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How To Make A Bigger Ring Fit

    An appropriate size for an engagement ring is vital. If it’s too loose, you risk losing the ring. It’s not tight enough, and you’ll feel uncomfortable taking off.
    If your ring doesn’t fit correctly, your first thought is to have it adjusted.

    In most cases often, it is the best, most secure, and most long-lasting choice. But it is important to note that permanently altering your rings is not always ideal, but temporary options can be suitable in some situations.

    How Do You Know If Your Ring Is Too Big?

    Each person’s finger and jewelry preferences are distinct. This means that you may think that the case that your rings are a bit loose, but you’re “not too bad.” Pay attention to a faulty size ring to avoid losing the ring if you shift your hands too quickly or have it slide into the drain when you wash your hands. This could result in a devastating loss.

    The rings are likely too big, If:

    • The finger constantly rotates around your finger base and cannot keep its position.
    • The fear is that the item will disappear when you are too quick or move your wrist.
    • It is easy to remove while you wash your hands or in the shower.

    When NOT to Resize a Ring

    If the ring is too large, it is best to scale it down. But, there are times when, due to the reason that needs to be clarified, you can’t or should keep the size of it the same.

    In this case, you may be in the process of losing weight. If so, you should wait to resize your rings until you have achieved your goals instead of altering them multiple times.

    Also, your jewelry may appear slightly loose in the cold winter since our fingers tend to shrink in colder weather. You won’t need to alter your band size with each season. So a short-term size option is the best option.

    Here are other instances where you should not employ traditional techniques to measure the ring
    A unique finger size It’s because the band is too large in the middle of your fingers; however, it will not fit on the knuckle when smaller.
    A wrong type of metal The rings are constructed of a material that is hard to resize. Titanium and tungsten are extremely tough, which causes problems when attempting to change their size.
    Ring ownership for temporary periods When you’re using a borrowed ring or intend to gift the ring to someone else shortly, you may not want to change the ring forever to be used for a short period.
    Problems with swelling that recur When you are vulnerable to regular increases in swelling in your fingertips, temporary ring sizing adjustments will permit you to carry your band during your changes in size.
    Rings that are antique or collectible If your ring is one of the oldest, it may be worthless when it is altered in size. Antiques are the best value when they are kept in their original form. Furthermore, rings that are resized can be a challenge to repair.
    The case of temporary health problems, illnesses, or pregnancy can alter the dimensions of your fingernails. Resizing your rings during these brief circumstances will cause you to change the size when you return to your regular size ring.
    Engravings on the ring Engravings within the rings will be damaged or removed if the ring is resized. If the engraving is personal to you, consider taking it off.
    Issues with setting stones Based on how the band is made, specific rings may require removal, followed by a setting to set the stones for them to be adjusted. The process would drastically alter the appearance or style of the ring because all gemstones may need to be accommodated on the smaller, new band.

    4 Ways To Fix A Ring That’s Too Big

    At times, you would like to have an indefinite, DIY solution that’s inexpensive and easy. Below are some suggestions for testing (or items you may consider purchasing to help solve your difficulty).

    The Rubber Band Wrap

    An extremely DIY, though slightly clumsy, ideal solution to creating your band is an elastic band. The ideal choice is a thin and transparent type or one near your skin tone, so it’s hard to tell you’re using the rubber band to attach your rings to your finger.

    There are two different ways you might go about this.

    • You can use a small, clear rubber band that will fit over your finger underneath the rings.
    • The thickness of the transparent rubber band will cover any gap between the rings, the ring, and your finger. Then, you’ll have to be sure you don’t squeeze too tightly on your finger because it can result in pain and block blood circulation.
    • You may use a rubber band to tie it to the lower part of your rings (the part close to your hand).
    • It’s your responsibility to have to locate the correct measurement of rubber. If it’s long enough, the excess must be trimmed off. If not, it’ll remain out, making it unattractive and ugly, and others will consider you odd.

    There we have two options. You can use the rubber band to create your ring work. The choice is based on the kind of rubber band you have and the size of the thickness you want.

    Spring Inserts

    Spring inserts are an option for resizing, which an expert jeweler can fit for you. They are tiny pieces of metal shaped like the horseshoe that “springs” back as you apply them to your finger. This allows your finger to fit inside the ring, which fits snugly on the bottom of your fingers. They are far smaller of an issue as compared to having the entire ring resized as well. They can serve as a remedy for rings composed of metals that are difficult to change sizes entirely.

    Resizing An Engagement Ring or Wedding Band, That’s Too Big: How Do Jewelers Do It?

    Jewelers cut off the shank to resize an engagement ring that is too large or loose. Then, they take a tiny piece of metal, then attach both ends with solder. When the jeweler finishes making the ring more minor, it’s clean and polished to cover any flaws that may have occurred while resizing a ring.

    If the jeweler does an excellent job making the ring, it should be snugly positioned around the finger, showing little or no evidence of the ring being resized.

    Rings that are just a little too large may benefit from using rings with aids. Jewelers can use tiny metal beads on the inside of the shank and allow the ring to sit comfortably and securely upon the fingers.

    As you are waiting until you book the appointment with your jewelry maker, you can get temporary ring resizers to fit rings that are too large. They are PVC adjustable rings that are elastic and soft and allow you to decrease the diameter of the ring by half to one-third size.

    How To Make A Ring Smaller Without Resizing It Using An Arc Shape Silicone Ring Size Adjuster

    They are available in many dimensions, and the invisibly ring-size adjusters (ring guards) will provide a complete solution to loose-ring issues.

    It offers six sizes (from 1.2mm up to 3mm) in a spiral design and seven sizes (from 2mm up to 8 mm) in an insert design.

    Additionally, you will receive the entire package for just a couple of dollars.

    Both designs are comfy, and they remain invisible. The user can reduce the plastic protector’s length if the inserts adjuster sticks out (for the thin band).

    Also, you can use them for any ring type. The insert design will work best with eternity rings.

    How Many Times Can You Resize a Ring?

    If you are considering ways to make your larger or smaller ring smaller, it is essential to remember whether the ring has already been altered in size. How many times you can alter the size of your rings depends on the jeweler you trust to complete the task correctly. If you are using the standard resizing technique, professionals generally recommend that you do not resize the ring more than once because repeated resizing can cause damage to the ring.

    If you’re worried about resizing your band too frequently, like when you’re losing weight or pregnant, think about resizing options. There are a variety of options available. You can use these alternatives to temporarily increase the size of your rings so that they can return to the size they initially and quickly. These choices allow you to alter the size when your hand size alters.

    Ultimate Tips For Ring Care

    • Do not try to shrink rings smaller using glue, wax, or tape since these items can cause damage or color changes to the ring’s metal.
    • Beware of any chemical components whenever possible, as they irritate the skin.
    • Resizing the band regularly can stretch and weaken the band. Therefore, you shouldn’t try this over and over again.
    • If DIY strategies do not work, seek a jeweler’s advice.

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