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How To Make Cornstarch

    Cornstarch or cornflour is an easy and commonplace issue in our kitchen. It is used for thickening liquid-based food like soups, making corn syrup, and most specifically for making gravy sauces like this shredded hen sauce and this beef sauce. However, Cornstarch and cornflour are frequently used interchangeably; they each mean the same element.

    This homemade Cornstarch may be very clean to prepare at your consolation because it calls for first-rate corn, each white or red corn. Cornstarch is a top-notch opportunity to flour thickener, mainly in gravy sauce recipes and beef stew recipes. It is often desired over flour due to its apparent glue-like cease to bring about a preference for opaque after being mixed with water.

    What is Cornstarch used for?

    Cornstarch is utilized in masses of tremendous techniques and can be decided in some unique merchandise. Here are a few commonplace uses for Cornstarch:

    • Cornstarch is often used as a thickening agent in sauces and gravies.
    • It can also be brought to homemade soups to thicken or sprinkled on top of cooked vegetables.
    • Cornstarch can be used as an issue in homemade cosmetics, encompassing face masks or hair rinses. It, moreover, may be used as an issue in self-made bathtub bombs! You may additionally even use Cornstarch to make your very personal shaving cream!
    • You can use Cornstarch mixed with water or milk to make domestically made glue for humanities and crafts like paper mache or paper-mâché.

    How to make Cornstarch at home?

    Cornstarch is a powder crafted from corn or maize. It’s utilized in cooking, baking, and distinct culinary programs. The device of creating Cornstarch is easy: you certainly want to grind up corn kernels until they develop into a brilliant powder.

    What is Cornstarch made from?

    • Dried corn
    • Blender or food processor
    • Water
    • Cheesecloth
    • Strainer
    • Bowls


    You could make Cornstarch at domestic with a food processor or blender; however, if you need to make big portions of it, you’ll want a few more specialized systems. Here are the stairs:

    • Wash your corn kernels thoroughly, then spread them out on a flat floor, so they’re not touching every one-of-a-kind.
    • Use a food processor or special grinder to grind the kernels into a nice powder; this needs to take about 5 minutes for every cup of corn kernels you have available. You’ll realize while you’ve been given enough while there aren’t any complete kernels left; rather, the whole lot will become tiny grains that appear to be dirt floating around your bowl or subject!
    • Line a massive strainer with cheesecloth or a few exceptional sorts of fabric serviette (something a great manner to permit thru best small particles; however, keep out large ones), then pour your floor corn into it, so no bits continue to be stuck interior your strainer/sieve bowl.
    • Lay the material over a large bowl or pan, then region a heavy weight on the pinnacle of it to press out as lousy a lot of liquid as possible. You can also use a vintage pair of footwear if you don’t have a few components else accessible! Leave this “corn juice” to drip in a single day; the following morning, you’ll have a thick, candy-tasting paste that’s extremely good to eat with glowing fruit or over ice cream. That paste is your CORNSTARCH.
    • Now spread and dry the paste in a tray below the solar.
    • After drying the paste, grind it until it’s clean as a powder. Your cornflour is now organized.
    • If you need to make corn syrup, upload greater water and boil this mixture for a few minutes longer. The resulting syrup might be thick and candy.


    This article is designed to educate you on making Cornstarch from scratch. Cornstarch has several uses, and you can see some proper right here.

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