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how to make sweet cream cold foam

    Sweet Cream Cold foam is what you’ll want to elevate your morning cup to the highest level! A soft vanilla cream cloud is placed over your cup of coffee and helps enhance it from bottom to top, giving the perfect flavor from the first sip until the last drink.

    It’s more affordable and healthier to make coffee at home; however, Starbucks(r) can do it perfectly! We always say If you could create coffee as delicious as Starbucks, then we’d prepare it every day at home.

    We’re done with the list of excuses because this deliciously dulcet vanilla and sweet, sweet Cream tastes similar to the kind you find in your favorite cold beverage. If you’ve had it yourself, you’ll never drink without it. It’s so easy and simple to prepare!


    Sweet Cream Cold Foam is a tasty light sweetened, smooth topping to cold coffee drinks (usually cold brew or iced coffee). You may have heard of it since it’s famousized by Starbucks.

    There’s a chance of confusion, but. The sweet cream cold foam can share a similar appearance and name to different Starbucks products. Let’s talk about the significant differentiators!

    Is cold foam a thing?

    Starbucks cold foam is made of non-fat milk on top of cold brew drinks. Every sip of a cold foam-topped drink served in one of the straw-less cups is a delicious mixture of Cream and coffee. It’s possible to imagine it as the perfect drink.

    For clarity, Starbucks cold foam is more than just aerated cold water. The non-fat milk is whipped up at high speed using a bladeless blender. The result is a “foam” akin to melted ice cream.

    You could request cold foam to go with any Starbucks beverage. However, it’s designed to go with nitro or cold brew. Cold brew.

    In addition, baristas can create cold foam from any milk. However, it won’t produce as much foam as dairy milk, which is a non-fat kind.


    Vanilla cold Cream is made up of heavy Cream, milk, and vanilla syrup, blended (or blender) until smooth and thick. Starbucks uses the power of a blender to whip the Mix into a creamy.

    The consistency is nearly like whipped Cream. However, it’s a bit lighter. It’s deliciously sweet and can add a little vanilla to your chilled drinks.


    Did you know that you could create sweet Cream cold foam in any flavor you’d like? Do you know that? Vanilla is the most popular one, but Starbucks also offers chocolate-flavored rigid foams as part of the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew. In that case, you mix chocolate malt into the Mix.

    However, you can substitute your vanilla syrup with any syrup to make your unique cold foam flavor (or you can leave the vanilla syrup and add other syrups).

    There are a lot of easy syrup recipes to choose from, and I highly recommend using strawberries to make the strawberry cold cream.


    Few have an electric milk mixer. Here are a few alternatives so you can prepare this at home, regardless of the appliances (or the absence thereof) you own.

    French press to pour all the contents into a French press and then move the handle upwards and downwards quickly until the mixture bubbles.

    Mason jar: Add everything into a mason jar with a lid, and shake it vigorously until it becomes foamy and has an enveloping texture.

    Immersion blenders are a larger version of a frother, commonly used to blend soups into pots. If that’s all you have, it will perform. You may need to increase the recipe to make it more volume, as the blender needs to be submerged entirely to function effectively.

    Creamer without foam Mix all the ingredients together in a jar and stir them well with the help of a spoon to mix.

    The ingredients you’ll need are:

    Heavy Cream. Heavy Cream is the foundation of foam. It is also possible to whip Cream.

    Condensed milk sweetened with sugar. Condensed milk sweetened in a can provides this recipe with a sweet taste and also helps to stabilize the foam to last longer. Find this in baking stores!

    Vanilla extract. Starbucks uses syrup of vanilla in its cold drinks; however, I am awed by the rich, luxurious flavor that vanilla extract imparts. Additionally, it means that our rigid foam is lower in sugar!

    Having glasses of your favorite cold brew or iced coffee is also necessary. It can be used as a substitute for coffee creamer when drinking hot coffee, but it’ll melt and lose its soft texture. However, it’s still delicious!

    How to “Foam” Vanilla Sweet Cream

    The vanilla-flavored sweet Cream can be regarded as a “foam” because it’s actually frothed into a. There are a variety of methods to achieve this.

    Electric frother: We own a Nespresso electric frother that is a true gem. Make sure you use a cold option.

    Handheld electric frothers are a low-cost method of frothing sweet vanilla cream.

    French press: This is a little-known secret we have, and the French press works just well in creating froth. Place your vanilla sugar inside the French press and then use the pump to make it froth.

    Whisk: Can’t find one of these? Put some elbow grease in it and start chasing it down using a whisk.

    Is it possible to make cold foam using creamer?

    It is indeed possible to create this sweet cold foam with Cream using creamers, but the most flavorful and smooth textures are obtained by using thick Cream. Oat milk and coffee creamers are excellent choices. However, the air bubbles may be smaller and flatten more quicker.

    What’s the distinction between vanilla cold foam and cold foam? Sweet Cream?

    If you order at Starbucks and other coffee shops, the regular cold foam will be created by frothing milk at 2% until it has a foam-like consistency. Vanilla sweet-cream rigid foam differs since it is made with milk, Cream, and vanilla syrup, and it goes a step ahead and provides an effervescent, sweetened cream foam.

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