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How To Get Rid Of Hollow Arrow On iphone

    A vast array of icons in the bar appears at the upper right of the iPhone screen.
    There are a variety of shades of color at any given time and various indicators of cell strength, and you might notice a tiny occasional arrow.

    This tutorial will teach how you can alter one or two settings that affect the place in your iPhone and also the option to block a moving arrow from showing.

    What Does the iPhone’s Hollow Arrow Mean?

    Sometimes, it is just a matter of putting them together. On an iOS device, the service’s location is expected to be displayed through the status bar, which looks like an aircraft. This is a sign of one of three scenarios: the app has been before its use, insists on being used again, and that the app was actively utilized.

    In other words, when you spot a hollow arrow appearing at the top of the right-hand side of your gadget, this indicates that the app wants to access the location of your device initially. Also, the applications that use the location for iOS use an icon known as a hollow arrow.

    This indicates that the app can use your location information per the restrictions set by the app or your settings. It is possible to set a shortcut to be activated when you arrive home, for instance, using the Shortcuts application. You could set up an appointment when you get to your home.

    What is the cause of a hollow Arrow On an iPhone?

    The hollow arrow icon on the iPhone generally occurs if an application attempts to locate your area. But various varieties of Hallow Arrows are available to inform you that you are in danger.

    Blue Arrow

    This indicates the app or site you’re trying to use is your location-related services. Most applications utilize location services to satisfy specific requirements, such as Google Maps, Weather, Camera, Photos, etc.

    Grey Arrow

    It shows that, within the past 24 hours, an app or website has access to your location.

    Purple Arrow

    This indicates that the application has recently accessed Location Services.

    Hollow Arrow

    An arrow with a hollow signifies the possibility that, in some circumstances, an item could be sent to your address.

    How do you get rid of Hollow Arrow on your iPhone?

    An incessant hollow Arrow on your iPhone’s notification bar can sometimes be annoying. It is possible to remove the source. Or, consider avoiding the Arrow incident without looking into the reason.

    Disable Location Services

    If you are looking to find out the cause behind the Arrow, it could be because an application or an app is using your place of residence. To eliminate it, You can turn off locations for all apps, saving the iPhone battery in the process.

    Take the steps below to deactivate location services on iPhone:

    • Open iPhone Settings and go to Privacy.
    • Navigate to Location Services.
    • Toggle off the Location Services.

    This could affect the functionality of some applications. This means you’ll have to change the location settings of the applications you wish to use.

    If this happens in such a scenario, it’s possible to turn off location services and change the icon to the bar called Status. Additionally, if you previously turned off location services and when it comes back as a result, you should also be able to avoid the issue by turning off location services.

    Why Won’t iPhone Hollow Arrow Go Away?

    In most cases, it is expected that on an iOS device, location services are displayed directly through the status bar, which appears like an aircraft. This is a sign of one of three possibilities: that the app has been used before and insists on being used again or actively used.

    In other words, when you see a hollow arrow appearing at the top of the right-hand side of your gadget, this is a sign that the application will be requesting your current location. That is, location services for iOS use a particular icon known as a hollow arrow.

    It means a program could use location information with certain limitations determined by the app or you in the app settings. Using the Shortcuts application, it is possible to set a shortcut to be activated when you arrive home. You may have planned an appointment for the time you get at home.


    In conclusion, it is likely that the Arrow in your iPhone location probably appears due to an app utilizing your place of residence. If you’d like to eliminate the hollow Arrow on your iPhone, you must either turn off the location feature in the app or refresh the background application.

    This article helped you and could eliminate the hollow Arrow on your iPhone. If you have any concerns or feedback, please comment here. Thank you for your time!

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