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How To Save Credit Card On iPhone

    Google Chrome Autofill has been around for almost ten years. Since then, you can only imagine life with auto-filling your details.

    It is a great way to save time, especially for frequent online shoppers. It’s handy to avoid grabbing your Wallet when you need something urgently.

    You can use this guide to make your iPhone fill out credit card data automatically. This can be done in several different ways. Pick the one that works for you.

    iPhone Credit Card Saving

    The Wallet lets you store your credit cards securely on your iPhone. With the Wallet App, you can securely and conveniently store all your credit card data on your device. The Wallet lets you make in-store and online payments with your iPhone by adding card details.

    • You can open Wallet by opening the Settings App on your iPhone.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Wallet.
    • Tap on Add card. Here, you will see a list of cards linked to Apple ID.
    • You can save credit cards on your iPhone by tapping the “Add Card” button.
    • Add your card using your iPhone camera or manually enter your details.
    • Your iPhone will automatically detect the card details and populate the necessary fields. Your iPhone will fill in the appropriate fields with the credit card details. You can verify the data and correct it if necessary.
    • Click on Enter card details Manually. Type in the card number and expiration date.
    • You will need to follow the prompts to verify your card. Additional security measures may include receiving an SMS code or email.
    • Apple Pay allows you to choose whether your card will be your default for Apple Pay or can only be used on specific devices.

    That’s it. Now, you can easily see the credit card stored on your iPhone. Many apps support Apple Pay, and you can pay securely with it.

    You can find your saved credit cards in the iPhone’s Contacts.

    You can find the credit cards stored on your iPhone by following the instructions below. The feature is not only useful if you wish to delete a card from Autofill. You can also use it to share your credit card details with a friend to help them book a flight, for instance. The app is handy for accessing all card details, including expiration dates, numbers, security codes, etc. Do not worry. Your iPhone will lock them behind its security. Only you or the person you gave your passcode can access your card details.

    You can open Settings on your iPhone.

    Scroll down for Safari.

    Select ‘Autofill – General’.

    Saved Credit Cards will appear.

    Touch ID, facial recognition, or the iPhone passcode can be used to verify your identity.

    Your saved credit card list will be displayed. You can click on any card individually to learn more about it, such as cardholder details, card number, and expiration date. Click ‘Edit in the top-right corner’ to change any section. The card name can be changed by selecting any card from the list. Click ‘Edit in the top right corner’ and tap on the new description.

    What security precautions should I take before adding my credit card to my iPhone?

    You should always take the necessary security steps to protect sensitive information about your finances when you add a credit or debit card to your iPhone. Here are a few recommended security steps.

    Tip 1: Passcode or Face/Touch ID. Create a robust passcode and enable your iPhone’s Face ID/Touch ID. You can add a layer of security by allowing Face ID/Touch ID authentication on your iPhone.

    Tip 2: Stay Updated on iOS: Make sure to update iOS as often as possible. These updates are often accompanied by security patches, which help prevent potential vulnerabilities.

    Tip 3: Enable Find My iPhone. Turn the Find My iPhone option on. The feature allows you to track the device’s position if lost or stolen. Additionally, you can remotely wipe your iPhone data to protect any credit card information.

    Tip 4: Always use a Secure Network. You should only add credit card data when using secure, trusted, and encrypted Wi-Fi. Do not use public or untrusted networks, as this can lead to the interception of your data.

    Tips 5: Watch Out for Phishing: Don’t give your credit card number to any email, message, or popup. Ensure that the information is legitimate before you provide any sensitive data.

    You should only add cards that trusted financial institutions issue. Avoid adding credit cards from unreliable or suspect sources.

    How do I use Chrome credit card autofill?

    First, open Chrome. Click on the three dots to the right of the screen. Go to Settings, and then locate the Autofill area.

    For a new card to be added, go to Payment Methods. Then click Add. Start typing the details of your credit cards. Once you have finished adding your credit card, make sure to click on Save.

    In Chrome, you can delete a credit card by clicking the three-dot menu on the far right.

    Your bank may send an identifier code via your phone if you are using Autofill on Chrome.

    When is it safe to auto-fill card info?

    Autofill, while it may seem like a handy tool that can make your life easier, is dangerous. Your passwords and other personal data are not protected by the tool.

    If someone manages to gain control of an iPhone, Macbook, or Windows device that has saved your card data on Autofill, they can access it.

    Only your device’s lock screen would prevent someone from getting your card details. The lock screen on your phone stands between someone and your card details.

    Iolo’s secure manager for passwords can protect all your information, including credit cards and passwords.

    ByePass, a program from iolo, allows you to safeguard credit card and password details, protecting them against potential hackers. You can use the software with many operating systems and web browsers to store your Autofill and passwords.

    Saving Credit Card information on an iPhone has many benefits.

    You can save your credit cards on your iPhone. We’ll look at a few of the main advantages.

    Convenience: By storing your credit cards on your iPhone, you can make purchases easily without needing your Wallet. You can easily use your iPhone when shopping online or make contactless in-store payments.

    Streamlined Checkout Process: With all your credit card info already in your iPhone’s memory, you can complete the checkout process much more quickly and efficiently. This will save you time and energy by avoiding manually entering card details for every purchase.

    Improved security: If you save your credit cards on your iPhone, the payment data is securely encrypted. Face ID and Touch ID on your iPhone are among the most advanced security methods that ensure only you can authorize transactions. You can add a layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access.

    Save your credit card information on your iPhone to pay wherever Apple Pay can accept payments. You can complete your transaction using an iPhone, whether in a shop, online, or within a mobile app. The need for multiple cards and cash is eliminated.

    Apple Pay rewards: Certain credit card providers offer unique benefits to Apple Pay customers. Saving your credit card onto your iPhone allows you to benefit from these rewards, like cashback, discounts, or airline miles.


    The above steps will allow you to view your credit card data on your iPhone easily. Most people will need their credit cards eventually, even if they’re not readily available. Safari Autofill is a great way to get your credit card info whenever possible. You will also need to wait a couple of days if your bank has issued you a new credit card after you lost it and requested one. Until then, you may use saved credit cards from your iPhone.

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