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How To Post Pictures On Reddit Without Imgur

    If you’ve tried posting a photo to Reddit and realized that it’s more complex than it might appear.

    In this blog post, we’ll answer any of your queries about how to make a post on Reddit using a photo. Do you need to utilize Imgur or other image hosting services? ‘is there a distinction between posting to Reddit’s old and new Reddit versions.’

    What exactly is Reddit?

    Reddit is a popular social network featuring a discussion forum like the forum. Members post comments and participate with each other in discussion threads that are based on topics. Communities are referred to as subreddits. The original poster is displayed to start each thread. Members can also vote on “up” and “down” posts that others have submitted.

    Reddit is an intermediary between a contemporary social networking site and a forum. Subreddits are similar to individual meetings; however, unlike other social networks, they only require an account for participation in every aspect of the site.

    How Reddit’s algorithm operates is another feature that separates it from others. When you visit the Reddit home page and feed for the subreddit, the most popular articles that get many upvotes receive the most focus. Posts that are downvoted get fewer comments and views.

    How do I Post Pictures on Reddit Without Imgur? Reddit With Imgur

    Making a post on Reddit using the mobile application with or without Imgur is like a breeze. It’s as simple as uploading a picture or video on any other social media site. The only thing you need to do is adhere to the instructions in the following.

    Method 1: Use the Reddit Mobile App

    For posting images on Reddit with no Imgur using the mobile application on Android, Follow these instructions:

    • Start the Reddit application from your mobile.

    Take note that you’re logged into your account.

    • Create a subreddit on the site where you’d like to upload the Image.
    • Click on the icon + or Create within the menu bar on the display’s lower left.
    • Then, you can make tags and add flair to the Post.
    • After that, click on the Image.
    • Select an image(s) on your device using File Explorer or a similar application.

    Be aware that if the community doesn’t allow uploading photos, you cannot select an image to upload.

    • Click Post to upload your photo.

    The above actions require posting photos stored on your device’s memory. If you’re searching for a site that allows you to share images as an alternative to Imgur, pick from the following options:

    Method 2: Utilizing Reddit Desktop Version

    Uploading images to Reddit for your desktop without Imgur is pretty simple. Browse for pictures stored on your desktop’s memory and upload the photos you want. Follow these steps to accomplish the same.

    • Start Reddit on your computer, then sign in with your account.
    • Click to Start a Post.
    • Then, select Select a community, then choose this one from the drop-down menu.

    Please note that your picture will be displayed in the community. Select Your Profile on the left sidebar if you want to put it on your profile.

    • Select the Images & Video tab.
    • Click upload.
    • Choose an image or two on your computer.

    Dressing and dropping from the drop and drag field is also possible.

    • Then, you can click Post.

    Be sure to comply with the posting guidelines for the group you’re posting on.


    That’s it now. We’ve given you directions for posting pictures on Reddit or to include images within a text-based post.

    It is now your responsibility to start creating your article and then share it with others on Redditors. For the best chance of getting a response, publish your Post at the appropriate time.

    We would love to hear from you in the box in the comments below should you have any additional concerns or ideas regarding this Post, and please share these with your fellow readers.


    How can I include an image in a response to Reddit?

    Including links to the Image as a Reddit message that other users can follow if you publish it is possible. It is necessary to use an online platform such as Imgur to access the Image’s URL.

    Are Reddit and Imgur identical?

    No. Images posted via Reddit are possible thanks to the service Imgur. Although Redditors often use Imgur, other options are in place for posting photos.

    What is the reason Redditors are using Imgur?

    Users of Reddit use Imgur to upload images in Reddit in the form of links other users can follow. Imgur is useful for posting longer pieces of text that include a photo.

    What must you do to post photos from your phone on Reddit?

    It’s easy to share photos with the mobile Reddit application. Select the + symbol at the app’s top once you open it. Then, choose the Image option and then upload your Image.

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