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How To Make A Baby Shower Page On Facebook

    Births are an opportunity for parents. When they are happy and joyful, throwing baby showers is a good idea. The concept of a baby shower hosted on Facebook is an excellent option for those who live far away and have restricted movement. One of the advantages is that it allows you to make the party private and invite a select group of people to the shower.

    Quick Answer

    To create an event page for a baby shower:

    • Log into your Facebook account.
    • Find the event option, then click then select the Create event choice.
    • Select the kind of event you wish your baby shower event to take place, whether public or private.
    • Add the specifics of the baby shower, including the date, location, time, description, and name.
    • Upload any photos and decide who will attend the shower.

    The baby showers that Facebook hosts are increasingly popular. This guide will provide specifics on Facebook baby showers and instructions for the perfect baby shower. Be sure to check back!

    How to make a Baby Shower Website

    Create your baby shower’s page:

    Method 1: On Facebook Mobile App

    If you’re using Facebook for every Android and iOS device, these easy steps can be used to design the invitation for a baby shower through Facebook:

    • Start the Facebook app using either your Android or iOS device.
    • Click on the Hamburger menu icon on the display’s right-hand side.
    • Click on the Events tab.
    • Tap the plus (+) icon on the page’s upper right edge.
    • In the Create event section, choose the option Online.
    • Select the details of the event, then tap Next.

    Event’s name

    Start date and start time

    The level of privacy

    • Pick the preferred location for the event. This could be Facebook Live, Messenger Rooms, or Facebook.
    • Include a description of the occasion.
    • Examine the details of the event and include a cover picture.
    • Then, tap on Create Event.
    • Choose the friends you want to invite to the baby shower.

    Method 2: On Facebook Desktop Website

    Let’s look at how to make an invite page for a baby shower through Facebook. Facebook desktop site.

    • Go to the Facebook website and log into your account using the appropriate login details.
    • Select the tab Events on the left side of the screen.
    • Click on the Create New Event option.
    • Input and select the following information about the event, and then click Next.

    Event’s name

    Date of commencement and timing

    The level of privacy

    • Select the choice you prefer from the Who can view it? Field.
    • Create a description of the event and Click on Create event.
    • Invite your Facebook friends by adding their names or posting the invitation URL.

    How to Share a Baby Shower Page?

    Once you’ve created your baby shower Facebook page, you can share it with your followers and friends on Facebook and other social media sites, inviting people to share in the festivities. Below are easy guidelines to walk you through the procedure:

    Method 1: Compose a Post

    • Install the Facebook app on your device, then go to the page for your baby’s shower.
    • Select Invite.
    • Click to open the Copy Invitation button.
    • Visit your profile page and click ” What are you thinking about? Section. You can then begin writing an article.
    • Copy the link, paste it and create an invitation or other pertinent information you’d like to communicate.
    • When satisfied with your post, click the”POST” option to share the baby shower’s website.

    The message will be displayed in your timeline on Facebook and News Feed. It is also possible to tag relatives or friends who are close to the event, and they can click the shared link and go to the baby shower page.

    Method 2: Add on Stories

    Another method of sharing this celebration is to copy and paste the invite link into your websites for social networking. So, even those who do not have a presence on Facebook can join in and share the moment with others. Check out our guide about How to Edit a Story on Facebook for more information on how to add edits and post a Facebook story.

    Method 3: Use Email Invitations

    Invite guests to a baby shower via personalized emails sent to family and friends members who may not be with social media. Include a link to the baby shower website within the email as well as a touching invitation to them to join in the celebration.

    Who Will Be Invited To The Baby Shower Event Facebook Page?

    The people you’re planning to give invitations for the baby shower must be on the invitation page you’ll create. The reason for this is that the event, as well as the privacy of the group for the baby shower, should be kept private and only leave control to the hosts and their co-hosts.

    You can host an online baby shower if you are looking for a thorough baby shower online. A few people constrained by schedules or distances choose this kind of baby shower.

    What is the best moment to host an infant shower?

    There’s no set guideline for when a baby shower can be scheduled. Most baby showers are held between four and six weeks before the due date of the baby. The guests can pick presents and decorations depending on which gender the baby is.

    Because the chance of miscarriage decreases as each week passes, Many mothers choose to host the baby shower after the pregnancy. This also means that you’ll have more of an understanding of what you’re not getting and how your family members can assist.


    This article covered the specifics of making a baby shower website on Facebook. We’ve covered the steps to setting up an exclusive Facebook baby shower on desktops and in the mobile application. Additionally, we’ve learned how to select who is invited to join your Facebook party. It’s time to plan your very initial Facebook baby shower.

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