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How To Make Whipped Soap

    It is easy to modify and whip, and bath soaps can be a stunning accessory to any line of products or your collection.

    The recipe can be made in various ways to create an extremely moisturizing wash-off soap. With a few tweaks, the soap can be made into shaving soap, body meringue sugar scrub, salt scrub, and much more. The recipe will yield around 12 whipped bath soaps within the small Straight-Sided Jars according to how soft the base is destroyed.

    What exactly is soap whipped?

    Whipped soap can be described as a form of body wash with an emulsifying consistency; think shaving cream, whipped cream, or even whipped cream. It takes only several drops of water to make it into a great, sparkling shower gel. It’s ideal for washing hands and the body.

    Most cream soaps contain moisturizing oil or butter, like jojoba oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil. Most whipped soaps contain therapeutic essential oils or scent oils to enhance enjoyment to create longer-lasting fragrances.

    They provide a luxurious foaming wash experience (because everybody wants to be treated occasionally! ).


    Notice: Equipment shouldn’t be reused for food preparation.

    • Hand mixer, beater attachments, and hand mixer
    • Flat silicone spatula
    • Large mixing bowl
    • Bags for piping and other tools (if required)


    Clean and prepare your work area

    Clean your equipment and kitchen utensils in warm soapy water and dry them thoroughly. Remember your workspace! Be sure to avoid cross-contamination by spraying your workspace with the rubbing alcohol solution or a bleach solution of 5%; afterward, wipe it dry using a clean paper towel.

    Make sure you whip the base

    Take the foaming bath butter base out of the tub. It’ll become soft and straightforward to manipulate. Slice the bottom into rough cubes, then place them into the mixing bowl.

    The beater should be placed all the to the bottom of the base. The beater should beat at a medium to moderate speed for 10 to 15 minutes or until your base appears like cream.

    Be aware that the time for whipping can depend on the mixer you use and the humidity and temperature at your workplace.

    Mix scent oil and color

    Measure 1 ounce of Fig tree fragrance oil using the scale. Add it to the base you have whipped. You can add up to 2-4 drops of Violet soap color based on the color you want to shade. Two slides were used to create the pale violet shade shown.

    If you’re using it, weigh 0.6 1 oz argan oil (or another moisturizing oil of your preference) and mix it into the base.

    Whip the mixture until it is fluffy.

    The base should be beaten at high speed for about 3-7 minutes until it becomes light, soft, and about triple in volume.

    Package and ENJOY!

    Once the mix has reached the consistency and hue you’d like, it will be packaged. Pour your shower and bath souffle into small straight Sided Jars. You can also use the piping bag and equipment if you like.

    How do you use soap whipped

    You can use whipped soap the same way it would be shower gel or traditional soap. If you’re trying to organize your bathroom or reduce your makeup products, it can work as a shaving cream, shower gel, or soap all in one!

    It will cleanse your body, hands as well as hair. It can also be used to substitute shaving cream.

    The smallest amount goes an incredibly long in the case of foaming soap. A quarter-sized portion will wash the majority of your body. Remember that whipped soap, when applied, creates a fantastic foamy texture that is simple to use.

    TIP: To keep the water from entering your soap container, it’s an excellent suggestion to carry the spoon you use to scoop out the soap every time you use it.

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