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how to get rid of earwigs in your house

    Are earwigs eating your vegetables or eating your flowers? Here are seven pesticide-free tested methods to get rid of these insects.

    It’s hard for anyone to envision what Earth was like when it was 208 million years ago. First, humans weren’t even a flash in the universe’s eye. It would take more than 206 million years before the ancestors of our hominid species began walking on their own. Mammals weren’t fully developed yet, but insects that we recognize today as earwigs or pincer bugs existed.

    Gardeners are more interested in ways to rid themselves of ears than they are in knowing their history. Are you suffering in your garden at the pincers of this insect? Here’s how you can get rid of earwigs and avoid possibly harmful pesticides.

    How to Locate Earwigs inside Your House

    Before you can rid yourself of earwigs from your home, You must locate the source. Utilize a flashlight to search for earwig-like insects that are active at night. Be sure to look for areas where the temperature is excellent, and water could get sucked up, like the kitchen, laundry rooms, basements, bathrooms, and around outdoor faucets and air conditioning units. People are often attracted to patio and porch lighting in the evening, so check under the cushions of your outdoor furniture and in flower pots throughout the day.

    There is also the smell of Earwig bugs. They release a yellowish brown liquid with a pungent odor when they are they are disturbed or squashed.

    Are earwigs dangerous?

    Certain earwig species create an unpleasant-smelling liquid that is used as a deterrent.

    Earwig forceps appear dangerous, but they’re not toxic and don’t cause diseases. There’s a long-running wives’ tale of how the earwigs snuck into people’s ears as the rest. They are not true; the pincers of earwigs are employed to defend themselves against aggressive earwigs. Skin can be snagged when picked up or disturbed; however, it’s rare for them to break the skin.

    Earwig infestations can be problematic due to the sheer immense size of their population. They live in large groups, both indoors as well as outdoors. Certain species feed on plants that are young and can impede their growth.

    The Best Methods to Prevent Earwigs

    The best way to prevent earwigs from forming is to avoid damage from earwigs to your flower beds, vegetable gardens, and herb gardens in the indoor playground. To learn more about how to prevent Earwigs, check out the table below:

    1. Remove earwigs-friendly areas. Most earwig populations reside in damp areas, so it is essential to dry out the locations of your garden or home where they could be a part. Remove rotting wood piles, fix leaky faucets outside, and clean out your gutters to avoid an infestation of earwigs.
    2. Remove any moisture. Utilize a dehumidifier to lower the humidity when you see the presence of earwigs in your house. Make sure that you keep dead leaves, mulch, and other plant materials away from the foundations of your home to keep ears from making it into the house and, eventually, your houseplants.
    3. Repair any cracks. Another option to prevent the earwigs is using caulk or other sealants to stop minor entry points that could lead into your garden or home. Ensure you check the weather stripping around your doors or plants to ensure no gaps in which they can get in.

    Make use of an alcohol and water mixture.

    Earwigs have a waxy exterior shell, which makes them very difficult to eliminate and extremely strong. The body can be broken through a combination of water and rubbing alcohol. Place the mix into a spray bottle and spray earwigs in the vicinity to kill them immediately. The alcohol solution functions as a pesticide, and it can penetrate the shell to do the job.

    Create an oil and soy Sauce Trap

    The scent of the soy sauce smell is appealing to earwigs and serves as an excellent lure to draw them into traps. Mix equal parts of soy sauce with vegetable oil, and put the mix in containers. Place the container where you’ve found earwigs. Replace it when needed. They’ll get into the container but cannot get out because of the oil.

    How Do You Know If You Have A Earwig Infestation

    Finding earwigs in your garden can be the most evident indicator that you’ve got an infestation. Although earwigs tend to be nocturnal, it’s not unusual to find them in the daytime. Earwig infestations function like rodent infestations. If you spot one, there likely are many more.

    If you don’t notice any earwigs, it doesn’t mean you do not have them. Damaged crops are another typical indication of earwig activity. Leaves with holes or leaves with ragged edges look like a torn sheet of paper, typically due to earwig damage. Earwigs are attracted to blooming plants, leafy greens like cabbage and lettuce, celery, and fruits. So, make sure you be sure to inspect these plants regularly to determine if you have ears.

    What is the cause of a lot of EARWIGS?

    It is crucial to remember that the majority of earwigs thrive outdoors. But, moisture can attract them in an environment like a house.

    An earwig’s home is usually located on the outside of the house. Their food sources are decaying animal and plant matter. They prefer damp environments and are known to stay hidden during the day under mulch and leaf material within a house,’ Truly Nolen’s Technical Manager Mike Duncan.

    If they’re invading the house’s inside typically, the climate has changed. This could be because of extreme temperatures and the lower rainfall, or the excessive rain that pushes them into the.’

    Earwig Exterminators

    If you encounter an infestation of earwigs where massive amounts are found, or you are forced to take out earwigs week after week, contact the experts and have an exterminator examine the situation and figure out the most effective method of eliminating the creepy pests. Be prepared for the process to take time and to occur over several weeks. The process of controlling pests isn’t something that happens in one go since it requires dedication and constant effort to eliminate earwigs from the comforts of your yard and home.

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