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how to select multiple items on mac

    If you use a Mac, there are numerous options in macOS. If you are aware of the multiple features available on macOS, you’ll enjoy a better experience and simplify your job. For instance, if you know how to choose several types of files on a Mac.

    Are you having trouble with Shift to choose different files that are not working on Mac? Another way to achieve this is to use trackpads or external mice if you have one. We aren’t going to explain the obvious. Instead, you’ll be able to choose several files on Mac by using the keyboard. If it’s all files in a folder or multiple consecutive or non-consecutive files within Finder, we’ve covered it all. Let’s start.

    What are the benefits of choosing multiple files?

    Selecting multiple files highlights various objects on your computers, like folders or files. Selecting multiple files could appear differently depending on your software or operating system. For instance, you can select multiple files with specific applications by checking a checkmark next to each one. In other programs, you can select files by moving your mouse over them. The files can change hue or be highlighted once you choose them.

    How do you select multiple files that are near each other

    There are two methods to choose several files adjacent to each other on Mac.

    Click and drag

    Click next to the file.
    Drag the mouse downwards while releasing your mouse trackpad button

    Select and shift
    Press the Shift key, and then select the first file
    By releasing the Shift key, the file that you saved

    Select Multiple Non-Adjacent Files

    If you have files dispersed across your folders, selecting the entire folder is still available.

    Begin in the directory that contains your files on Finder. Within the window of Finder, select the first file you wish to choose.

    Hold the Command key on the keyboard on your Mac, and select another file you would like to choose.

    The two files you have selected are selected. To select additional files, you need to hold the Command key and click on a file to include it in your selection.

    How can I select all files within a folder?

    To quickly choose everything within the folder, it is possible to press Command+A. This will select all the files. Of course, you can use the Command key or Shift (as previously mentioned) to remove any item you wish to.

    We suggest testing iBoysoft MagicMenu. The program adds a Quick Access panel to the right-click menu on the Mac, allowing you to right-click your chosen files and transfer files to the destination you prefer immediately.

    Click and Drag to Select Multiple Files

    Another way to choose various documents on the Mac is to click and drag using your trackpad or mouse. It also works with the Icon view and is efficient for selecting several objects on your Desktop.

    To accomplish this, click and hold it while you drag the cursor to create a selection box that includes all the files you wish to choose. Release your trackpad or mouse to select the attached files. If you accidentally pick or don’t notice specific files, hold the Cmd key and click on the files you missed to add the selection.

    How to Select All Files on a Mac

    If you want to choose all files in a folder within Finder, you can use the menu bar feature or a keyboard shortcut. To select all files in the folder, follow the following steps.

    The Finder window should be opened, and then select the files you want to choose.
    In the menu bar in Finder, Choose the Edit tab and Select All. You’ll be able to see all the files you’ve selected.
    Alternatively, you can use your keyboard’s shortcut Command + A to select the entire file.

    Once you have all your files chosen after which, you can right-click on them to select any action you want to take.

    Start Using Your Mac More Efficiently

    Learning a few life hacks and tricks about your Mac can boost your productivity and help you save time. There is Finder, one of the programs that can aid you in organizing and managing your files more effectively. Using Finder more effectively will allow you to make the most of your Mac.

    How do you pick the best options on Mac?

    To select all files within a folder, choose one, click it, and then hit Command-A.

    This is what you can do using multiple files after having chosen the files you want to use
    Transfer them to a different place by moving them.
    Hold the Option key as you drag them around to copy them, not move them to a new location.
    Use the Spacebar to launch Quick Look, then use the arrow keys to cycle through the previews of selected files.
    Control-click or Right-click on the files to open the dropdown menu, and select from options like Rename, open using an application you have chosen or move them to a bin.

    What is the best way to open zip file files on my Mac?

    To unzip a file or folder on Mac, you only need to double-click on the zip file. The folder or file will decompress within the same folder as you compress the file.

    How do I delete files on my Mac?

    If you want to delete files from the Mac, right-click the file you wish to erase and then select Move to Trash. Then, click to open the Trash bin to reveal your Trash by right-clicking to delete the file(s) to empty the Trash, then click”Delete immediately.

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