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How to see unsent messages on messenger

    Check out Messages that Someone else deleted for everyone:

    You can access incoming messages you have received and delete them from an email to view them.

    Facebook allows you receive email notifications for messages. By activating the email notification option in your account settings, you can receive notifications whenever an incoming message is sent to your Messenger Account.

    If you have not yet turned on email notification, these are the steps:

    Step 1: Open the Facebook app.

    Step 2: Next, go to Settings and Privacy.

    Step 3: On the Settings and Private section, tap on the Notification option.

    Step 4: Scroll down the page and tap on Email.

    Step 5: Next, click Email Frequently.

    Step 6: Click on All.

    Would someone be able to let me know if you Unsend a message via Messenger?

    Can Facebook Users Still View Unsent Messages? Facebook users can see messages sent instantly to them, so sending a message does not prevent the recipient from viewing it. If you send a text message and immediately unsend it, the recipient might be notified that you sent it.

    How can I recover old Messenger messages that were not sent?

    You have two choices to retrieve Messenger’s old messages:

    -Tap at the bottom of the tab “Messages,” then tap at the top “Drafts.”

    -Open the “Messages” app on an iPhone. Swipe left to view your drafts.

    What does the other person see if you send a message through Messenger?

    Unsend to You will still show the messages to other chatters. Unsend is for everyone. This will make it impossible for anyone to see the unsent message. It would help if you remembered that some people might have already seen your unsent messages and can still report the conversation.

    Is Messenger able to see messages that have been sent but not yet received?

    Messenger does allow you to view unsent messages. Click on the “New Message” icon in Messenger to see your unsent messages. A list of all your Facebook friends will appear under the “To” field. A paper airplane-shaped icon is placed next to each friend. This icon will display all of your written messages that have not yet been sent.

    How do you permanently delete Messenger messages?

    Steps to Delete Messages on Facebook from Both Sides

    Tap and hold on to the message you wish to delete from your phone.

    Then select Remove.

    When asked to select the Unsend option, tap it.

    If asked, confirm your decision.

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