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How To Italicize On iPhone In Different Apps

    • It’s easy to boldize the text of an iPhone using three different applications.
    • Though you can’t make text italicized when you send messages using your iPhone, You can add it, lies to Mail Notes, Notes, and Pages.
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    • Italics can make a difference in writing.

    This style is often useful when you’re trying to emphasize an individual word, such as italicizing the titles of your work or sprucing up notes by formatting them.

    Although Apple isn’t yet allowing italics to be used when texting — where it could likely be the most effective to use it, we’ll keep hoping that day comes. You can now utilize it in your iPhone’s Mail Notes, Notes, and Pages applications.

    There are slight distinctions when italicizing in different apps; however, it’s easier than you believe.

    Are You able to Italicize in iMessage?

    You cannot bold or highlight words in iMessage at the moment. Also, you can’t highlight or underline a word. Apple has yet to introduce style styles for formatting to its apps. Although you can’t use italics within IMessage, the iPhone allows you to use italics in other apps, such as Notes, Pages, and Emails.

    Italicizing is a crucial feature because it not only adds emphasis but also helps to jazz things up. The most common use is accentuating names and foreign words and quoting dialogs.

    How do you Italicize Your iPhone across various Apps?

    There are various ways of italicizing text on iPhone, and the steps required to formatting differ from one app to another. We’ll walk you through the most of them.

    Not every version of iOS provides the same functions. Certain features described in the article may not function. The methods below were efforts using iOS 17.3.

    Alternative 1: Go to Pages App

    Here’s how to turn ordinary texts to italics in Pages. Pages application:

    • Launch the Pages application and write the message you want to convey; then, double-tap the word you wish to highlight.
    • Click on the icon for the paintbrush at the top-right corner of the menu, and then tap on the italicize icon in the lower left corner.

    Option 2: In Email

    You may also use italics in emails to emphasize specific aspects of the context. Here’s how:

    • Launch the inbuilt iPhone Mail app.
    • Tap the message icon at the bottom of the right side to display a text-based field, type in the message, and double-tap the text you want to bold.
    • Press the arrow icon from the menu and choose the Format option.
    • After that, you can tap italic. Your chosen text will then appear italicized within Mail.

    Option 3: Notes

    The built-in Notes app also has the option to use bold text. Do the same thing:

    • Launch the Notes application and enter the message you want to send.
    • Double-tap the word you want to bold and then tap the icon for fonts in the menu.
    • Touch the Italic icon.

    Option 4: the Numbers App

    The Numbers app gives you the choice to highlight material on your iPhone. Follow these steps for the same procedure:

    • 1. Start the Numbers application and then open the desired file.
    • 2. Double-tap the text, then choose Format.
    • 3. Click on Italic.

    Option 5: Reminders

    Unfortunately, Apple removed the formatting text options in the Reminders app following an iOS 10 update and only maintained a generic Curved San Francisco font across all applications. This means that users can’t change the font size of text within the Reminder app anymore.

    Option 6: Go to Google Docs

    It is also possible to italicize text in Google Docs on iPhone. You can follow these steps:

    • 1. Start Google Docs, open the target document, then double-tap on the word you want to highlight.
    • 2. Click on the Italic icon in the lower menu.

    Option 7: iMessage

    In contrast to Notes and the email application, Apple has yet to give the choice to use bold text in iMessage for iPhone.

    More features are currently needed to style texts within iMessage. If you want to bold text, follow our tutorial for How to Bold Text in iMessage to attain the same.

    Option 8: Use Instagram.

    On iPhone On the iPhone, you can italicize text on Instagram with third-party applications.

    If you endeavor to copy italic fonts in the Notes app and paste them onto Instagram, your text will automatically be changed to normal fonts.

    • Open a text generator app. We’ve used Lingo Jam.
    • Write the desired text. Double-tap the text that is italicized, then tap Copy.

    • On Instagram, long-press the bio, text, or caption when adding a message, then click on Paste.

    Italicizing on iPhone Is Possible.

    You can easily change the font of the word you want to italicize on iPhone with various available choices. To italicize, for instance, in the Pages application, you must select the words you would like to highlight and select the italicize feature in the menu for formatting, similar to the Mails and Notes apps.

    Furthermore, there are alternative options for italics, such as underlining, strikethrough, and bold. The options for formatting can add an emphasis on messages and can make them pop out.

    Be aware that it is possible to utilize text generators, specifically social media apps, which do not include tools for formatting text.

    Learn how to type italics using your iPhone. It will improve the readability and professionalism of your written material using your iPhone.

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