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How to pair apple watch to new iPhone?

    You’re fortunate enough to recently purchased an all-new iPhone and want to know how you can disconnect your Apple Watch from your old iPhone and connect it to the new sparkling Apple device. Are you happy to learn that this short guide will walk you through the steps of connecting and pairing connecting the Apple Watch with a new iPhone without losing any information?

    Contrary to iPhone, it’s impossible to find a simple method to manually create an automatic backup from an Apple Watch to iCloud. This is because Apple Watch backups aren’t even actually backups. The watch can borrow much of the data it stores from a connected iPhone; consequently, the data is saved to the phone’s iCloud and your iTunes backup.

    The Apple Watch and iPhone are paired Apple Watch to a new iPhone.

    It is important to note that you do this, make sure you choose “Restore to backup” while connecting the current Apple Watch to your new iPhone. Make sure you select your most current backup on the Apple Watch to ensure all is as it was on the old phone.

    • To initiate the pairing process again, launch Apple Watch, the Apple Watch application. It is the official Apple Watch application on your iPhone.
    • Apple will then provide instructions that will help you with the procedure based on the version and version of the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iOS operating system.
    • The new iPhone is now connected to your previous Apple Watch.
    • If you have an updated Apple Watch and a new iPhone, you can connect your iPhone by following Apple’s steps on the screen. Then, connect to your Apple Watch by going into your iPhone’s official Apple Watch app and choosing”Pairing.

    Backup your Apple Watch

    Suppose you’re worried about the backup of your Apple Watch information before moving your data from one iPhone to the next. In that case, you’ll be happy to learn that Apple offers a fully automated backup service once you begin to remove an Apple Watch from the old iPhone.

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