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how to put a song on repeat on apple music

    Some users repeatedly listen to the same songs for individual tracks, playlists, and albums. The good news is that knowing how to play a song in a loop in Apple Music is equivalent to changing your Apple Music’s playback option if you’re already familiar with this and can master this technique quickly.

    This article will make the official methods for playing music in the Apple Music App available for cellphones, Mac computers, and Web players.

    How to Put a Song on Repeat on Apple Music

    Let’s look at how to loop the song in Apple Music.

    Step 1. Start the Apple Music application.

    Step 2. Select the song you wish to play over and over again.

    Step 3. Tap the song on the bottom of the screen, and the screen that is playing now appears. Click on the Three horizontal lines icons in the right corner.

    Step 4. Press on the Repeat button until the number 1 appears at the Repeat button.

    Loop Song from Apple Music using Android Devices

    1.) Go to your Apple Music app on your Android device.

    2.) You can play the music that you like.

    3.) On the bottom of your screen, press the Playing bar.

    4.) Then, on the lower-right side, you can click the Play Next button.

    5.) Click the Repeat button near the bottom of the Playing Next screen until it changes to Repeat One.

    How to Put a Track on Repeat on Apple Music?

    Learning how to set a song up for repeat in Apple Music on your mobile devices is simple. It’s only a few easy steps to follow to complete the task. See them below.

    Using Apple Music App on Mobile Phone

    Before beginning to play repeats of songs on your Apple Music app, You should first check the version of the app. The update of your Apple Music app on your phone to the current version can ensure that you can easily play and repeat songs. Look for the update available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    To begin, open your Apple Music app.

    Next, go to your music library and select any song you want to hear. It is also the song that will be played repeatedly.

    After selecting your track, show up at the bottom of the screen. Select this area to show the screen for Now Playing.

    On the current screen, look at those three vertical lines on the right-hand side of the screen and then click the icon.

    Hit the Repeat button several times and stop only when number 1 is already displayed in the Repeat button.

    Using the Repeat Button on Your iPhone or iPad

    The most efficient way to set a song up for repeat in Apple Music is by using the repeat button on your iPhone or iPad. To locate the button for repeat, you need to open your Apple Music app and select the track you wish to repeat. When the song has started to play, you can click on the “Now Playing” bar at the lower right of the page. On the screen currently playing, Look at the button for a repeat which appears as two arrows in the shape of a circle.

    For the button to be activated, tap it one time. The repeat button turns blue, signaling that it has been active. To disable this button, tap it once more. It will change to white, which indicates that it’s been disabled.

    How to play shuffle music in the Music App on your Apple iPhone, iPad

    Shuffle Apple Music Songs on iPhone and iPad is as easy as it is as simple as repeating the song. It is possible to use the Shuffle button next and to Repeat button. Review the steps to discover what you can do. You can Shuffle Apple Music songs on iPhone and iPad.

    1. Go to”Music” on your iPhone “Music” app.

    2. Start the Playlist in Music’s app.

    3. 3. Tap the “hamburger icon” options; after repeating the icon, click on “Shuffle”.

    4- This will activate Shuffle for the playlist.

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