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How To Report A Subreddit On Reddit Desktop And Mobile

    Reddit is an exclusive social media website with millions of active monthly users. In the present, Reddit can further be split into subreddits or communities.

    Every subreddit has guidelines that users (Redditors) must adhere to. There are subreddits in any form on Reddit, so you may discover subreddits that don’t belong.

    If you are a responsible Redditor, it is advisable to report the subreddit. However, how do you write the subreddit? You won’t discover a button to report an online subreddit. Continue reading to learn the proper methods to say this.

    What Should You Do Before Reporting a Subreddit?

    First, you must prepare your situation before submitting a complaint to an appropriate subreddit so that Reddit knows what it can do to the community.

    Here are the steps that you need to follow before reporting:

    First, explain the issue and your reasons for notifying the subreddit.

    Third, create a checklist of relevant subreddit sites, including posts, comments, and posts.

    Last but not least, identify all names associated with the distribution of information that does not conform to Reddit’s House Rules.

    Remember that Reddit will not consider screenshots when evaluating the report, as they’re easily changed and altered. Reddit’s subreddit may be shut down when Reddit approves the message.

    How to Report a Subreddit on Reddit

    Most often, subreddits are devoted to a particular subject, topic, interest, or discussion, covering every aspect of the issue, including technology, gaming, travel, goods, and many others. Subreddits are where users post articles relevant to the topic. Each subreddit has its moderator. A group of volunteers who create rules that are specific to this community in terms of content and conduct. If you see someone breaking these guidelines, follow this guideline on ways to make a complaint.

    Be aware that you cannot file a complaint about the entire subreddit in one go, but only its contents. Multiple reports increase the chance of having the subreddit removed from your list.

    Report Subreddit on Desktop

    Please follow the instructions below for this version of Reddit Desktop version:

    • Go to this official Reddit Report website in any browser on your computer.
    • Two options with drop-down menus will be displayed: I’m looking to report abuse or abuse or to address other concerns. Select the kind of report you wish to submit.
    • Be sure to include every detail required, like the title of the Subreddit and any other information you can provide, the URL to the article, or even a comment regarding the information you’re reporting.
    • After filling in, select the Submit option.

    Report Subreddit on Android

    This is how you can submit any Reddit information using its Android application on your phone:

    • Go to Reddit and then tap to reveal the Me icon (Reddit avatar) in the upper right corner.
    • Tap on Settings.
    • Within the settings menu, Scroll down until you reach the SUPPORT section. Tap on Report a problem.
    • Then, you will be taken to your Reddit Help page.
    • Go down a bit to What you require help with. Drop-down menu, choose Other reports.
    • Include your email address, select the type of information you’d want to disclose, and mark both checkboxes beneath it.
    • Select the kind of abuse you want to report from the Policy Violation drop-down menu and add all other specifics.
    • Finally, tap on Submit.

    Notice: You may also make a report on a subreddit, even in the absence of the Reddit account. You can do this on the Reddit Help page.

    How to Report a User on Reddit

    Notifying a Reddit user of Reddit will require you to report specific behaviors in comments, posts, or messages.

    When you’re on Reddit, You’ll be exposed to various types of content posted by multiple users. Reddit has moderation procedures implemented. However, it’s possible to encounter users who publish indecent content or even harass users online.

    The most effective approach to address those users is to inform them of their actions on social media, the internet, in comments, or other messages. This article will show the best way to report them.

    How can I make a post on Reddit by using computers?

    • Use your preferred web browser for your Mac or PC, then navigate to the Reddit site.
    • If you still need to sign up, log in to the account you created on your Reddit account. Then, you’ll be redirected back to the main page.
    • Locate the community, i.e., “subreddit,” you want to write in. You can navigate there by entering the “” URL or searching for the subreddit using the search box at the top.
    • Select “Create Post ” near the top of the subreddit’s header.
    • Select a name and write your blog post. Select “Post” to submit.

    Will Someone Know If You Report Them?

    If you report a user’s or profile’s content, Reddit doesn’t send a message to the person. Therefore, it’s completely private. If they discover that the individual violates community rules or rules of conduct, they may take severe actions against the offender.


    If you want to report a subreddit or a forum, gather the information required and follow the steps outlined. Your report will be analyzed by the administrator, who decides. Like any other platform on the internet, you should be attentive and take appropriate action to stop any fraud or other suspicious activities.

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