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How To Make Your Parents Say Yes

    Parents love their children and would like only the best for them. Everything parents do to their children have a purpose behind them. Parents believe that their children are always in their teens when making decisions. If they don’t want to listen to their kids about anything, they do so with an explanation.

    Most of the time, if you don’t receive “Yes” from your parents, you may be angry with them but don’t try to convince them again. If you’ve never tried convincing your parents to agree, give it a go once, and I guarantee you it’s effective. In this article, I will provide strategies and tips that will assist you in convincing your parents to agree with you.

    Why Your Parents Appear Stubborn And Don’t Say Yes To You More Often

    It’s traumatic to get a negative response often when you try to request something from your family members. They will not accept requests for two main reasons:

    Your parents are proud of you and care about your well-being. They believe they’re the best to guide you in the best option. If you ask someone for something, you throw the idea out there. Humans are naturally prejudiced against views that are not their own. Therefore, they look for reasons to disapprove of your thoughts.

    Another aspect is how the majority of people demand things. We immediately approach our parents and ask them to engage with us. Research has shown that people tend to disagree and resist being forced to make a rational argument. This is one of the significant reasons that explains why Mom and Dad frequently do not agree.

    Tricks To Convince Your Parents

    Do your parents support what you have to say? How difficult is it to convince your parents to agree with you? You may often be angry when your parents are the ones to say “No” to you. If they keep saying “No” to you, you must try various methods to persuade and convince them. A few tricks you can employ if your parents don’t accept your request are,

    Thank you, and be grateful!

    Nothing can get you a quicker “No” from parents than creating a false impression that they owe you something or think they “deserve” things. Yes, they’re accountable for your health and everything else; however, this isn’t doing a fair deed. It’s about getting what you want.

    If you’re asking for something, use the same amount of gratitude and a similar number of questions. For example, asking, “Dad, can I have an Electric Guitar? ” It’s a recipe for a boring, fast, and unsatisfying “No.” Instead, consider this approach: “Dad, I know you buy me expensive stuff sometimes that you work hard for. This is great, thank you.” Anything that follows will be more acclimated.

    The idea is not to convince your parents to believe you are caring; the idea is to spread goodwill, and it will surely return to you.

    Exchange what you would like to get what you want.

    It is possible to think: “What can I offer my parents? They hold all the cards!” It’s not true! Parents care for one issue (having to be related to your) much more than anything else that you are growing into a responsible and happy adult. Every way you can prove to them that you’re taking the right path will be helpful to you in the long run.

    If you are asking for something, provide something in exchange. You could provide two things: performing specific tasks and getting better grades in particular subjects.

    Specificity is essential as it ensures that outcomes can be evaluated. It’s not enough to say, “I’ll get better grades,” is an option, but it’s more effective to say, “I’ll get better grades in History.” Also, you must be serious and commit to doing your part. If you don’t, your pledge could result in the opposite.

    Look good

    One thing that your parents are concerned about is whether they acknowledge what they look like to other people. Adults are often judged on their parenting abilities, and any way to make them feel more comfortable in their role as parents can be a positive thing.

    Put your adult pants on if you’re hanging out with your parents in public. Engage in conversation with them and their peers. Answer their unanswerable questions as engagingly as you can. Be a part of the social circle. Be sure to be proud of it. Parents’ wallets and hearts are more likely to accept your requests.

    Massage them with a massage on their feet.

    Do your parents often get home tired after a long day at work? They will appreciate a soothing foot massage. They will feel grateful if you help them relax with an energizing foot massage during the evening.

    It will be much easier for you to persuade your parents about what you want or need through your regular foot massage. Most parents don’t like being disregarded by their children. Therefore, accepting your request will make parents feel better about themselves.

    Ask for something larger or higher priced first.

    This trick has worked for many kids who have asked their parents to purchase something. They try to trick the parents and ask them to buy something more expensive. As their parents might respond with “no,” they tried to negotiate with them by offering a cheaper or less expensive item. Most of the time, parents would go with the second choice.

    Why not try this too? All you need to do is ask your parents to buy more than you plan to purchase. In the future, try to show your parents a cheaper or smaller alternative.

    Tell them how they will benefit you.

    It’s easy to convince your parents to say “yes” to something they are confident is safe and beneficial for you. They have to comprehend your request. They will let it in when they realize how you can benefit from what they want.

    So, talk to your parents about what you’d like. It doesn’t matter if it’s something you’d like to purchase or a sport you want to participate in. You need to be able to demonstrate to them why it’s beneficial. Parents are like business people. They want to ensure that they’re investing in something of value.

    Admit To A Mistake You’ve Made Or Something You’ve Done Wrong

    It is the most unwise option you can do before asking for something. However, parents trust you more when you acknowledge an earlier mistake without knowing it. They’ll be more inclined to provide you with items if they’re confident you can come forward independently when you make a mistake.

    Your parents might not trust you, so they might be unwilling to pay for a brand-new gadget such as a car or a mobile phone. Additionally, they want to keep you from danger and in a safe place. They’ll, however, let you in through all doors If you can figure out ways to show them that you’re open and open with them, even if it hurts. The key to success is confidence. Be determined to gain it.

    Keep in mind that your parents will want to buy you stuff!

    Yes, it is true! They love you dearly and seek opportunities to help you live your best life. They should feel that you value and are worthy of what you receive. Learn to ask, and you’ll be blessed.

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