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how to make a heart out of a dollar

    Have you ever thought about how to fold a dollar bill in an origami-like heart? Making folds with Yvonne on Youtube offers a simple tutorial on how to do that. The instructional video is straightforward and fast.

    Make your sweetheart feel special by giving her a pleasant surprise by giving one of these lovely money hearts in their Valentine’s day card (“treat yourself with something lovely or honey !”). You can also personalize your wedding cash present by folding it into the best-loved symbol that is:)

    This unique dollar bill origami money heart features the cutest star-burst pattern at the center. It is more striking than the basic version and more challenging to fold.

    Learn to create this heart-shaped dollar with just six easy steps using this guide on money origami.

    Sharing a money heart with someone shows your loved ones that you genuinely care.

    This is a super easy design and folds up in only a minute or two minutes!

    How to Make a Heart Out of a Dollar

    Lay the bill flat, then cut it into half on the left side to form an edge that runs down the middle. Fresh, uncirculated bills will look best.

    Fold Both Sides

    Unfold the fold, and slide both the right and left edges upwards to align with the center fold.

    Flip the square upside down.

    Fold the lower and upper corners upwards at 45 degrees until they are in line. Then, press them into place.

    Make sure you fold the bottom of your bill inwards by creasing it until it meets but not overlapping the folds before it.

    Use your fingers to cut the folds you made in the preceding step. Create new triangular creases along both edges.

    Fold inwards and fold the flaps on the inside to complete your heart-shaped shape.

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