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How To Make A Hole In A Belt

    An instant of discontent over a sloppy-fitting belt may lead one to cut it up with knives or scissors. However, there are alternatives to tackle the issue. A hole punch made from leather is perfect; however, with a bit of patience, you can achieve a fairly neat hole using the aid of an electric drill or even a Phillips head screwdriver.

    Four creative ways to hit a hole in a leather punch belt

    Holes are punched in leather belts in the final step in manufacturing or on existing belts to make them more comfortable on the waist. This procedure is generally done with the use of a leather hole punch and is quite simple to do.

    While there are many kinds of punched holes made of leather in the marketplace, however, the punches may not be easily accessible to you. What’s good is that you can use alternative tools and techniques to create holes in your belt.

    The top four methods to create holes in belts that don’t require an actual leather hole punch are to use either an electric drill or a heated nail using the pliers, awls using mallets or using a hand drill. Although we strongly recommend using a hole punch for the best results, it is possible with the above methods for the same result.


    If you’re in need of speed, you’ll need a pocket knife that can do the trick. Of course that it is likely not to be a beautiful task. However, if you are in an emergency, cutting the hole using the help of a knife will accomplish the task.

    It could be that you require a belt for your dress for a wedding since you did not have one, and then you locate one that you can borrow; however, it is too large for you. Perhaps a similar scenario is encountered in the event that you’re out on the camping trail and you’re camping and there are no outlets in the vicinity. In the event that there’s no toolbox or a pocket knife that’s reliable can aid in saving the day.


    It is much more of a tool for professionals. Therefore you may not have the tool in stock. These tools are affordable, and you can purchase them on the Internet. These tools are made specifically for making round holes. This allows you to make an opening that appears exactly like those on the original belt.

    In essence, it is similar to a hammer and nail. But instead of having a sharp edge similar to a nail point, it is flat. Be sure you purchase one in the correct dimension. The only thing you have to do is strike the belt with a hammer and make a hole in your belt. In general, you’ll require the 3/16″ dimension. However, it’s always good to double-check in the event that you have an individual belt made with holes of different sizes.

    The Power Drill

    A power drill is an instrument you most likely have at hand. With the 3-1/4″ drill, you can carefully drill an opening in the leather. Though this might seem simple, there are a few safety precautions to follow when doing this.

    Be sure you ensure that you hold the belt securely when you drill holes into the leather. Otherwise, the belt may get caught by the drill bits and then spin in place. This can lead to damaging the belt along with some stunning scratches.

    When drilling the hole, you must make certain that you have the piece of scrap wood or similar under. As the drill goes through the leather in the process, it will go through the material below it. This may damage the material as well as the drill bit or the two.

    Puncturing Holes Into Your Belt

    If you have the choice, one of the above methods is the most likely to be your most effective option. But, if you’re in need of help, three methods can work equally well.

    In the previous paragraph, if you are you simply make an opening in a belt, the belt is much more likely to break. When using any of the following methods, it is suggested that, after you create the first perforation, you then perform this second step: inserting the knife in the hole and then twisting it in an arc to cut out the majority of the leather. This will help in rounding out and enlarging the puncture.


    The round drive, the other punch is the Rotary punch. Instead of employing a hammer, this punch is equipped with an elongated handle. The only thing you have to do is locate the correct dimension of the punch for your belt, then place it in the direction you need the new hole, and then squeeze.

    The thing that makes this tool practical is it comes with all sizes can be found and wheels. The only thing you have to do is find the size you need and secure it in position so that you can squeeze your hole. In general, you’ll require to use the #5 size. However, it’s an excellent idea to check the size prior to you creating holes.


    If you take measurements and draw your hole exactly where you prefer, then one of the methods above will work to create the hole on your belt, no matter if it’s formal or not. There, you will no longer be required to drive to the mall and buy another belt each when your waistline alters. It’s a great way to will conserve money as well as you will not have to take off your most loved belt. You win!

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