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how to make your voice deeper

    You’ve seen the trailers for TV shows and movies on YouTube, so now it’s time to see the actual movie. You’ve heard radio commercials and podcasts. There are many facts you have learned about the sound of deep voices.

    Confidence in one’s self is crucial for some people. People are concerned about how they behave and how they view the world. What they sound like on the phone is another important aspect. It can also make men feel uneasy if their voice doesn’t sound deep enough or “manly.”

    Men can’t change their voices without medical intervention. However, there are various exercises men can do to achieve a deeper pitch. The way they use them depends on the individual and their goals. If you want to change your vocal register or tone, it is essential to seek help from a voice coach or speech therapist.

    What makes a person’s voice sound deeper?

    Your vocal cords are what determine the lower tonal tone of your voice. These vocal cords, once fully developed and shaped, are very hardy. They are the foundation of every sound you hear, from the highest notes to the deepest.

    The sound of your voice is only partially determined by how you learn behavior. Your environment constantly influences your diction, pronunciation, or inflection.

    But it would help if you had thicker vocal cords and a more extended voice to sound like James Earl Jones. Your natural voice can only be used to a certain extent.

    There are very few downsides to a deeper voice and many upsides. A deep voice is more effective if your goal is to record your voice. How can you make the sound of your voice richer?

    All methods that make your voice more substantial cost money, time, and effort. Some may require all three. However, practice and commitment are crucial to achieving your desired voice quality.

    A Manly Attraction is a Deeper Voice

    The popularity of pop icons such as Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, and Justin Bieber as boy band singers has led to many people adoring their singing voices. Guys want the same popularity as they do, and girls want them to be around them. All that swagger, appeal, and charm can be overshadowed when a man is just as deep-voiced and diction.

    Most girls find the deep voice attractive because of its calmness and symbolism of manliness. Do not let this be one of your triggers for toxic masculinity. Many things in society attract women. In this case, it is easy to find a strong voice that instantly appeals to them.

    * A deeper voice can be an investment in your career

    If you’re a natural, you can become a broadcaster. If you are just an ordinary guy trying to make voices change, you should try to become an actor. Deep voices are often an asset in many careers involving interaction through voice, including flight attendants, call center agents, salespeople, and teachers.

    Get your Natural Pitch and Optimal Tones by Projecting From Your “Mask.”

    To speak in your natural pitch and tone, you need your “mask” to project your voice. You’re welcome to ask. This area includes your lips, the bridge, and the sides of your nose. The area around your mouth that vibrates slightly when you speak will indicate that your mask is projecting. Your vibration in that area will indicate your optimal pitch or tone. A mask voice projection won’t strain your throat nor be too nasally.

    Dr. Morton Cooper (voice coach) explains how to achieve the perfect pitch and tone when speaking from your mask.

    Answer the following questions with a spontaneous and sincere “mmm”-hmmm.” Close your mouth and let your inflection rise to the “hmmm.” Watch out for a slight vibration around your mask.

    “The Art of Manliness, the greatest website of them all. Every time I visit it, I grow chest hair.”


    Are you feeling the vibrations in your skin? This is your natural pitch or tone.

    Now say, “Mmmmm-hmm-1, Mmmmm-hmmm-2, mmmm-hmmm-3, etc.”. Check to ensure the numbers sound the same tone and pitch as your mmm/hmms.

    Why do people prefer a deeper voice?

    First, what’s so special about a deep vocal? Every voice has its unique qualities and is fantastic. A deeper voice will affect listeners differently than one with a higher pitch. It’s because deeper voices are more likely to make someone feel confident and in control of the situation. Conversely, a higher-pitched voice may be linked to feeling nervous or less confident.

    According to a University of Stirling 2017 study, people’s voice pitch changes depending on their situation and the person they are talking to. Look at Dr. Viktoria Milva, a University of Stirling postdoctoral researcher:

    “A masculine voice, particularly in men, sounds dominant. A higher-pitched voice, however, is the opposite. When someone perceives that their interviewer is dominant, they may raise their pitch. This signal may be considered submissiveness.

    These changes in speech could be conscious, unconscious, or both. However, voice characteristics are a pivotal way to communicate social status. We discovered that both men and ladies alter their pitch to show respect for people they consider dominant or prestigious.

    What affects voice depth?

    James Earl Jones is an example of such a person. Others have to learn how to improve their voice. Here are some factors that can impact the depth of voice:

    Gender: The effects of testosterone on the vocal cords and body naturally cause men to have lower voices than women.

    Genetics: Although vocal capability is not transmitted directly via DNA, certain elements that influence it, such as muscle growth and lung capacity, have a genetic foundation.

    How to make your voice natural

    First, take the time to master natural speaking. This will make your voice more prosperous and more resonant. Practice regularly with a quality microphone and speaker to enhance your voice and use the right words and phrases.

    Second, focus on your chest. Make sure your voice is clear whether you’re singing or talking. This will help you project your voice better and allow you to control the volume of your voice.

    Third, practice your speech in a quiet place to hear yourself better. You will become more comfortable speaking naturally in any environment the more you practice.

    Fourth, be open to trying different accents. Test out various accents and dialects to see which one works for you. Find a style of speech you like, cockney-style or American Sign Language (ASL). Last, ensure that your grammar and words are correct every time you speak or sing.

    What about Eve’s Apple?

    The sound of older men and women is different from that of boys. The larynx tilts towards the side as it grows larger. A portion of it is visible, sticking out the neck. You can see it in the front of your throat. This is also known as Adam’s apple.

    The larynx in girls also grows significantly but less in boys. This means that you can’t see it through her skin. In a woman’s neck, there is no Eve’s apple.


    It’s possible to improve your voice by staying present and aware, correctly positioning yourself, and performing voice deepening exercises. Even courses such as Roger Love’s Perfect Voice will take you day-by-day through exercises to improve your voice.

    However, strengthening your voice will require time, effort, and discipline, regardless of your chosen method. I’m eager to share this journey. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments section below. We wish you all the best.

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