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How To Get Stretched Resolution In Fortnite OG On PC

    In competitive games such as Fortnite, most players seek every advantage they can. Utilizing the top Fortnite settings to achieve a more excellent FPS can be a good beginning. Still, there’s another aspect that both dedicated and professional players have been requesting for a long time: the stretched resolution of Fortnite. This gives players a few advantages over playing everyday designs.

    Fortnite’s stretched resolution has, for a long time, been a controversy. In the past, gamers have discovered numerous ways to obtain extended keys. However, it needs to be clarified if it offers the same advantages for Fortnite as other games. What are the reasons behind a Fortnite stretched resolution, and how can you configure it in the game?

    Why is it necessary to play a stretched resolution?

    There are two primary motives for competitive gamers working with high resolutions. One reason is it boosts the FPS (frames per second). This is mainly because it is expected to lower the resolution, and consequently, the graphics card has less work to perform, so you get greater efficiency.

    The other argument is that player models are broader. This is the case in CS: GO, but it’s different in Fortnite. In Fortnite, when you create the resolution you want and extend it, you expand the FOV (Field of View) and compress the image into the 16:9 native format. This means that, in essence, the models of the player and, hence, the hitboxes may be reduced. Keep this in mind if contemplating changing to an extended resolution.

    Another drawback of the use of stretched resolutions is that it can be detrimental if you’re streaming. The streaming in stretched can broadcast the stretched resolution viewers, resulting in a lousy viewing experience.

    There are many arguments for stretching resolutions, and one reason is that most pros believe that extended extensions have business. This could be due to the increased FPS, but it isn’t easy to quantify when playing in actual conditions.

    Whether or not that is the case, it would be good to test with stretched resolutions.

    The benefits of playing with a stretched resolution

    Several players have reported the benefits of playing high-resolution games for Fortnite.

    The benefits are more FPS, higher player models that make them easier to hit, and a more extensive vertical range of view.

    Another reason players shift to stretching resolution is the fact that they have a habit of it before

    How do I Get the Stretched Resolution of Fortnite OG on PC

    Before proceeding to the next step before moving to the final stages, you must change some settings on your personal computer to boost the maximum resolution for your display. Not just Fortnite.

    The Most Stretched Resolutions You Can Get in Fortnite

    There’s a continuous controversy about which stretched resolutions are the best on Fortnite OG.

    You can follow these steps for the stretched resolution of Fortnite OG Chapter 4 Season 5. On your PC:

    • Use the Windows Key + R to start Run.
    • Enter %localappdata%, then press Enter.
    • Locate and open the folder FortniteGame.
    • Go to the path: Saved/Config/WindowsClient.
    • Within the WindowsClient folder, right-click the GameUserSettings.ini File.

    • Select Properties. On the General tab, check the Read Only box, Click Apply, and then OK.
    • Open your GameUserSettings.ini file.
    • Scroll down for the Resolution Screen Width and Screen Height options.
    • Make changes to them per your preferences, then click the File tab and save.
    • Then, ensure you have checked for the Read Only box in the Properties section of the GameUserSettings.ini file.

    This is the way to achieve a higher resolution on Fortnite.


    If you own an Nvidia video card, you must use the NVIDIA Control Panel to adjust your resolution.

    It is usually possible to locate the NVIDIA Control Panel by right-clicking on your desktop. After that, it will appear in your pop-up menu.

    If you’re in the Control Panel, you must change the resolution. Control Panel you need to alter resolution:

    • Click on Change Resolution
    • Pick one of the predefined resolutions, or make your resolution (see the following steps).
    • Click”Customize…
    • Make sure that the resolution is enabled and not visible on the screen
    • Click Create Custom Resolution
    • Then, set the Horizontal Pixels and Vertical lines according to the preferred resolution.
    • Click to test
    • If all is fine, the new resolution has been set, and you can test it by clicking OK.
    • Click Apply
    • You’re finished.

    The RAP-UP

    With the constant evolution of Fortnite resolutions, figuring out your ideal spot for optimal performance is essential. Every stretch resolution offers advantages, but your choice will depend on your style and preferences. Try to find an excellent FPS enhancement and comfort combination, considering that lower solutions usually result in more FPS.

    It’s important to note that the current season is new, so that changes could come soon. Fortnite creators often issue patches and updates and patches, so keep an eye out for any possible modifications. Feel free to play with the above resolutions and discover the best ones. In the end, the most effective solution will be the one that increases your gaming experience and allows you to secure the Victory Royales.

    Whether you’re a veteran player or just beginning the Fortnite adventure, knowing the stretch resolutions will help you gain an advantage. The OG Season brings the new challenges that come with it, and optimizing the answer could help you overcome them.

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