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how to program a ge universal remote without codes

    G.E. Universal remote controls let users control multiple audio and video devices, including DVD, T.V., DVR satellite, cable, and audio, using just one remote. To set up and use the General Electric remote, you must program it to operate your desired device. This guide will show you how to program the G.E. universal remote with no codes using this Auto Code Search method.

    Most well-known television brands have universal remotes controlled by codes programmed to operate specific models. If the remote you have isn’t compatible with your T.V. or T.V., you could be in a bind. However, universal remotes can be programmed with no specific codes, such as those from G.E. universal remote controller.

    How do I program the G.E. Universal Remote without codes (Code Search Method)

    Step 1. Make sure that you power on the device.

    Step 2. Keep Your G.E. Universal remote control close to your television (or any other device you’d like for programming).

    3. Find the ‘Set up’ button on your G.E. remote. Push and hold it until the small L.E.D. on the remote is illuminated.

    Step 4. Find the right Component button on the device you are using and then press it. They are called Component buttons. T.V. for Television. DVD player for DVD. C.B.L. is for cable boxes. Press the button to apply the device.

    5. Continue pressing and releasing the Power button until the device shuts off. When it presses the controller, the remote scans the code database to locate the correct Code for your particular device and its brand; therefore, you might need to hold the button repeatedly to find the valid Code. When your device shuts off, it indicates that the valid Code is located.

    Step 6. Next step, save your Code to the database. Click the button ‘Enter’ on your remote to cause you to keep the codes.

    Step 7. Then, press the Power button to save the codes you found.

    Create the G.E. Universal Remote by Directly entering the Codes Method

    Step 1. First, you must remove the cover for the battery and the batteries to view your model’s number and the label…You can locate a G.E. universal remote list of codes for your remote model on various websites, including Jasco.

    Step- 2. Enter the correct Code listed in the G.E. universal remote code list, and then switch “ON” the device (T.V., DVD player DVR, T.V., etc. ).

    Step- 3. Press Step- 3. Hold the “Setup” button for a few minutes till the light changes to “R.E.D..” Click the button for parallel devices, for example, “T.V.,” “DVD,” or “AUX.”

    Step- 4. Input the number ( It could be three digits or four digits). If the Code is correct, your indicator will change to “OFF.”

    Step- 5. Step 5 “POWER” button. If the device goes to “OFF,” you’ve successfully programmed it into the remote control.

    If not, continue to repeat these steps until you discover a G.E. code working.

    How do I program my auto-program the remote of a universal gate?

    Follow the steps to program the ge four-device universal remote without remote codes.

    1. Switch on the device you wish to program.

    2. Once you have that, grab your remote control from the ge and press your Code Search or Setup button. Hold your button till the light turns on in your remote control.

    3. Then, you have to push the button for the device on the remote control. For instance, you would like to program your Ge remote control to work with your DVD Player as well as your T.V. Press the DVD button to program your remote control to operate equipment for DVD players.

    4. You must point the remote control at your device, then press the Power button, which will shut it off. To set up your remote control, it is necessary to press the power button about 250 times.

    5. After the device has shut off, hit the Enter button to save your remote control’s Code.

    How many devices are controlled by the G.E. universal remote management?

    It is said that the G.E. Universal remote can control between two and eight devices. You can learn more by counting and locating the remote’s buttons.

    The buttons are located in the upper two rows of the remote. The controls are located in the top two rows of the. You’ll recognize them because of their names, such as TV DVD, AUX, S.T.R.M., B.R.A.Y., AUD STRM, S.A.T., B-RAY, etc.

    Troubleshooting Remote Issues

    It is recommended to replace the batteries on the remote in case it fails to function. In some cases, a low battery will make it impossible to program the device.

    Remove any physical obstructions between the remote’s sensor and your device(s). Certain furniture pieces can hinder the remote from coming into contact with machines.

    Note that G.E. Universal Remote may only manage some of the features of devices. For example, you can use the remote to turn the machine off and back on. But you need to be more capable of adjusting or controlling your device’s volume. That means you’ll need to get additional remotes to access advanced functions.

    What do you do? What should you do if G.E. Universal Remote does not work?

    Specific minor issues don’t let the G.E. remotes function. Let’s look at some reasons that block the remote from functioning.

    Battery: If your remote is not equipped with a battery or has a defective one, it won’t work. Make sure that the batteries are correctly fixed inside the box for batteries. Additionally, ensure that the batteries aren’t wet.

    An object – if you find an obstruction to your television or device that you’d like to program so that the remote isn’t working. After that, ensure you remove all obstacles and hold the remote close to the device you wish to program.

    Correct CodeThe other reason that results in the G.E. remote not working is the incorrect Code. Don’t worry in case you need to become more familiar with the codes. In this blog, we’ll provide all codes for you to use.

    How do I program the remote of my R.C.A. universal remote with my T.V.?

    For programming, an R.C.A. universal remote that does not come with a Code Search button to work with any T.V., turn off the television, point towards the T.V., and then press hold on to the T.V. switch on the remote. Hold the T.V. button until the light is on; after that, press the Power button until the light goes off and then back on. After that, press the remote’s power button for 5 minutes until your T.V. switches off. The T.V. is turned off when the remote has found the proper universal Code. Following these instructions to program the R.C.A. universal remote with an uncoded DVD player is also possible.


    Here you go! This is all you need to find all your G.E. code for the remote on your L.G. T.V., and you can connect it to the internet and start running effortlessly.

    You are likely able to find the correct Code for your television. Be assured that it will start working immediately. Slowly and test every Code with care so that you can catch everything.

    When you locate the correct Code for your T.V., note it down so that you will have the information in hand in case you require it later.

    What do you have to be waiting for? Set a universal remote so you can get started with your favorite shows with your G.E. remote and your L.G. T.V.

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