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How To See Views On Facebook Posts

    Do you want to determine who has viewed your Facebook post? It is essential to find out how many people have looked at the bar on Facebook so that you can choose the kind of Content your user is taking interest in. This will offer more insight into what posts you should be sharing more frequently.
    This post will help you determine who saw your post on Facebook as well as your story profile.

    How to See Who Viewed Your Posts on Facebook

    To track your demographics and create specific content to appeal to them, It is essential to determine where you get your information from.

    Can you see who viewed your post on Facebook?

    Certainly, Facebook provides content creators with features that allow them to monitor various metrics to help increase their engagement with viewers. However, there is a caveat. Because Facebook values the privacy of its users, these options can only be accessed in posts that are posted to a group by Facebook Pages or group administrators.
    This can be achieved by following these steps:

    • Sign in to your Facebook profile using your login credentials.
    • Touch the hamburger icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Tap on Groups.
    • Select your groups and start a Facebook page or group in which you are an administrator.
    • Scroll down until you reach the post.
    • Click on the number of views in the lower right corner of the page.
    • Click Viewer to access the profiles of people who have visited your page.
      That’s it! It’s that easy! All visitors to your page will be visible.

    Who Viewed My Facebook for iPhone/iOS?

    The methods above are somewhat flimsy. Don’t worry about it about it. iOS simplifies everything for its customers.

    Are you excited to find out? Let’s begin to see who has seen my profile:

    You iOS iPhone users have to

    • Open your Facebook app.
    • Open Menu on Facebook.
    • Scroll to the Settings and Privacy option. Scroll down to the Settings & Privacy
    • There, you will discover a brand new feature known as Privacy Shortcuts.
    • Look for the choice Who has viewed my Facebook? And then you are accomplished!

    Who Viewed My Facebook for Android

    Don’t delay; who viewed my Facebook profile? This option may be accessible for Android. Install the Facebook app and update it to the latest version.

    Who has viewed my Facebook profile?

    In the event of trying to contact Facebook regarding its plans for the launch, Facebook clearly stated that it is no similar feature to the list of features Facebook is currently working on. In its stringent regulations and privacy guidelines, Facebook clearly states that the feature will never be rolled out for anyone.

    Yes, you heard it exactly. However, we do hope that the feature is rolled out in the near future and that the most preferred date is the first day of April (year not known).

    The time has come to learn the best way to remove someone from Facebook once you know the person who is monitoring your profile.

    Does Facebook show who viewed your video?

    The answer depends on the platform where the video is being posted, such as Stories, News Feed, Stories, or it’s live. Let’s deal with each one individually.

    Video uploaded to your newsfeed.

    No, however, Facebook can tell you how many times a video has been viewed or how many people have viewed it, but it will not reveal who viewed the video.
    The only way to find out who watched your video through Facebook is to check the likes and comments. After that, you can try to narrow down the answer by looking at who’s on Facebook. The truth is that none of these techniques will give you a 100% accurate or complete answer.
    See how many people watched the video.

    See How Many People Watched the Video

    Even though Facebook isn’t able to provide an exhaustive listing of the number of viewers who have viewed regular video content, you can nonetheless gain some insight into the response to the video you post. If your video is published on your account Fa, Facebook profile, or page, it is possible to determine the effectiveness of your post by looking at the metrics for your video.

    Videos uploaded to Facebook feed

    If you have shared your video on the internet, The number of people who have viewed it is displayed at the bottom of the video.

    Video content posted to a Facebook page.

    If you post the video via a Page, There are other metrics that can be viewed. Can examine it from your desktop PC. For this, you need to use the application of your choice: log in to Facebook and click on the profile picture in the upper-right corner, then select View All profiles – then select the profile.

    After that, choose Meta Business Suite in the left menu. Then, click Insights and then select Content.


    • Choose on the Posts and Stories dropdown and pick one option or the other.
    • Choose Videos from the Media kind dropdown.
    • Watch the video for more information about the video.

    What can you do to find out who has seen your story on Facebook?

    Facebook story Facebook Story is not new to Facebook. It’s been used over the last couple of years.

    Since Facebook has introduced this feature to its platform, other platforms for social media (Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories) have included this feature.

    If you’d like to find out those who liked your post on Facebook, Follow the steps below–

    At the top of the Feed section, go to the section Stories.

    Click on “Your Story.”

    In the window that is now named In the window that is now titled Story Details From the Story Details window, in the new window titled Story Details, you will be able to check the number of views on the story you have posted on Facebook. In the new window, you can find the names of Facebook viewers who have visited your posts.

    Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Page?

    If you do a thorough analysis of your Facebook pages and posts After analyzing your Facebook page and posts, you can find some helpful results. Check who is liking your Facebook page, as well as who comments on your posts. Most of the time, you can learn about those who comment, like, or share your posts. There is no way to know who viewed your page on Facebook and what posts.

    Then, you can find out what is the best way to determine who visits your Facebook profile stories, posts, and pages.

    Commonly requested questions

    Can I find out the number of people who don’t have Facebook connections with me who are aware of my posts?

    Facebook does not have a method of telling which people have seen your post and whether the people who viewed it are the same friends as you. If you do not want them to be able to see your post, make sure that the post’s visibility is set to change to Friends in place of Public.

    Are there any chances that those who don’t have Facebook acquaintances might read my post?

    Anyone not friends of yours can access your Facebook account unless you alter the privacy settings of your account to Friends.

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