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How To Make Creamed Corn

    Creamed Corn is a wonderful warming side dish recipe for a warm evening. Soft corn kernels that are sweet and tender with a creamy cream sauce.

    This simple recipe makes use of only ingredients. Corn can be fresh, frozen or canned. The other ingredients are items that you already have in your pantry.

    Make sure to season your homemade creamed Corn using salt and pepper, or sprinkle it with your favourite toppings, from crisp bacon to chopped jalapenos.

    What is Creamed Corn?

    There are a variety of creamed corn varieties. As with all recipes, it is possible to find various ways to make this!

    My family prepare creamed Corn by simmering corn kernels in a spiced cream sauce that tastes delicious (very like creamed peas)! Blending some of the corn kernels with cream provides the thickness of this recipe. You can make it throughout the year (served on Easter Sunday alongside ham or served with Thanksgiving dinner). It can be challenging to have a fresh crop of cobs on hand to scrape the pulp off the corn cobs (but I always like to mix a bit of the cobs with cream).

    A variety of creamed corn recipes involve scraping off the milky pulp that is found in corn cob kernels. They can also be pureed portions of the Corn or put together in a grater to remove the kernels from the corn cob (instead of using a knife). Sometimes, the cream is added to the Corn (but only sometimes), and then it’s spiced by adding butter.

    The majority of canned cream corn recipes are made up of full kernels of Corn seasoned with pureed Corn and then added salt, sugar, and starch. There is a limited amount of cream, and I have found that canned cream corn can appear bland, dull, and often excessively sweet. (Although it is great in dishes like corn casserole.)

    Creamed Corn Ingredients

    Here are the essential ingredients you’ll require for the creamed corn recipe.

    • Corn: This dish begins with two bags of frozen, thawed corn kernels.
    • Cream: The heavy whipping cream is key to the smooth, rich texture.
    • Sugar: A teaspoon of white sugar gives an extra sweetness.
    • Seasonings: This creamy corn recipe can be spiced by adding salt and pepper.
    • Butter: Butter enhances the richness and taste.
    • Milk Recipe: This recipe requires whole milk. However, you could use milk at 2 per cent if you prefer.
    • Flour: All-purpose flour works in the role of a thickening agent, which means you won’t need to doubt the possibility of running.

    Cheese Parmesan cheese provides the ultimate finishing touch. If you want to add more cheesy flavour, Sprinkle some on the top prior to serving.

    How to Make Creamed Corn

    The complete, step-by-step instructions are below. Here’s an outline of what you’ll get from this creamy Corn:

    • Cook the Corn, cream butter, sugar and spices until the butter has melted.
    • Mix the milk and flour in a bowl, and then stir the milk into the corn mix.
    • Remove the skillet from the flame and add the cheese till it’s all melted.

    What do you think about serving it with creamed Corn?

    It is a great choice for menu items for the week. You can try it with my easy Pork Tenderloin Baked or Roasted Breast of Chicken. This is great when paired with my Easy Meatloaf, too, or Garlic Butter Steak Bite. Also, bake ham for the holiday season!

    Cream corn is a popular choice for the summer BBQ season. Combine it with my easy Grilled Pork Chops and the Crockpot barbecue chicken.

    Food leftovers and storage

    • The creamed corn leftovers can be kept in the refrigerator for several days in a sealed container.
    • If you want to reheat the recipe, heat it over the stove at the lowest heat and stir frequently either in the microwave for 30-second intervals (stir during the intervals).
    • It is not recommended to freeze it.


    The Corn is sweet enough, so what is the reason you added sugar?

    In general, creamed Corn made at home is sweet. It is possible to leave out the sugar. However, the dish needs something else with it. Try it with no sugar sugar, and add one teaspoon at each interval (for three teaspoons) until you have the flavour that you enjoy.

    Is creamed Corn gluten-free?

    However, this isn’t as if we’re using flour to make the”roux. I’ve created the roux with almond flour, and it would be an excellent substitute for making this gluten-free. But, it is important to double-check all ingredients to ensure that they’re gluten-free.

    Is creamed Corn vegan?

    This isn’t vegan. The recipe is made with butter and whole milk. This recipe can be made vegan together with soy butter or soy heavy cream instead of whole milk and heavy cream.

    Creamed Corn can be kept frozen?

    I’m not a fan of this item to freeze, but it is possible to freeze. For thawing, my recommendation is to let it thaw overnight in the refrigerator. For reheating, put the mixture in a small pot at a low temperature and stir it frequently.

    What is the average amount this makes?

    Corn in the recipe is cooked down until you have two cups of creamy Corn.

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