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How To Put On Cufflinks

    Cufflinks were actually made before the invention of buttons, safety pin zippers as well as Velcro. However, there have been advancements developed from the very first cufflinks in order to create a completely customized. Cufflinks are an excellent option to give a unique appearance to your suit or formal shirt. With the variety of styles available that they could also serve as an opportunity to show your support for your team of choice, show your personal fashion, or just complete your appearance.


    The majority of shirts men wear at wear to work come with a single barrel cuff which is fastened with buttons. Those that have double (i.e. French) Cuffs, as well as dress shirts worn for formal and formal events, need Cufflinks.

    These tiny decorative pieces, typically made of metallic alloy, usually silver or gold, serve as replacements for buttons by securing the end of the sleeve and ensuring that the cuffs are snugly fitted over the wrists.

    Their beginnings are traced to the start of the 16th century. In the 16th century, the sole thing stopping cuffs from falling off was a few pieces of string, which were utilized to hold the ends of the sleeves.

    At the time that French King Louis XIV took to the crown in 1643, the simple cuffs were in the way out. Later the 1640s came glass-coloured versions that were connected by a tiny chain. In the years after, the production methods changed, and people began wearing lavish jewelled designs in order to demonstrate their standing. They were the snarky manager of hedge funds in their day.

    Types of Cufflinks

    There are numerous kinds of Cufflinks. Although they perform exactly the same purpose, however, they differ primarily in the way they attach.

    Reversible or Double-Panel Cufflinks

    Reversible (or double-panel) wristbands can be worn in two different ways. They offer two different looks at the same price. Silk knots can be a form of reversible cufflinks. However, they’re most fragile since they’re made from the twisted fabric of silk rather than metal.


    Like fixed-back Cufflinks that have fixed back, studs do not feature moving components and are significantly less bulky than others which makes them a bit more challenging to attach into. But, what they are lacking in functionality is made up the durability and ease of styling.

    Two round studs are comprised, smaller than the other. They fit through the buttons in the shirt and hold the two pieces of the cuff.


    Similar to the stud style, the ball return cufflink isn’t a moving part. Instead, it utilizes a spherical head that is attached to a bar that is curved at the rear.

    Because of its strong body, the cufflink with ball returns is considerably easier to attach over the chain. Just line up your buttonholes with the larger end, then slide it through, and you’re set to take off.

    How do you create a cufflinks shirt?

    • Find a shirt that has sleeves sufficient in length to be worn without cuffs folded at least once. Untie the buttons on the cuffs of the shirt.
    • Once you fold the cuff, it will be while exposing the cuff underneath. This will become the outer when you’re done.
    • Set the sleeves down on a smooth surface. Then align the cuff’s wide edges.
    • Find the original buttonholes. Draw a line just below the buttonhole. Make sure the edges are in alignment. Be sure to mark both sides opposite of the sleeves.
    • With a backstitch stitch, you can sew across all edges. The shape should be almost an irregular shape. This way, you are able to make three additional button holes.
    • Place 1/6th inch of space between the two rows. After that, you cut in the centre of every buttonhole, creating an opening.
    • Use a whipstitch to sew or overlay around the edges in order for reinforcement, keeping the fabric from fraying. Once the cufflinks are fitted, they will fit through the holes in all four and be able to hold the double cuff once used.

    What is the best way to wear cufflinks?

    Cufflinks are a great accessory to wear using the single cuff or the double cuff. Single cuffs look similar to a standard pair of cuffs in a dress shirt, but it has holes in both sides. A double cuff or French cuff is made with two holes on both sides that open.

    • Pin the cuff of the sleeves to make sure the sleeves of your sleeves are “kissing” or pressed together.
    • The cufflink should be inserted all the length of both holes in the cuffs of the shirt. The face of the cufflink or ornamental or coloured part should look outwards when you put your arm on the side.
    • The style and design of the cufflink, place it onto the backside of the cuff and then you’re done!

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