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How To Schedule Text Message On iphone

    Sometimes, you’d want to text, but the time is different. It could be too early, a little late in the evening, or it’s better to test something later than the present. If you wait for a text message to be sent, it can mean that you’ll forget the message completely. How do you compose an email and then transmit it again?
    You can also make a plan to send text messages or a workaround.

    The methods available are different according to the mobile device you use. However, we’ve outlined some options to accomplish your job (or at least close to it) using Android and iOS. Also, if you’re interested in making scheduled calls to your clients, we’ve included an article that details how to accomplish this (and this doesn’t require the mobile device you use).

    You can schedule text messages using your iPhone. Yes!

    The process of scheduling text messages to be delivered in advance is
    Although possible, it’s more complex than setting it up to be done in iMessage. The process must be configured as an automated process in the Shortcuts application.

    This process is accessible to every iPhone customer; it’s certainly not the easiest thing to set up. The steps we provide can make the process easier, but if your goal isn’t to program a regular text message, you may want to consider an app from a third party that we’ll review.

    Send text messages to your iPhone by using an app from a third-party

    These directions are for this app: Scheduled App:

    • Install the Scheduled application on your iPhone and follow the setup process.
    • In the initial setup process, select the premium plan that costs money for those who want to receive the scheduled text messages automatically. You can also opt for the free plan if you’d prefer to receive an email when it’s time to send your planned message.
    • In the Scheduled screen at the top, click the plus sign on the lower left of the screen. This will add a new scheduled message.
    • Choose the messaging service you’d like to utilize on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Then, input the recipient(s) in the To field. It is necessary to permit the app access to the list of contacts during this period if you have yet to allow it to do so.
    • Add your text and a picture if you would like, and then click Date and Schedule Date. Select the date and time that your message will be emailed.
    • Do not repeatedly repeat will be the default option for creating messages that are repeated; press Repeat and then select the suitable choice.
    • Then, tap the Schedule Message button at the bottom. You’re done.

    How to Schedule a Text on iPhone Using the Shortcuts App

    It is possible to schedule messages through your iPhone through the Shortcut application. It allows you to program and automate individual or group text messages.
    It’s a simple and no-cost messaging solution that schedules text messages. However, it can be more substantial than text messaging for business solutions.
    You can schedule text messages on your iPhone with the Shortcuts application.

    Launch the Shortcuts application on your iPhone.

    The Shortcuts app is available for iPhones with iOS 13 or later. If you are already running the iOS version, installing the Shortcuts application from the Apple App Store is necessary.

    Select Automation and create a personal automation.

    Tap Create Personal Automation. You may not see this feature if you have previously created an automated system. Instead, click the + symbol in the upper-right corner before tapping to create a personal automation.
    Select Automation, then create your Automation.

    Select the time of day.

    Select the date and time you want your text message to be sent.
    Scroll to the Month, then scroll to change the date you want the message to be sent. After you are done, then press Next.
    Sending messages on a schedule using iMessage allows you to create an automatic recurring message that is sent together monthly. Do you want it to be a one-off? If so, you’ll need to turn off the automatic feature (or turn it off) when the scheduled SMS message is delivered.
    Choose the best time of day.

    Tap Add action.
    In the Actions menu, select a person or set of contacts in the Send Message section, and then tap Next.
    Enter your message in the text field. After that, tap on Next.

    Notice: the features for message composition are not available for all messages. The messages will be sent in SMS, not MMS or iMessage. You can’t text images or photos (MMS), gifs, emojis, etc.

    Check your Automatization

    Tapping the switch on the right side of Ask Before Running is possible. The Automation will stop being run in a loop.

    If everything is in order, Tap Done, and the automated will start.

    This approach creates recurring automated.
    Remember to delete the program after running if this isn’t what you’re looking for. To remove the Automation, move your finger from left to left over the Automation, and then press delete.

    Can You Schedule a Text on Android?

    Even though they are more complex when it comes to user interfaces and layout, there’s no doubt that Android phones have more to offer in terms of customization and all the options to modify a phone so that it is truly personal to you. That’s why this is the case even when dealing with things as basic as scheduled text.

    Yes, but not. It all depends on the type of phone that you’re using and the location you’re located in; you may be fortunate to have the “schedule message” function as an integrated function. If you still need to, you may be required to make an additional fee to pay the Google Play Store a visit for the exact feature you’re seeking.

    The Built-In Way

    If you’re running a Google Pixel or a Samsung smartphone, there’s no reason to use a third-party application to send an SMS message.

    Google Messages

    In Pixels or any other phone equipped with a Google Messages app pre-loaded as the default app for texting, the ability to schedule messages is simple enough for children. All you have to do is start the app and compose a message exactly how you usually do; however, instead of pressing the “send” button, you must hold down the button for a few seconds. The app will allow you to open a “Schedule Send” pop-up window to defer sending your message until later or select a date and time for yourself. The message has been planned!

    Samsung Messages

    The default messaging application for Samsung phones comes with a timer feature. To use the feature, start the app, write your message, and select your preferred contact. You can then click on the arrow to the left of the text box and then tap the “+” “+” button. There’s a wide range of choices, including “Schedule Message,” which is one of the options. After selecting this option, you must choose the precise date and time and click “Done.” It’s that simple.

    Can a scheduled Text Message be deleted from an iPhone?

    Eliminating a scheduled text message using the iPhone is very easy. It’s as easy as following an easy set of steps to delete your scheduled text message. Learn about this process in more depth.

    To create a shortcut, you must define the frequency of repeating your messages. It is possible to schedule the text to be sent daily, weekly, or even monthly, based on the requirements of your business. You can turn off the automated option after the message is sent.

    Learn how to remove all automatization in the Shortcuts app, including texts you have scheduled on your iPhone.

    When you are on your iPhone, Open the Shortcuts application. All the automation lists will appear in the app’s display.
    If you can read the SMS you have scheduled, move left to hit the delete button.
    Automation will no longer use your shortcut text message.

    Although there may be a better way to organize and schedule each text message you receive on your iPhone, you can save time and meet your requirements through the Shortcuts application and the various other applications from third parties.

    Frequently Asked Text Message Scheduling Questions (FAQ)

    Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the scheduling of an SMS message.

    Do you have the ability to schedule the text?

    You can plan a text message for iPhone, Android, PC, or desktop. However, keep in mind that the majority of text messaging features allow only delayed text messages. For business, you’ll require a text messaging provider for more sophisticated text messaging scheduling and automation tools like autoresponders.

    Can you set up text messaging on the iPhone?

    Yes, you can program a text message to your iPhone. The shortcuts application is the best way to plan an SMS message on an iPhone. Another method is to schedule your appointment. These text message scheduling tools have some limits.

    Are you able to program a text message using Android?

    You can set up text messages for smartphones running Android 7 and later. If the phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi or the internet at the set date and time, your text message will be delivered once you connect it.


    We’re sure you’ve found the solution to your query, “How do I schedule text messages’. For a profitable business, ensuring your clients are pleased that their needs and questions are resolved is essential.

    It is possible to accomplish all of this with the help of a quick and expense-saving strategy that includes messaging. Texting with Emitrr’s features can allow you to interact with your clients easily. Set up a demonstration, and then plan your customer-communication strategy before time.

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