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How To Put Timer On Instagram Camera On iPhone

    Stories on Instagram are highly well-liked by Gen-Zers and Millenials in connecting with their peers and friends that go beyond DMs on the major social platforms. A lot of Instagram users love sharing photos candidly as well as short video clips, photographs with friends. They also enjoy showing off their photography abilities using Instagram camera capabilities.

    In reality, Instagram became popular because it’s easy to use photo editing tools and the rich features of the Instagram camera. With the growth of Instagram, which has since expanded, it now comes with various filters, features for timers as well as video capture tools, and more that you can use.

    Among them is the Instagram Stories Editor – it includes a variety of scribbling stickers, countdown stories, story timers, filter tools for image capture, and filtering that test the creative abilities of many users. One of the most popular and helpful features is the countdown timer available on Instagram, which lets you determine the number of Instagram users and set reminders to your Countdown with the sticker feature.

    In this post, we will discuss the countdown timer on Instagram and how you can use it to personalize your Instagram Stories.

    What exactly is the purpose of Instagram Timer?

    Before reading the complete guide on how to set the Timer within Instagram, it’s essential to clarify what you discuss.

    The Instagram Stories timer is accessible by using the tag “Countdown. The function displays a constantly moving countdown that is not subject to changes throughout.

    It’s not feasible to utilize it to create content for magazines in traditional posts, nor can it be used to utilize the feature to create a timer that will instantly upload pictures to Instagram. It is necessary to utilize an integrated function within the camera app on Android or iOS to capture the images.

    How do I create a timer in an Instagram Story?

    Step 1. Download the app

    You are installing the Instagram application on your smartphone via the Play Store. Then, sign up or create an Instagram account. If you’ve got the application installed on your smartphone, start your Instagram App.

    Step 2: Go to the Story feature.

    On the top of your account, find a “+” symbol square that can be used for taking any photo or video. To make a reel use the option to jump on reels.

    Step 3: Click the timer icon

    On the left-hand side of your smartphone’s screen is a timer Emoji. Tap it to begin making a video or snap a picture.

    If you do not find the timer option, expand it by clicking on the three-script roll to the right of your mobile’s display.

    Step 4: Personalize the timer on the sticker

    When you click on the timer icon on Instagram Af, a small bar on the lower portion of your mobile allows you to alter your timer between .0 and .05 seconds.

    Use the red swiping gesture on the left or right to adjust the timer, then tap the setting timer.

    Step 5: Take a video for the story to be told on

    Once you have customized the settings, turn on the Instagram camera’s timer, and you’ll find a recording button that allows you to make videos. Click on the button to create videos.

    Utilizing this function of Instagram, it is possible to set the timer to end with a date and time by clicking an appropriate menu.

    How do I set the timer for Instagram Story Camera using Android or iPhone?

    Instagram stories do not have a built-in timer that cameras can use. So, it is not possible to make a selfie timer on Instagram. Instagram application. The following are alternative methods to create timers for Instagram’s camera. Instagram camera for stories on both iPhone and Android.

    How do I set the timer for my Instagram Story Camera for photos or selfies?

    In this case, you’ll use the camera app on your phone to utilize the built-in timer feature for pictures or selfies in story mode. Most smartphones have built-in timer features, which are different for every brand’s smartphone. It is necessary to look for this feature on the camera application on Android.

    For Android phones.

    • Open your camera app.
    • Select”Timer icon” or “Timer icon” in the middle or at the top of the screen. If it’s not there, you can search for it in the settings for your camera.
    • Pick a time-based duration in the seconds available.
    • Click on”shutter” or the “shutter button” to start the Countdown.
    • Take a picture or selfie with your camera icon.
    • After you have taken the photo, open Instagram, once you have taken the picture, open the Instagram application.
    • On the home screen, click on your home page, then tap the “plus” icon at the upper right-hand corner.
    • Tap to “Story.”
    • Upload the image you have taken. You can add any effects or stickers you find appealing.
    • Click on “Your Story” to let your tale come to life.

    The iPhone comes with built-in timer features that allow you to create a timer-based photo in a few steps.

    • Start your camera on your phone.
    • Touch”the “timer icon” at the top right.
    • Pick threes or tens to set the timer of your photo.
    • Once you press the shutter button, it will appear on the right.
    • The timer will begin immediately.
    • Modify the setting, and any else is required to get the perfect image.
    • Take a selfie or a photo with the back camera.
    • In One home screen, click on”us” in the top right corner “plus” icon at the upper right-hand corner.
    • Tap to “Story.”
    • Upload the image you have taken. Press “Your Story” to let your story come to life.

    How to Set Timers On Instagram Camera Android for Posting Reels?

    You must be in the correct position before the film starts to get the best reels. It is why it is crucial to use the timer feature on Instagram.

    How do you set the timer for your Instagram camera with just a few taps?

    • Open Instagram.
    • In the upper right-hand corner, there is a Plus symbol.
    • Click the icon and choose from the Reels option.
    • You can now see the option to set a timer on the left.
    • Set the timer by clicking on it and then adjust it to meet your requirements.
    • This way, you will be able to set yourself to provide more reels before when the camera begins.


    Instagram offers a fun sticker for setting the timer for the duration of your Instagram Stories. It can be used to announce a countdown during a crucial moment.

    Its purpose is to show an updated and dynamic countdown which means it doesn’t require to be changed or updated during the course.

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