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how to select multiple emails on mac

    This guide will explain how to select multiple emails and Messages, Notes, and files on iPhone and iPad using Two-Finger Tap and Drag. I’ll ensure that you follow this guide. You will enjoy this article on How to Select Multiple Notes, Emails, Messages, or files on iPhone and iPad using Two-Finger Tap and Drag.

    Do you want a speedier method to choose several objects on an iPhone or iPad? With this handy new gesture, select multiple messages, emails, files, notes, and more. It is now more straightforward than before.

    Gestures have been an integral component in an iOS system since the launch of the first iPhone in the year 200. With new iOS versions, Apple often adds a couple of new gestures that could be used across its selection of devices. Two-finger dragging and tapping is the most recent addition to the list of all gestures iOS provides. It is required to have iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 or later to utilize this feature.

    Do you want to test this brand-new feature using an iOS device? Learn the method you can use to choose multiple messages, emails, documents, and notes. For both iPhone and iPad, you can tap and drag your fingers.

    How to Select Multiple Emails in Gmail on a Mac

    Gmail is among the most frequently used email services. However, it’s not compatible with a desktop-based email client, which means you won’t be able to download the Gmail application for the Mac. However, you can connect to your Gmail account and access the report from your desktop via the Mac Mail application. What you must do:

    Launch the Mail application and then click “Add Account.”

    Click “Choose a Mail Account Provider” and select “Google” from the menu.

    Click on “Continue” and “Open Safari.”

    Log into the web page of your Gmail account and sign in using your login credentials.

    If you are asked for permissions, When asked about licenses, select “Allow.”

    You can choose to synchronize your contacts, notes, and calendar.

    You’ll be able to see Gmail on Your sidebar Mail application.

    Click on the Email with the highest priority. Press the Shift key and then choose the last Email. This is the quickest method for you to pick multiple messages displayed consecutively.

    Pick an email to be selected, press the Command key, and choose multiple email addresses. Use this technique if the emails you’re working on are random.

    Utilize the Magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner to swear by subject or sender. After that, you can use any or more keyboard shortcuts mentioned above to select multiple emails using those parameters.

    If you wish to filter all emails, use the keyboard shortcut Command+A.

    How to Select Multiple Emails That Aren’t in Contiguous Order

    The emails you wish to pick will be in a different order. They might be scattered in a multitude of emails. To choose a set of emails that need to be in continuous order, simply click on one Mail to choose it. You can then press the command key when selecting additional messages from the email list.

    Using Search in Mail

    If you’re overwhelmed by a backlog of emails Utilizing the search feature in Mail to locate the emails you are looking for could be faster. Then, you can use Command+A to pick all of the emails found in the search results or use the Command key to select just the ones you want to select.

    Search for a term — the sender’s name or subject or text entry in the Mail Search bar. Use Command+A to select all messages from the results of your search.

    If you’d like to pick just a few of the results within the results search, select and hold the initial message from the list you would like to choose and then drag the mouse up or down to select the messages you wish to choose.

    You can also command-click to select random messages to add or remove from the set.

    Whatever method you employ to select messages from your Mail application, you’ll be able to take them all as one when you print, file delete, or do another task.

    How can I delete multiple messages in Outlook to Mac?

    Go to the folder where you wish to remove the messages (e.g., Inbox). Please choose the first Email you want to erase to highlight it.
    Press the Shift key on your keyboard.
    Right-click the message you want to delete and choose the option to delete.
    This will erase all emails that were highlighted in one go.

    How do I choose the number of emails I wish to remove on a Mac?

    To choose several emails to delete on Mac, You can follow these methods:
    Click on the Email within the email list and highlight it.
    Press and hold the Command key, and then click on each Email in the list.
    Press and hold the Shift key. Then select each Email from the list.

    How can I erase hundreds of email messages on my Macbook?

    If you wish to erase Mail from the Macbook, You can use the Mail application and choose the email messages you want to erase. After selecting them, click the Archive button at the left-hand edge of your screen.

    How to select multiple emails using Two-Finger Tap and Drag

    Apple’s Mail application, included in all iOS devices, is among the few applications currently supporting this latest gesture. Let’s have a look.

    Start the Mail app from the home screen on the iPhone or iPad, then head to your Inbox. Tap with two fingers on any email, as illustrated below.

    Then, without moving your fingers, swiftly drag your finger down to select all emails on display. If you continue holding your finger on the bottom of the menu, the Mail application will continue scrolling and choosing the emails at a time.

    How to Delete Multiple Emails in Yahoo on Mac Mail?

    When you access the Yahoo account via Mac Mail, If you delete any emails on your Mac mail, it will be processed by the Yahoo account too. Thus, you must follow the procedure to effectively clean up Yahoo Mailbox emails from the Yahoo mail account.

    Log in to Your Yahoo Mail account on Mac Mail.
    Click on the Email to remove it from the Inbox.
    Look for the Delete icon in the upper right.
    This will transfer the emails to this folder. Trash folder. You can go to the trash folder and delete the email once more.
    This will delete the Email forever from the Yahoo account. In the event of multiple deletions of emails, you can repeat the steps. If you want to delete multiple emails in a single case, check all emails you wish to delete and then click the delete icon.

    Be sure you’re keeping all important emails when you delete bulk emails from your Yahoo account.

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