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How To Post Multiple Photos on Instagram

    Today, Instagram allows users to upload up to 10 videos or photos simultaneously.

    Don’t worry; you’ll be in a position to share your posts in the bulk of content in one simple blog post!

    Remember, only the initial photo is displayed in the news feed. The number of posts could be checked by clicking right on the article. Blue dots are located at the lower right of the image allows users to know the number of pictures in the post.

    Instagram is a digital hub for all types of content that is visual. Instagram users use it to upload and share images, videos, screenshots, hyperlinks, digital art, and, yes, even photos. However, if you post pictures, it is not necessary to upload them all at a time. So let’s look at ways to upload multiple images on Instagram.

    Using Instagram App for Windows

    This method lets users post photos on Instagram with their PC. If your computer is running Windows 10 or higher, it’s possible to install and download the Instagram application, which is available in its official version on Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store. This is a much more efficient method since it downloads the same way as the mobile application. Thus, users could upload up to 10 photos or videos to Instagram using this app on Windows.

    Using Hootsuite

    Hootsuite is one of the very first applications designed for this purpose. For those looking for a method to share multiple images on Instagram, the app helped them out. It also lets users control several other social media platforms simultaneously. It also allows you to program publications for a particular period for social media marketing campaign planning and implementation. Another feature worth mentioning is the capability to search for content that can be shared and track keywords and subjects relevant to your business or account.

    How to Post Multiple Images on your Instagram Feed

    • Launch your Instagram app.
    • Click”plus” (+) icon to upload photos.
    • Under Your “Recents,” press and hold a picture until you see the number 1.
    • Then, choose the various photos you would like to upload.

    It’s that simple! It’s true; I didn’t have this feature until a few months ago. Although, when it comes back, the “Multiple Photos” button returns. It’s important to know that you’ll still be able to choose several photos in this manner when you’re satisfied with the selection. In the meantime, don’t allow this issue to hinder you from sharing the images you love.

    Can you have multiple accounts on the same Instagram account?

    Each user has their own Instagram account. However, if you’ve installed the app onto your phone, it is possible to switch between different versions logged in on one device effortlessly.

    How can you edit multiple pictures on Instagram after you have posted them?

    Find a post that has many photos. Press the three dots located on the right-hand side of the article. Click Edit. This lets you modify the captions and tags, the additional information–but not the images in themselves. If you wish to alter the pictures, you’ll have to upload them again, after which you can edit them before posting.


    In the end, Instagram has become a powerful tool for both individuals and businesses to connect and remain in constant contact with their followers. This makes it an ideal platform for all broadcasting and marketing requirements. However, perhaps Instagram creators did not realize the need to offer alternatives to publish mass-produced content due to its informal and relaxed sharing approach.

    The truth is that many people need these kinds of capabilities, which is why apps like Android emulators Hootsuite and Greatly Social exist. We have only discussed the most commonly used apps on posting multiple pictures on Instagram with a Windows PC. However, services such as Greatly Social are available regardless of which operating device you’re on.

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