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How To Go Live On Instagram With Only Close Friends

    The Close Friends list is a relatively new feature on Instagram which allows users to upload material to a particular segment of Instagram users.

    Its Close Friends feature is unlike the group chat or community. Instead, it provides creators with friends they can connect with to share material immediately, such as creating an Instagram story or a brand new live stream.

    This feature offers users a variety of benefits. If you post material via the Close Friends list, you are more in control of who sees the material, making it an ideal option for sharing updates with your friends or family group.

    This post will show you how to begin live streaming exclusively using Your Close Friends list.

    Know About The Close Friends Feature

    Close Friends is a unique function designed to benefit to share your personal story with only specific contacts. It lets you keep your live videos secret and only allow them to be your intimate acquaintances. It is unnecessary to make your live-stream video available to every one of your Instagram users. This means that your story or live video is only accessible to the selected number of followers. The feature allows you to make private updates available and share memorable occasions.

    Making a Close Friend List

    When you plan to stream your live videos to specific Instagram followers, you need to make a list of your Close Friends. This list must include people with whom you would like to share your experiences.

    Therefore, you must access the application to open your account.

    • Click on the profile picture and then go to the upper right-hand corner, where you will see three horizontal lines.
    • After you click on it, the window will open the List choice on the menu.
    • Select the List feature, locate it, and then click on the Close Friend feature. When you tap it, you will be able to select those close friends who will have access to your videos.
    • Instagram also shows you how many friends you have added to your list. However, those who decided to create this list were not notified. The list will not be visible to those chosen to view it. So, the selection you make will remain confidential. It is possible to control the viewers of your video and personal story.

    Furthermore, you can edit your Close Friend list to modify it based on your group’s needs.

    How to Go Live With Close Friends

    After you’ve understood what’s behind the Close Friends feature, we are now ready for exclusive Live events. The catch is that you aren’t able to join a Live using your Close Friends through Instagram. Instead, you can create an exclusive live stream and invite your friends. This is how you can do it:

    • Access the “Create” screen: Open the Instagram application, and then click the plus symbol (+) located in the centre of the home screen. You can also swipe left from the home screen.
    • Select “Live”: From the options available, click “Live.” The Live camera interface will be displayed.
    • Select the Audience: The most critical process. Look for “Audience” on the left side of your screen. The “Audience” button is on the left-hand side of your screen. It appears to be two persons in a row. Click on it.
    • Choose “Private”: This brings you to a menu where you can select your target audience from “Public” and “Private”. Select “Private” and tap “Set audience.”
    • You can go live now using the capture button.
    • Click the Invite icon. When you’re Live, locate your Invite icon. It’s similar to the icon for Audience with an X above it.
    • Please invite your friends to join: Enter the usernames of every follower and invite them all at once. Then, you’re only with your close Friends.

    What Happens After a Close Friends Live Stream?

    If your live stream is done and you’ve hit “End,” you’ll be able to review the details of the stream and read comments that may have been missed.

    In the case of business accounts, it is especially important to acknowledge the people who watched and participated in the live material, setting an expectation for shares to come.

    This guide will help you maximise one of Instagram’s best-loved attributes!

    What can I do to hide my life from People using Instagram?

    You may also block your live video from certain people on Instagram.

    Option 1. Via Who can view your material section

    Take the steps listed below to block your live streams. You can do this by accessing Instagram settings:

    • Go to the Instagram hamburger icon at the top of the right.
    • Select Hide Story and live under Who Can See Your Content.
    • Select Hide and Live from.
    • Click on the users you wish to add and then click Done.
    • Live stream on Instagram.

    Option 2: Via Story Settings

    It is also possible to use story settings before going live and block the public from watching the story. Find out how to:

    • Start Instagram, then tap the icon for home.
    • Swipe left to access the camera. Then press the settings icon located in the upper left corner.
    • Select Live.
    • Tap on Hide Live From.
    • Select the user that you want to use and press Done.
    • Make sure to livestream your posts on Instagram.

    Only select users will be permitted to stream your live stream through Instagram.

    Additional tips on live video to Close Friends

    This Close Friends live video streaming feature allows you to connect with your close group of friends. The accurate part is that you can share important moments with your friends. However, some tricks will benefit each session and make it enjoyable.

    • First, you must select the most exciting theme for your livestream. Be sure your closest acquaintances on Instagram are keen on the subject. You can also directly contact the people you know to ask for advice. Recent events could serve as a source of ideas.
    • Properly preparing the live stream is another essential element of structuring your live stream. You can, for instance, incorporate visuals or props into your video material.
    • Live stream plans must be made available to the members of your Close Friends if you have chosen to live stream.


    Creating live Instagram videos and including them in your close friends list is now possible. The feature is accessible for Instagram application users. Additionally, you can use this option for commercial purposes. You can make your live videos accessible to a specific audience.

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