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How To See Your Subscribers On YouTube

    YouTube is currently the second most popular website around the world. With such a huge number of viewers and users,

    Have you ever thought about how many subscribers a big-shot YouTuber has?

    How do you view a channel’s Subscribers on YouTube?

    While it isn’t possible to determine the number of people who subscribe to a particular Channel, but you will determine the number of people who subscribe to the channel you’re on or to your own. What you can observe is the person who joined the channel. YouTube channel. Keep reading to find out how you can do this.

    Who is the person who subscribed to your YouTube Channel?

    Take these steps to get the most recent YouTube users:
    • Log in to YouTube, click on your profile icon, and navigate through YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio.
    • When you’re on the main page of your YouTube studio, there will be an area called “Channel Analytics”. It will display how many of your subscribers.
    • A pop-up window will open with your most recent subscribers. Set the date range in the upper right to determine who subscribed during the past seven days or month, as well as ninety days, years or throughout the Lifetime of your channel.

    In this section, you’ll be able to see the following information from a recent subscriber:

    • channel name
    • Profile icon for your profile
    • subscription date
    • Subscribers count (on their channels)
    • Creators who have the most subscribers will be in the uppermost position.

    Do you want to visit the channel of a subscriber? The icons for their profiles are clickable, and you can click on one to open the creator’s home page. If you already have a connection with the creator, you have an option to join their channel; that’s a great alternative.

    Keep in mind that any newly registered subscribers can only be shown on this page if they’ve made their account public. You most likely are more subscribers than what this panel will display.

    How Do You Determine the number of subscribers you have on YouTube?


    The process of determining how many users you’ve got on YouTube is simple. You can follow these instructions to determine the number of YouTube subscribers you have

    Log in first to your YouTube account.
    • Click the profile icon located at the top-right corner of the web application.
    • From the dropdown menu, choose the channel you want to use.
    • Click below your channel’s title (on the right side of your page) to find how many subscribers you have.

    Frequently Answered Questions

    How can I find out which I’m currently enrolled with?

    The process of determining who you’re subscribed to is much more straightforward than finding out who’s already subscribed to you. All you have to do is click those three vertical lines in the upper-left corner on YouTube once you’ve logged in.

    Go to Subscribers sections, and then view the channels. Click the option ‘Show more’ to display all of the channels that you’re subscribed to.

    Do I have access to my subscribers over the life on my account?

    Like most websites, analytics are just tools that determine how popular you are. Analytics provide valuable information about which videos are getting the most attention. It’s possible to pinpoint exactly who joined your account in the last 28 days, but you will be able to see when you have the most quantity of users.

    Visit the Dashboard the same way as we did in the previous example and then click on ‘Go To Channel Analytics’ located in the middle of the screen (look at the blue link). Choose the desired date range in the upper-right corner, and choose Lifetime. Click “See More” under the graph. Then, scroll down a bit and see the time when your subscribers began clicking the link for your channels to be followed.

    Do you want to know more about your YouTube viewers?

    So far, we’ve reviewed the statistics on the general traffic to your channel.

    If you’re looking to find more information about other important data like the number of people who have watched one particular video, the average duration of your watch, etc., read on!

    You can select the video analytics you would like to look over in the upper bar.

    Knowing how your viewers discovered you and the number of them who have already subscribed to your channel would increase your YouTube presence and help you increase the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel more quickly and easily.

    How can you see your YouTube subscribers?

    You will only find the 100 most recent users on YouTube studio, however only those who made their account public. If a user signs up to YouTube, their subscriber list will be private until they make it public. After that, you will check them out in your subscriber’s list on your desktop only.
    Click on YouTube Studio and sign in.

    • Start the Dashboard in the left menu and
    • See the most recent Subscribers.
    • You can view your YouTube subscribers If:
    • The user opted to make the subscriptions public.
    • The user signed up to the channel in just 28 days (almost one month)
    • You won’t be able to see your YouTube subscribers if:
    • YouTube users can make YouTube YouTube private.
    • The account is classified as spammy.


    YouTube is growing, and having many subscribers is important for all YouTube users. But, YouTube does not allow users to view the other subscribers’ lists, unlike other social media platforms like Instagram; however, it permits you to view the entire list of subscribers on the desktop and the most recent ones via mobile applications.

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