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How To Make The Alarm Go Off During A Phone Call

    Are you caught engaged in a vital phone conversation but the call just goes past? You realize you’ll be going elsewhere in an hour and you’re concerned about whether you’ll have the ability to keep track of the duration of the call. Perhaps you have to be taking a medicine for a particular time of day, and you’d like to create a reminder of yourself during your phone call. Whatever your reason it’s possible to create an alarm that will sound during a call using Android or iOS. In this article, we’ll go over ways to ensure that you don’t forget to keep track of the time in the phone calls or forget to take your medication at the correct time.

    How to Make the Alarm Go Off During a Phone Call on iPhone

    It is now possible to effortlessly navigate through the settings on your smartphone, providing seamless and continuous interaction throughout crucial conversations. Disabling the alarm clock is a simple task within a matter of seconds. Let’s get started.

    Does the Alarm Sound interfere with an ongoing call for an iPhone?

    Your alarm will not interfere with the call. If you’re iPhone is not in use or if it is connected to headphones or AirPods while on a call the caller will be alerted via a notification banner at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If the mode for silent is turned off on your iPhone, the iPhone will not vibrate until it starts to ring. The alarm’s tone won’t be audible.

    Follow the following steps to set the alarm sound during the duration of a call using your iPhone

    Note 1: As there are a few versions of iOS that have the same capabilities the features listed in this article may not be available. The methods below were tested using iOS 17.1.1.

    Note 2: Place your phone in the speaker position when you’re making calls directly from the phone. Don’t do this if you are been connected to Bluetooth.

    • Click and hold the notification banner for alarms on the upper right-hand side of the screen once the alarm appears between a phone call.
    • You can choose to snooze or stop depending on your preferences.

    Be aware that if you directly swipe your banner up to wake up, your alarm will delayed for nine minutes.

    It is also possible to keep the alerts if you would like to by turning your phone in silent mode by turning off the silent switch to the left side of your phone.

    Will the Alarm Ring During a Phone Call on Android?

    When we tested Android We discovered that some things were different. The majority of phones behaved in the same manner as on an iPhone however, an alarm went off while the call was being made. But, Samsung was a bit distinct. A notification for alarms did pop on during the phone call, but there was not an alarm sound.

    After we had finished the conversation the alarm began to sound. If you were listening to the conversation in your ear, without paying attention to the screen then you won’t be alerted by the alarm.

    Will the Other Person Hear My Alarm?

    There’s no standard solution to this issue because it depends upon a variety of factors. If you take a broad view, likely, the person who was listening will not know that you are alarming them, because the sound will be dim compared to the sound of your voice.

    But, if the alarm’s ringtone is extremely intense, or if you’re within a space in which there is an echo, the person next to you may detect it since the sound can be heard through the mic. To prevent another person from hearing the alarm, it is possible to silence your phone while you dismiss or snooze your alarm.


    I am in the middle of a FaceTime session, you’re wondering if my alarm goes off while I am on the phone? Does your alarm go off during the call? Yes, it is true. Apple guarantees that the alarm will ring regardless of calls or application usage. The only exceptions are if you turn off the iPhone is shut off. If you’re in the middle of the middle of a FaceTime chat or you’re using an alternative application, the iPhone’s alarms are designed to make sure you don’t forget important reminders. Its iOS is a great app for alarms and ensures that they sound clearly and loudly regardless of whether you’re in the middle of a conversation. This ensures that, regardless of how engaged you are in the call and how busy you are, you will not lose important work or important reminders.

    My alarm will go off in the course of a Snapchat phone call.

    The short answer is yes the alarm will play even if you’re engaged in Snapchat. Snapchat call. You will get notifications and alerts.

    If you’re making use of Snapchat to call using either an iPhone or Android device, you could notice that the alarm on your phone is activated every time you use Snapchat.

    No matter what you’re doing engaged in a Snapchat phone, your alarm will be set. Only when your phone is turned off does your alarm stop going off?

    Make sure you are listening to the volume on your smartphone to make sure you have that your alarm will be effective. The inability to hear the alarm ringing the alarm could be a possibility if the volume has been reduced too much or muted completely.


    One question that many people with smartphones ask is: will alarms sound in FaceTime regardless of whether my phone’s silent? This is a great reason to be reassured that alarms have been designed to bypass the silent mode in both iPhones as well as Samsung phones. The design makes sure that, even when you’ve turned off the phone to prevent disturbances the alarm will be heard at the predetermined level. But, it’s crucial to remember that although silence won’t disable the alarm, lowering the volume on your phone can. It’s therefore recommended to make sure the volume settings on your device are set correctly, particularly when you’re using alarms for a critical job or wake-up call.

    Bonus Tip: Use A Timer Instead

    If you do not require an alarm that goes off when you make a phone call or if you just want to track the time, then you can make use of a timer. A majority of Android smartphones have built-in timer software that can be used to schedule a countdown timer during your phone conversation. This is especially helpful in situations where you don’t wish to get interrupted by an alarm while you talk.


    Q1: Will Setting An Alarm During A Phone Call Affect My Call Quality?

    Not at all, setting an alarm in a telephone call will not impact your call’s quality. But, ensure that you’re using no apps or programs that use the majority of your phone’s resources that could impact your quality of call.

    Q2: Can I Set Multiple Alarms During A Phone Call?

    Yes, it is possible to create multiple alarms in the course of a call with most third-party applications or even the default clock application. Make sure you name the alarms in a way that you won’t be confused.

    Q3: Can I Use A Custom Alarm Sound During My Phone Call?

    Yes, you can create a custom alarm when you call with any third-party app or standard clock application. Make sure that the tone isn’t distracting or loud when you’re on the line.

    Q4: Can I Change The Alarm Sound During My Phone Call?

    You can change the alarm tone when you call with any third-party app or default clock app. Be sure to ensure that the phone’s volume isn’t too excessive since it can disrupt the call.

    Q5: Will My Alarm Still Sound If I Accidentally Turn Off My Phone Screen During The Call?

    The answer is dependent on the application that you’re using as well as your phone’s settings. Certain apps will need you to have your screen in place when you call. However, others might still be able to sound the alarm if your phone’s screen is turned off. You should check your application’s settings, or the settings on your phone to ensure.

    Final Words

    The alarms will continue to be activated so long as your device is turned on and in use. It’s impossible to stop the alarm from ringing regardless of whether your device is in Airplane Mode. If the battery is depleted or the device has been turned off will the alarm not go off?

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