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How To Play Mancala On imessage

    Are you looking for a new game you can play with your friends using iMessage? Check out Mancala! Please find out how to play this game on iMessage and simultaneously in Capture and Avalanche modes. It’s an excellent means to stay connected and challenge your brain simultaneously!
    To play Mancala with iMessage, you must download the GamePigeon application via the App Store within the Messages app. In a conversation, click the app Drawer icon. Then, select GamePigeon and then select Mancala. After that, choose Capture or Avalanche game mode, choose the difficulty, and play the game with your best friend. Each round is played with a finger to shift stones. Placing stones in your Mancala until there is no space is essential. Capturing using Capture mode boosts your odds of winning. A player who has the most stones in their Mancala is the winner.
    Games played on iMessage with a group of friends are always an excellent method of connecting online. If you’re bored of playing the same games and are looking for a new game to play, we strongly suggest giving Mancala the chance. If this is your first time trying it, don’t fret! It’s a breeze to master and is just as fun playing with your smartphone as playing on an actual board.

    Mancala is a strategy where players alternately move stones on the board to collect the most stones they can from the opponent’s side. It’s an excellent opportunity to exercise your brain and enjoy playing with your buddies while having fun. Therefore, why should you not take a chance? You’ll be able to thank your friends by introducing them to this thrilling game. You’ll enjoy playing with them.

    How to get Mancala to join iMessage?

    For you to join Mancala for iMessage, click here: iMessage. You must follow these instructions in the following steps:

    • Install the iMessage application to Your iOS device.
    • Go to chat and select the player you’d like to play Mancala with.
    • Select the App Store icon located at the lower right.
    • Click on the search icon on the right and type in a look-up “GamePigeon.”Search for Gamepigeon.
    • Click the GamePigeon icon from the drawer of your app in iMessage chat.
    • Locate and open Mancala.

    What are the regulations in Mancala?

    Mancala’s style of play is simple enough. It is essential to follow these guidelines:

    • Every player is given the store (Mancala) on the opposite edge of their board.
    • Each player chooses the pile to be placed in one or more holes. In a counterclockwise direction, stones of the chosen pile will be placed in subsequent holes until you are out of rocks.
    • You’ll receive free time if you place the last stone in your store.
    • If you place the final stone in a space on the opposite edge of the table, it is possible to capture stones from holes on the opposite side.
    • The game is over when all six holes on either side of the board are filled. If the player carries stones on the side of the table when the game is over, he can take them.

    The game aims to stock your storage with the highest amount of stones.

    What are GamePigeon Mancala’s tips and tricks?

    It is essential to think through each move and carry at least one additional stone. If you want to win in Mancala, follow these suggestions.

    Take the first correct step.

    Your initial move will determine the likelihood that you’ll take the lead in the game. One of the best ways to start your game for Mancala is to kick off playing on the third hole.

    The start will allow you to hit Mancala, and even more importantly, it allows you to earn one point. In the next move, you take the ball from either the second or most right hole.

    Set baits

    Mancala’s greatest trick is to set baits. At times, allow your adversaries to take your treasures. This method will enable you to manage their future actions and restrict their movements.

    It is nevertheless advisable to evaluate your choices as well as the costs of the benefits. This method is best for those who have more control over the process.

    Gather stones

    Hoarding stones is the final and most crucial strategy to be employed in Mancala. Stores are essential for two main reasons. The first is that by collecting it, your opponent will have the ability to access fewer stones. Additionally, this helps you get all the rocks.

    What do you need to know about Mancala?

    Mancala is played with two distinct modes: capture and avalanche modes. The rules are different between these two games, but they are essentially the same gameplay.

    The game board will be identical for both games. The board is made of wood with one large pocket on top and more oversized pockets at the lowest. Mancalas are pockets that you can find on the board. Each participant gets one Mancala.

    There are also twelve small pockets between two mancalas, each pocket stocked with four stones at first.

    The stones are available in three distinct colors: black, blue, and white. The pockets, which are small in size, are laid out in two rows of 6. Each participant gets a small pocket in each column.

    Each pocket contains a small number beside it, indicating the number of stones inside it. If you have more stones from your pockets, you’ll be awarded Mancala.

    You can play Mancala and Capture Mode.

    Every player presses on one of the pockets they hold. Each pocket must contain stones.

    When you press into the pocket, stones in it will fall into the pockets around it counterclockwise, each one at a time.

    In this case, if you tap the fourth pocket, a stone falls into the fifth pocket. Another is in the sixth pocket; another is in the Mancala pocket; another is in the first pocket of your opponent as well, etc., until your original pocket is empty and has no stones.

    The adversary Mancala is always skipped in this manner, which means you should refrain from depositing any stones in the player’s Mancala.

    If the sequence of dropping stones ends by depositing a stone in the Mancala you have, you will receive an extra turn. If not, your turn is over.

    This is the point where rules may differ in avalanche mode. When you are in capture mode, you place the final stone in your pocket; this stone, along with the stones in adjacent pockets, is put into the Mancala.

    They could also contain the pockets of your adversaries. This is known as taking.

    If one pocket is full of stones, the game is over. After the match, all rocks left in the pockets are returned to the Mancala of the player who won.

    The person with the highest number of stones in the Mancala is the winner of the game.


    Knowing the rules of Mancala is essential; mastering techniques can help you control the game. Making an intelligent initial move, keeping stones, and establishing traps are among the most effective strategies to play Mancala.

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