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How To Make Spicy Tuna

    The spicy tuna maki is a fantastic option for lunch. It’s a tasty mixture of spicy mayo and tuna. This Japanese classic is simple to make and can be enjoyed with other seafood and vegetables. It is up to you whether you want to cook it yourself or buy it from a restaurant
    t, you’ll enjoy it! Make sure to soak it in soy sauce before rolling it. Then, cut it into slices and sprinkle the toppings on top.
    What’s in a spicy Tuna Roll?

    I’m sure there are variations of spicy tuna rolls because I’ve seen the flavor differs between restaurants. Therefore, the answer to this would depend on what you buy it from!

    Some serve tuna in one piece, while others cut the tuna up. Crunchy tempura pieces are added to the roll, chopped scallions, or both. However, there’s one thing that’s the same in all rolls I’ve tried: the spicy sauce created with mayonnaise and Sriracha. What you make the sauce is entirely up to you. I prefer mine with a pinch of chili oil and rice vinegar to add some flavor.

    Since this is the bare-bones version, I’m using canned tuna instead of fresh tuna.

    This smoky tuna roll is an excellent method of introducing people who might be scared of taking raw fish to delicious sushi tastes. Additionally, it’s cheaper to make than take a bite of the real thing but equally delicious and delicious.

    What is the flavor of spicy tuna like?

    Spicy tuna is an excellent dish for sushi beginners! Spicy tuna is fresh and flavorful with a mildly spicy kick and a smooth melting-in-your-mouth texture.


    4 sheets of nori cut crosswise in half
    2 cups sushi rice
    Sushi ginger
    Soy sauce

    To fill in

    5 ounces ahi tuna yellowfin or bigeye, Sashimi-grade, finely chopped
    2 tablespoons of green onions chopped
    2 tablespoons mayonnaise
    1 Tablespoon hot sauce


    Mix all the ingredients for your filling into a bowl, and mix thoroughly.
    Follow the steps to make sushi to make an inside-out roll. Follow the steps all the way to step.
    Cook the rice at a high temperature. When steam rises, lift the lid and turn the flame into an intermediate flame. Cook for another 10 minutes. In the next 10 minutes, reduce the heat and let it sit until 10 minutes before removing your stove.
    Continue until the 5th step (wait to cut at this point).
    Before cutting, tear off the plastic wrap and place the roll aside, securing it with a damp cloth as you cut your remaining roll.
    Divide the roll into half and then in thirds to divide each roll into six pieces.
    Serve with wasabi, sushi ginger, and soy sauce.

    Why is this recipe effective?

    Hand chopping the tuna, instead of processing it, will give you more control over the fiery tuna’s flavor.
    A blend of Sriracha, sugar, soy sauce, and sesame oil creates an even more delicious and balanced Spicy Tuna Sauce, rather than using Sriracha.
    Three different types of rolling Spicy Tuna allow you to choose the one you prefer the most.

    How do you think the spicy tuna will last?

    The remaining tuna remains leftover in an airtight container in the refrigerator. When properly stored, tuna will last for up to 24 hours.

    Stop spending a lot of money when you order sushi and make your own using this home-cooked delicious tuna sauce! It’s easy to prepare and consume. This recipe is sure to be a staple in your kitchen!


    Masago is a kind of roe derived from the Capelin Fish. Small in size and with a bright orange color, It is commonly served as a garnish to sushi. You can discover Masago in the sushi department in major supermarkets.
    Add-ins to the Optional Add-ins for Sushi and Sushi Bowl:

    • Shredded Carrots
    • Sliced Avocado
    • Crispy Nori Sheets
    • Spring Mix
    • Cooked Vermicelli Noodles
    • Cooked Sushi Rice
    • Edamamame Beans
    • Sliced Cucumber
    • Imitation Crab Sticks
    • Seaweed Salad
    • Micro Greens
    • Sprouts

    Fresh Herbs Chopped: Minto, Cilantro, Chives, and green onions
    Chopped Fruits: Pineapple, Mango Dragonfruit
    Nutritional information is approximate that is based on four portions. Specific information will depend on the ingredients’ brands and the precise measurement.

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