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How To Permanently Delete Shared Photos In Messenger on Android

    Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application that lets users share text messages, make video and voice calls, send images and videos, and communicate with other users who share the same passion. Facebook Messenger is among the top messaging platforms, so it’s no wonder you can find yourself together on Facebook Messenger.

    After you have talked and shared multimedia material with a person for an extended period, you’ll have a lengthy conversation history. It isn’t easy to navigate through and select the right images to erase. You may be wondering how to erase pictures on Messenger without scrolling.

    Remain relaxed. This article outlines three ways to benefit from deleting your old images on Messenger without having to scroll.

    Does Facebook Messenger Delete Old Messages?

    Are there ways to erase the old messages in Messenger to both parties? Sure, of course. Today, most messaging apps allow users to recollect messages sent in error in a specified time (not lengthy). For example, Facebook will enable you to unsubscribe a message in 10 minutes.

    Does Messenger remove old messages? Yes, of course, no. You must perform a manual process to remove those old, unwanted messages on Facebook Messenger.

    How To Delete Shared Photos on Facebook Messenger for Everyone?

    Many Facebook Messenger users don’t know how to remove shared pictures in the Messenger app to make it accessible to everyone. It’s a simple process, but it differs from how to delete photos from your gallery.

    Be sure to follow the steps listed below to erase shared pictures for both sides.

    • Launch the Facebook Messenger application on your smartphone.
    • Start the conversation by saying that you would like to erase shared pictures.
    • Select the image that you’d like to remove.
    • Long-press the image, then tap “More” in the corner to the right of the bottom.
    • Select ‘Remove.’
    • Select ‘Unsend.’

    Delete Multiple Shared Photos in Messenger

    The process of deleting specific images is fairly easy, but there is a drawback: the fact that Messenger does not allow users to remove all photos shared simultaneously.

    If you’ve got numerous images to remove, you’ll have to repeat the steps above to delete each separately.

    For deleting many photographs, go through the instructions above to remove each picture you’d like to delete. Even though this could take a while, it will ensure you control over the photos that will be removed from your conversation timeline.

    Delete Shared Photos Permanently on the iPhone.

    Although the procedure for deletion of shared photos is the same for Android or iPhone phones, there might be slight differences due to the different operating systems.

    The basic procedure remains identical: open the chat page, look for the image, then select “Remove” and “Unsend.’

    • If you have an iPhone, Open the Messenger app, then navigate to the message in which the picture was posted.
    • Locate the image you wish to remove, and hold the photo to display options. Tap on More.’
    • Then, click “Remove” and then “Unsend.’
    • It will remove the image of both you and the chat history of the other party.

    How do you delete shared photos from both sides?

    Media data loss is a frequent problem among Messenger users, regardless of whether they’ve images shared with friends or anything else shared through the chat.

    If a media file gets removed from chats, the file is displayed in the photos shared part of the chat. In the end, this issue was the subject of most discussion concerns. To remove all media, adhere to the steps below.

    • On your phone, open Facebook Messenger.
    • Choose the conversation that you wish to erase media.
    • The photo should be long-pressed or text you wish to remove on both sides.
    • On the lower left of the screen, you’ll see that you can delete the feature.
    • Pick Unsend to erase the picture on both sides. Tap Removing and select Unsend.


    Facebook Messenger allows you to remove a post, image, or any other material inside an in-person or group chat. You can, however, erase them from your inbox but not the user’s mailbox. After reading this post, I’m confident you know how to erase pictures from your iPhone without iCloud.

    Finding certain images you wish to erase from your display through scrolling may take a long time. If you’re trying to get things done, use the methods described in this article to erase images of Messenger with no scrolling. You can do this by eliminating all conversations via your smartphone or on your computer.


    Find out more about how to delete images via Facebook Messenger.

    What do I do to remove several images in Messenger?

    Messenger doesn’t allow you to erase numerous images at once. You must remove numerous photos one at a time.

    How can I unsubscribe from the picture from Messenger?

    Messenger’s Unsend feature gives you 10 minutes to unsend photos or messages. For an image to be used on Messenger:

    Step 1. Chat using Messenger’s Chats.

    Step 2. Hold and tap the image you want to unsubscribe from, and then click”three dots “three dots” to open other choices.

    Step 3. Tap “Unsend”.

    Step 4. Step 4 is “Unsend for Everyone” and follows with “Unsend” to confirm.

    If you remove a photo within Messenger, is it deleted? Can another person see the picture?

    If the other user has seen a picture deleted in your Messenger chat, they won’t remove it at the other’s end. The person who received the picture can view it in their chat timeline.

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