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How To Make Role Categories In Discord

    To include roles on Your Discord server, click on the server’s name, then launch in the server’s settings menu.

    You must be the Discord owner of the server or be granted permission to manage roles to allow new roles.

    If you add a role to the Discord server, you can select the username’s color and access rights.

    Discord servers can only exist with the people who comprise them. However, if you’re managing large servers, it’s impossible to let everyone on the server have all the rights and privileges.

    Roles are what they’re for. Functions can be assigned to the users on your server to determine the channels they can chat in what order they will appear in the member list, and so on. It is also the method of adding moderators to your server.

    There is a way to create roles within Discord on your PC or smartphone. This article will show you how.

    Roles in Discord: What do they mean?

    Discord roles comprise a list of rights granted to users under an individual name. You can choose who can carry out what actions and what can’t as long as you’re the server administrator.

    Take this, for instance: interns have a different role in an office than the office’s president. Department. The parts of the interns and presidents differ. Similarly, Discord lets you decide the permissions hierarchy and then assign roles.

    A few examples of this include the Discord @everyone and @here Role. “@everyone” on Discord is the default role and gives each server member a variety of rights, mostly essential ones, like receiving and reading messages on the server. Discord @here restricts this Role to active users. Find out more information about these roles here.

    Users may have several roles and get permissions to those roles.

    How do you create Role Categories on Discord?

    In Discord, Roles function as profiles you can give to your server members to help establish a hierarchy among the members.

    In the case of a server that hosts eight users, there is just one person (you) who is the group’s owner responsible for managing the group and two moderators to ensure that the conversations are appropriate while leaving the rest of the members. Every participant has different capabilities and rights to separate the roles.

    Therefore, Discord roles are the categories employed by servers’ owners to manage the appearance of members and their privileges. To create Discord roles, you must take these steps:

    • Start the Discord app from your smartphone.
    • Touch the three-dotted symbol in the middle of your server’s name.
    • Select the Settings option.
    • Scroll down to the USER MANAGEMENT section, then click on the Roles option.
    • On the right side of the screen, Tap on the plus icon.
    • Within the ROLE NAME field, type the name you want to use for the Role to create role categories on Discord.

    Note: Add a descriptive name.

    • Click on the Role Color option and set the Role Color to #2f3136 to render the Role invisibly.
    • Tap on Create. Create option.
    • Modify the permissions for roles according to your needs.
    • Select the Finish button for the final job creation step.

    When you’ve successfully created your Role, you’ll be taken to the page for Server Roles page.

    • Tap on the Role you created that you’ve just made.
    • Copy this symbol (——) and then paste it in the middle as well as at the end of the name for the Role you created.
    • When you’re done, hit the Save option in the top left corner of your screen to add role categories in Discord.
    • Select the Reorder option, then drag and drop the newly created role category to the right.
    • After that, select SAVE from the upper left corner.
    • Then, you can create a second job by following the same actions.
    • Then, you can move your newly created roles over your roles in your server.

    It is also how you create role groups within Discord.

    How can I add roles in Discord for iPhone or Android?

    The procedure here differs slightly in iPhone as well as Android.

    • Launch the Discord application and navigate to the server on which you’d like to join roles.
    • The server’s name is in the upper right corner of the list of channels, and then choose Settings. You aren’t authorized to modify the server if you don’t find this option.
    • Scroll to the end of the page’s settings and then select Roles. Press the plus symbol on the right-hand side (iPhone) or in the bottom-right (Android).

    As of now, based on the type of phone you own:

    • If you’re using the iPhone, create the Role, give it the name and color, and click Create. On the next screen, choose one of the preset permission types -The left you go further, the greater the permissions the Role will have, or select Skip this step to create the Role without permissions. Finally, choose those on the server to grant the Role immediately before clicking to close.
    • To create a Discord role for an iPhone, three pages are required. You can select a name for the Role and color on the first page. The second allows you to choose permissions, and the final one will enable you to give users access to the Role straight away.
    • If you’re using an Android device, you can use the Settings page for Role to control all aspects of the Role, such as its name, color, and rights. Any changes you make are stored automatically.
    • If you want to edit the Role in the future, you can go back to the Roles page and tap the button.

    For assigning different roles to your users To assign roles to your members, visit the Settings page, and then tap Members. Press and hold the member’s profile icon, then select Manage.

    What can you do to make someone an administrator on Discord?

    A person with the administrator role grants them all server rights. This effectively entrusts a person to handle a server as you, the server’s creator, would. They can do whatever they can, including employing the best Discord weapon, the banhammer.

    Return to your Server Settings and then click Roles. Choose the Role you would like to grant admin access, hover the cursor over it, and select Edit.

    Go to the Permissions tab, then scroll down. In the section called Advanced Permissions, there’s the Administrator option. It’s essential to be cautious when you toggle this, as you’ll need to eliminate any server users you do not believe should be granted administrative rights. You could also do a completely new job.


    Does there exist a limit on roles for roles on Discord?

    It is possible to have a total of 250 roles available within the Discord server.

    Do you have to assign specific roles to Discord bots?

    It’s only necessary if you’d like your bot to be displayed with an identifier or color. Bots, when they are added, generally have their roles.

    Administrators can make an owner a target on Discord.

    Administrators are not able to expel the administrator of the Discord server. The same goes for other administrators. Administrators can’t kick other administrators via Discord.

    What do admins do on Discord?

    Administrators, also known as users with the Role of Administrator, can access the entire server. They can manage the server and make similar changes as owners would.

    Administrators and mods can change the domain name for Discord. Discord server?

    It’s only sometimes the case. The server’s owner is the only one who can alter the server’s name, but they cannot grant that authority to members.

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