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how to make pennis thicker and longer naturally

    Didn’t they realize that a harmless joke could quickly become the focus of every condom commercial or sex-related scene and debates regarding men’s health? The size of the penis was the focus of every joke, and dick size became top comedy material. So it’s not surprising that the masculinity of the length of a penis. Who doesn’t want to know how to increase the size of your pp? This question, however, isn’t without merit.

    Suppose you are looking to make your penis size more significant than it already is. In this case, you are entitled to use every strategy that can help your dick grow safely and securely. It’s natural to wish to have a thick and long dick for yourself. And as a result, this article was created.

    When you are looking for ways to make the penis thicker and longer naturally, keep your eyes on the fact that you must be sure to only look at research-based articles like this one.

    What is the essential characteristic of a giant penis?

    A high blood supply contributes to it because it ensures that more blood flows into the penile chambers and the penis to erect rapidly and remain so for a longer time. Specific Herbal remedies are effective because they are the best to dilate blood vessels and make sure that more blood is being pumped into the penile chambers. However, since they are natural remedies, their effectiveness depends on the individual’s health, condition, and overall health.

    What’s the standard size of your girth?

    A few studies suggestsTrusted sources that the penis measures a circumference that is 3.66 inches (9.31 centimeters) when flaccid and 4.59 inches (11.66 centimeters) when standing up.

    Do length and girth affect potential partners?

    No, and yes. Like any other characteristic, the issue boils down to personal preference.

    Some individuals may get more enjoyment from thicker penises or longer Some people may prefer a person with a thinner or shorter penis.

    The most important thing is being at ease in your skin. Being comfortable with your body and shape can make you confident about your sexuality and enable you to be present at ease in the present fully.


    While a pump with a vacuum is used primarily to restore the erectile system, the mechanism behind its efficacy can also be used to expand the penis and increase its length.

    A group of researchers from Tehran University of Medical Sciences conducted a study of 37 men over 6 months to determine if these devices worked in longing the penile. However, because this method of using a vacuum pump was initially developed to treat Erectile dysfunction, the research was limited to 6 months which means that the results were temporary, primarily in terms of the growth of the penis.

    Exercise regularly:

    The development of muscles and weight loss isn’t the only reason for you to hit the gym. If you’re looking to have a long, healthy, and healthy penis, make sure you exercise regularly to cleanse the arteries and improve blood flow to your penis.

    Avoid high-calorie diet:

    Foods high in calories and fats, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, could lead to heart disease and a smaller penis. Inactivity or lack of activities can increase cholesterol levels in arteries, reducing blood circulation towards the penis. Also, avoid eating junk food to have the healthiest, thick penis.

    Fruits and vegetables:

    Consume foods that are rich in antioxidants. This chemical helps combat free radicals that cause damage to the arteries. It also strengthens the arteries. Therefore, you can increase the growth of your penis by eating antioxidant-rich foods.

    Lose belly fat

    An enormous belly can alter how the penis appears. Even if you’ve got a larger penis, it will appear smaller in the case of a large belly.

    Reduce stress:

    Stress and anxiety reduce your penis’s size because negative emotions pull out the blood vessels of the penis, which makes it harder to increase the size of the penis. Performance anxiety is another factor in a smaller penis.


    Relax, meditate or do yoga to have a more enjoyable sex life. Relaxation can improve blood circulation throughout the body and stimulates the growth of the penis.


    The size of the penis. Therefore, make sure you shower warm and ensure that your body is warm to boost blood circulation to the body and penis.


    Increase blood flow to the penis and improve pressure by jelqing, also known as the”jerk-off. A repeated motion of stroking or squeezing increases the size of the penis.

    Penis pumps:

    It’s a pump or vacuum that enhances penis size by using pills, creams, and gels. The penis pump increases its size through the draw of blood towards the penis, increasing the size of the penis. However, you should avoid using it regularly because it could damage blood vessels.

    Penile Extenders among Men with Peyronie’s Disease

    Certain penile extenders are made specifically for those suffering from Peyronie’s disease. A pilot study of the use of penile traction devices for between 8 and 12 hours per day over six months resulted in reducing 10 to 45 degrees in curvature. The length of the flaccid penile stretched increased, ranging between .20 inches to .79 inches. In addition, the erect girth was increased between .20 up to .39 inches. The erectile function also was enhanced.

    A different study of males with Peyronie’s Disease found an increase in curvature following penile traction therapy for at least five hours each day for five consecutive months. Comparatively to the other study, this study showed an improvement in curvature that was less. The curvature dropped by an average of 31° to 27 degrees. This could be because the participants of this experiment had fewer curvatures in the beginning–less than 50 degrees and no signs of Erectile dysfunction. However, men did experience an average growth in stretched penis length by about 1/2 inch, and the size of their penis was flaccid, which was .33 inches.

    Does Stretching Your Penis Work?

    It’s dependent on what method of exercise you choose to use. According to scientists and doctors, the jelqing exercises to lengthen your penis will not increase the size of your penis. Instead, it could result in a bent penis. If you practice jelqing frequently or apply excessive pressure, this could result in irritation, pain, or even scarring. An alternative is to Make use of a penis extender that stretches the penile tissues to extend the length of your penis. A few studies have proven that these penile traction devices are effective; however, you won’t increase more than one inch. Additionally, they don’t make the penile thicker. They can be uncomfortable if you must wear them for an extended period, and they may cause scarring, bruising, or blood clots within the veins of the penile.

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