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How to hide apps on iphone

    If you’re interested in learning how to block apps from your iPhone and iPad, you’ve found the right resource. There are various reasons to want to stop certain apps from your iPhone to avoid them showing up on the home screen.

    You may be looking to tidy up your screen by hiding apps that aren’t used often. Maybe you’ve downloaded something you’d like to keep private, such as one of the top dating apps.

    Whatever the reason you have to disable apps from your iPhone, the process is easy. There are also several options based on whether you’d like to block a specific application or multiple apps.

    Why hide Apps on the iPhone?

    Sometimes, it is necessary to conceal apps on your iPhone from anyone else who might be watching, or even to yourself, in case you’re addicted to one particular game or monitoring your Facebook notifications, as I do. You can ask that the app is not recommended (thereby blocking the app). It is also possible to hide apps on your iPhone with app folders. Stop it by removing it from iPhone Search and in your iPhone’s App Store purchase history if you want to go more. You can eliminate most of Apple’s pre-installed applications and block the App Store while you’re doing it.

    How to hide apps on Your iPhone By Using Folders

    The most effective method of hiding the app on an iPhone is to access the Home Screen and create a new folder. For this to be done, simply tap the app you want to hide, then choose Edit Home Screen and drag the app over to another app. After that, start the folder, then remove the app into the new folder window.

    • You can go to your Home Screen to access the Home Screen on your iPhone. For older iPhones, you can do it by pressing Home, located near the top of the screen. If you have the iPhone X or newer, you’ll need to swiftly swipe upwards to the right of the screen.
    • Tap and hold on to the app you want to use. Then release the button when you feel the app begin to move or when a menu pops up.
    • Next, select Edit Home Screen.
    • After that, tap and drag the app over to the other app. This creates a new directory on the iPhone Home Screen with the two apps. You can also add additional apps by placing them on the top of the new folder. You can also change the folder’s name by tapping on the name on top and then creating a new name.
    • After that, start the folder and drag the app into a brand new window inside the folder. This can be done by removing the app towards the right-hand edge of the folder. This will open a new folder window so that it is possible to drop the app and conceal it.
    • Then Tap Do it. This will appear in the upper right area of your display.

    This method is excellent for blocking apps from Your Home Screen; you can also completely take them off the Home Screen.

    Unhiding an Application Could Be Vital

    There are many scenarios in which iPhone users may like to remove applications. For instance, if a user accidentally hides an app, the app can be repaired. Maybe a user chose to hide an app because it wasn’t relevant at the moment; however, it is now required for restoration. In these situations, you can unhide the application using the iPhone’s App Library is a quick and straightforward method. But only the apps that have been deleted from Home Screen can be restored. Home Screen can be fixed via App Library.

    If an app is hidden by a user application by turning on Content and Privacy Restrictions on an iPhone (using the Screen Time feature found in Settings), this would not appear within the App Library. The apps can’t be unhidden by following the above method.

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