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how to select multiple files in google drive

    Google Drive Google Drive is by far the most reliable cloud storage platform that will safely store your folders and files. You can access your uploaded files by logging in to your account from any device.

    Sometimes, you’ll need to transfer your files, such as photographs, or remove these from Google Drive; manually doing each at a time is time-consuming and challenging. Thus, it is essential to know the procedure for accomplishing this in only a few clicks on Google Drive.

    You’re in the right spot to master this in simple steps. In this article, I’ll walk you through “how to choose multiple files on Google Drive?”

    How do I select more than one Google Drive File?

    Log in to the Google Drive account you have created. Google Drive account.

    Select the first option you’d like to choose.

    Press Ctrl on your keyboard, then click on the other documents you would like to select.

    The guide below continues with more details about selecting several documents in Google Drive, including pictures of the steps.

    If you start using Google Drive a lot, you will be able to accumulate an abundance of files.

    These might be spreadsheets, documents, or images you’ve downloaded via your smartphone.

    No matter what the files are, you may be tempted to delete some or group the files into groups.

    This could be time-consuming, mainly if you’re operating on one file simultaneously. Therefore, you could be looking for a quicker solution.

    How do I select the various files?

    To select a set of individual files, use the CTRL key.

    Choose the first file you’d like to download.

    Click and hold down the Ctrl key down.

    Similarly to that, select the following file that you would like to open

    By holding down the Ctrl button, Continue to select documents. While holding the Ctrl key, you can continue selecting

    Once you’re done when you are done, release the Ctrl key and ensure all chosen files are highlighted.

    Place selected files into an organized folder.

    It is easy to arrange the files you have selected into separate folders as follows:

    Use the mouse to click and hold on any area of the highlighted area

    Move and drop this entire group into the folder

    If you prefer a menu method instead of drag and drop method, right-click on a highlighted set of files and choose “Move into” the correct folder.

    You might want to think about using a Mouse.

    Like the file explorer on computers, the easiest and fastest way to choose the various files within Google Drive is by using the mouse.

    All you have to do is click left and move the cursor of your mouse across the files you wish to select. This is a straightforward and transparent procedure to follow:

    The first step is to select a browser you like and then enter the URL within the bar for navigation located at the top. Then, follow by pressing enter on your keyboard.

    This will allow you to access the member area of the Drive, which allows you to gain access to your storage options and documents. To make selecting large files more accessible, you can switch the option to view the files from Grid to List.

    If you have the required documents on your display, you must click your mouse left and drag it to create a square of design around the files you would like to pick in large quantities.

    Once you have completed the selection, you can right-click one of the files you’ve selected and select a specific action, like deletion or moving. The exact process will take effect to select files in a sequence.

    Select Multiple Files from Google Drive Using the Ctrl key

    This one is unique as it’s more suitable for situations when you have to choose multiple files that don’t have to be all in one. You can use the Ctrl critical method to select the files you require.

    Go to in a browser for the web.

    Select My Drive on the left side and find the files you want.

    You can also switch from the Grid perspective to its List view. Click the View icon in the top-right of your file to do this.

    Press your Ctrl keys on your keyboard, and then click every file (they will be blue once chosen).

    It is now possible to right-click any of them. The option you select from that selection will take effect for all of them that are chosen. You can drag them to another folder or into the trash.

    The ability to select multiple files in the Google Drive app on iPhone?

    You can pick several files in your Google Drive app in IOS and download and share them.

    Utilizing Google Drive, the most popular Google Drive app for iOS, Find the files you want to choose multiple files simultaneously.

    Locate the primary file, select it and press for about 1-2 seconds until an orange checkmark circle appears.

    Additionally, a toolbar icon is in the screen’s lower right-hand corner.

    Continue to select additional files using a short press until all the files you want to choose are highlighted.

    How can I delete all of my documents from Google Drive?

    To delete several files, you must left-click the first one, hold down the CTRL key, and then left-click every one of the other files you would like to remove. Repeat this process until all the files have been chosen.

    How do I remove several files all at once?

    To erase multiple files or folders: Choose the items you wish to remove by holding and pressing your Shift or Command key and clicking on the respective folder’s or file’s name. Use Shift to select all items between the initial and the last item.

    How do you select files from Google Drive?

    If there is a big folder on Google Drive, you can select a large folder. Google Drive account, you can choose several folders by hitting CTRL+A with your keyboard. This will pick all files within the folder. Additionally, you can select multiple files by pressing one of the files and holding it in place while holding the Shift button. You can choose all files in one go and then transfer, copy or remove them. This guide will guide you in selecting multiple files within Google Drive on Android.

    Choose the file you want to download by clicking on it. The file will show the checkmark. It is also possible to choose multiple files at the same time. You can also select multiple files by pressing the file and then clicking”More options” in the menu. Select the files you would like to use. After you’ve selected several files, you can choose them by using the options from the Additional options menu. After you’ve selected several files, you can either move them into a folder or share them with others.

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