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How To Make eBook Cover For Free

    After completing your ebook’s contents, you’re now ready to design your cover for your ebook!

    A good cover for your ebook is the primary aspect in determining whether prospective readers are willing to spend time reading your book, which is why it’s crucial to spend time designing an attractive and high-quality cover.

    For designing your ebook’s cover, It is crucial to be aware of the style you would like the design of your cover. Consider the following:

    • The title of your book, the name of your ebook, and the author’s name are vital since this will give readers an idea of the ebook’s content.
    • The right font is an essential and often neglected aspect of cover design. The different fonts are distinct in their personalities. This is a fantastic guide on how different fonts are perceived by their psychology.
    • Graphics/images Images or graphics in your ebook’s cover are the difference between your ebook’s success. It is important to select images that further emphasize the reason for your book for the readers.

    If you need help to conceptualize your idea, don’t be worried! There are many websites to look at to get ideas, like Pinterest and Amazon. It is possible to look through thousands of covers for ebooks and utilize them to help you design your custom cover.

    What exactly is an ebook cover?

    Similar to regular books with design themes for their covers. Books digitally sold on platforms like Kindle and Amazon come with ebook covers. The covers function as thumbnails of your book sold in online stores. They’re identical to print covers except that they don’t include a back or spine. Therefore, designing ebook covers is a lot easier when compared with print covers.

    What do ebook covers mean?

    If required, an ebook cover shows the book’s title, creator, publisher, and brief descriptions.

    Here’s an example ebook cover design for the Brand Style Guidelines document:
    This is crucial: a compelling cover design for ebooks can be more than an introduction for your ebook.

    Do you remember the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?”

    It’s a pleasure to claim that I’ve not thought of judging the quality of a book (read the word “person”) on the cover (read the appearance). However, when discussing actual (e)books with natural bodies…

    The guilty party is in the court.

    The ebook business is highly lucrative; however, it’s also exceptionally fiercely competitive. Fifty thousand Kindle ebooks are published through Amazon monthly (or more than 70 books per hour). It is essential to ensure that your book stands out to make a profit. An attractive cover design can be one of the ways to achieve this.

    It is proven to be true: a proper design of the book’s cover can improve the number of clicks by 51%.

    Does that mean you must invest all your effort and time in designing ebook cover designs? It’s not really. The method of your ebook’s cover differs by the content and the readers it is likely to attract. If you’re writing an eBook for your business, it’s an accomplishment when it conveys the intended idea of the book and represents your business.

    One thing you should try to avoid is creating a shoddy attempt at making your cover. It will give the impression your book isn’t worth reading, at the very least. A well-designed cover can also promote the text as it quickly attracts readers’ attention and draws them to learn more about your book.

    How to Make eBook Cover for Free?

    You will have to take a couple of methods to make your book’s cover distinguish itself from other bodies.

    • Go to the Canva website using your web browser and sign into your account.
    • Utilizing the search bar use the search bar to find eBook templates.
    • Choose the template you want compatible with your book’s theme and style.
    • Incorporate your name and title and the author’s name on the template.
    • Select the font size, color, and font to stand out.

    Note that if you’ve got illustrations or artwork related to your book, you can use the images to create a distinct cover. Utilize colors to capture the tone and style you want to convey on the eBook cover.

    • Select Upload in the leftmost pane when the cover has been designed completely.

    Be aware that composition is essential – your name, author, and images should work together to create a cover that will seem stunning!


    If you want to make your book different from others, There are some aspects to bear in mind. Study the competition’s cover designs to know what you’re competing against. Be aware of your target audience and what they’d like to read; this can assist you in promoting your book better.

    If you know how to design your ebook’s cover, now is the time to think of something creative. It might not be easy to start, but Simplified can help you. With various free templates with font designs, colors, and styles, design a cover for the book you deserve. Get away from the crowded market and shine your book. Make your book’s cover plan at no cost on Simplified. Get readers to stop and look at your masterpiece in Kindle right now!

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