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How to remove someone from a group text?

    Can you share a group message with family members, friends, or coworkers? There is a good chance that someone has been added without their consent to the group at one point. This cannot be very pleasant if you don’t want someone to join the group. This blog post will explain how to delete someone from a group text for Android or iPhone. It also covers other related topics in group chat. Keep reading to find out more.

    It is much easier to remove someone from a group text message on an iPhone than you think. It is possible to delete someone from your future communications if you use the iMessage group messaging and they no longer belong.

    Most people are aware that iMessage does not work over a cellular network. It allows people to send text messages but also lets them share their thoughts.

    Can you remove someone from a group text on your iPhone?

    • You can remove anyone from a group message on your iPhone. You can remove someone from a group text if you accidentally added them or if they have been sending inappropriate messages.
    • You must meet specific criteria to remove someone from a group message.
    • A few people are talking about how they couldn’t remove someone from a group message on an iPhone. They have not encountered this glitch or misinterpretation.
    • In the following points, we will discover “Why does this happen”.
    • First, your iMessage won’t get a delete option if the group text users or members aren’t using the same Apple operating systems. All must have an Apple device, such as a MacBook, iPhone, or iPad.
      Secondly, you may remove anyone until at least three people in the group text.
      Third, each text in the group text must use the iMessage software. No third-party apps or bogus software are allowed.
      Understand the SMS messaging application of the iPhone. It uses the same blue color to display pop-up messages. You must ensure you aren’t using an SMS/MMS message app.

    How to remove someone from a group text on Android

    • Tap on the icon to launch the native messaging app for your Android device.
    • Tap on the group message you wish to open in the messaging app.
    • The kebab menu (3-vertical dot icon) is located in the upper right corner of the group text pages.
    • The menu will open. Tap the “Add or remove people” button.
    • In the “Search Contacts” field, type the name or number of the person you wish to remove from the group text.
    • After you have found the contact, tap it to remove the checkmark. This will effectively remove that person from the group text.
    • To make the changes take effect, tap the “Done!” button.

    Block the Contact

    You can block a contact if you don’t have any other options. If you cannot leave a group you have never requested (such as spammers), you will be forced to remove people from the group.

    • You can also block messages sent by members of a group.
    • Open the group chat app for your iPhone. Next, tap the contact group button at the top.
    • To open the list, click the top blue “i” icon.
    • Choose the person you wish to block.
    • Block this Caller
    • To confirm, select “Block Contact.”

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