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How to improve your win rate at the casino

    Back in the pre-internet days, a casino was to most of us a place of mystery and intrigue, from the bright lights and razzmatazz of the Las Vegas strip to the style and opulence of the high roller tables in Monte Carlo. These days, casinos are accessible to all and open 24/7 thanks to the internet. We can access them from our phones and laptops and choose from hundreds of slots and dozens of table games. 

    Naturally, gambling for real money carries its own risks. It’s important to play responsibly and a key part of that is to only play for fun and never to wager more than you can afford to lose. Still, there is no harm in doing whatever we can to try to beat the odds, at least sometimes. The house always wins in the end, but if you follow these tips, you at least improve your chances of making your bankroll last longer and enjoying the odd win of your own. 

    Be aware of the RTP 

    Return to Player is the payback percentage for a given game, and is sometimes expressed as the house edge. If a slot game is programmed to pay out an average 96 coins for every 100 wagered, that’s an RTP of 96 percent, or a house edge of four percent. Slot games all have their RTP published, and it takes 10 seconds on Google to find it, so it makes sense to favour games with higher RTP. For example, Mega Joker and Ooh Aah Dracula both have RTP in excess of 99 percent. 

    Also, note that in general, table games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat have a better RTP, or lower house edge, than slot games.  

    Use casino bonuses wisely 

    There are literally dozens of online and casino sites out there to choose from. Just scroll through the List of best bonuses to see some of the most popular. You’ll notice that practically all of them offer bonus incentives of some sort to new players, and if you use these wisely, you can shift the odds in your direction.  

    In particular, look for bonuses that have a lower wagering requirement and that can be used on a wider choice of games. For example, a $10 bonus that can be used for video poker and has a 20x wagering requirement is probably more useful to you than a $25 bonus that can only be used on a certain slot game and has a 50x wagering requirement.  

    Hone your skills 

    Some casino games are entirely down to luck. Slots and roulette fall into this category, and however much you practice, you won’t get any luckier. With card games like blackjack and poker, it’s another matter.  

    Invest a little time in memorising some optimum strategy tips for your skill-based games and you will directly impact that RTP and improve your win rate. 

    Know when to stop 

    This is not so much about winning more, but it certainly ensures you lose less. Manage your bankroll carefully and don’t change your strategy just because you’ve had a good or bad streak. Quit while you’re ahead is sage advice, but never chase a loss is even wiser.   

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