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how to get ps4 out of safe mode

    Safe Mode on Play Station 4 is an excellent option for those looking to help troubleshoot the console.

    The Safe Mode using your PS4 can help you resolve an issue or fix the cause of a problem. Safe Mode’s Safe Mode menu contains settings that allow users to alter their console’s resolution, build the storage database and restore the console to its default settings.

    A variety of bugs are present in the PlayStation 4, as with every other system. The PlayStation 4’s “Safe Mode dead loop”. Your PS4 is shutting down, and there’s no option to restart the system. However, as you’ve learned, there is a solution to everything, and we’re ready to assist you.

    We’ll talk about the PS4’s safe mode and how you can take the PS4 from safe mode.

    What exactly does PS4 Safe Mode?

    The Safe Mode lets you launch your PS4 system with all its essential functions available. If you cannot power the PS4 console or if the PS4 system is having issues, however, you can continue using your console using Safe Mode. The options in Safe Mode help you solve many issues on your PS4.

    Specific Safe Mode options will cause data loss. We strongly suggest you back up your PS4 system’s data onto your external storage device, USB Storage device or online storage before attempting an option in the Safe Mode menu. The official Sony website states that Safe Mode is designed to solve problems in PS4 firmware. It is recommended only to be used if a PlayStation help article or Sony support staff members are advised.

    Before we discuss our Safe Mode Option, let’s discover how to put your PS4 with Safe Mode.

    Why is My Ps4 Not Working in Safe Mode?

    It could be an issue with your hardware if you cannot navigate through the menu options while your PS4 has been put in safety mode. You can do it right now if you’re required to switch the HDMI cable. Make sure you connect your HDMI cable with your PlayStation 4 and the back of your television, then disconnect the cables. Change the end of your HDMI cables before buying another one.

    Solutions to fix PS4 stuck in Safe Mode Simply.

    Let’s review all the options to resolve your PS4 stuck in the safety mode problem.

    1. Make use of the Restart Options

    Let’s begin by determining the most efficient way to overcome this bind. However, the odds are that you’ve already attempted this procedure. If not, using the built-in Restart option is recommended, which is available in the menu for Safe Mode.

    Sometimes, this trigger manual can solve the problem.

    Step 1. Launch your PS4 and ensure that the controller is connected to your PlayStation
    STEP 2. When the safe mode menu appears and allows you to select the safe mode option, please be sure to choose the first one. Restart PS4
    Step 3. Once you have selected Step 3, click the X button and allow it to start over again.

    Take it back to Repair.

    If all the options mentioned earlier are unsuccessful, there’s no other option but to bring your console to the centre for service.

    Let them know the problem and the methods you’ve implemented so far. Hopefully, they can fix the issue.

    Repair corrupted files

    It turns out that an additional reason for the console to keep running when it is in Safe Mode could be corrupted files. If this occurs, it is necessary to repair the damaged files. This can be done quickly through your Safe Mode menu. But, it will take a bit of time, perhaps hours, so you’ll have to be patient. Follow the steps below to complete this process:

    First, turn up your PS4 and then go through Safe Mode. Safe Mode menu.
    In the menu, select the fifth option, i.e. Rebuild Database.
    After that, let your console remain because this process could take a long time.
    After the Database has been rebuilt, you can start your PS4. Check if this fixes the issue, and then it will start usually.

    Backup PS4 Game Screenshots, as well as videos

    If you’ve captured several games screenshots or video clips when playing the games you play on your PS4, It’s an intelligent backup option and saves them to an internal hard drive and your computer.

    This will allow you to save storage space in your PS4 hard disk. To do this, you must remove the PS4 hard drive by connecting it to your computer. After that, you can manually copy or use vital backup programs to back up all videos and screenshots of your favourite games to your PC or external hard disk.

    If you are looking for a backup program, EaseUS Todo Backup is capable of helping you.

    How do you turn it off?

    If you’re stuck in the Safe Mode loop, many methods exist to take the PS4 from Safe Mode.

    1. Restarting the PS4 lets you remove the PS4 from the Safe Mode and restart your PS4 system as usual.
    2. You can try selecting your Change Resolution option and setting the PS4 display resolution to 480P as default. It will help fix PS4 screen issues.

    If you’re having trouble with the HDMI connections between PS4 and your TV, You can select an HD resolution of 1080P or higher for your TV with 720P resolution.

    After you have exited Safe Mode and brought it back to Normal at 480P, open the settings menu and set the proper resolution.

    1. Try to update the software by hand via Direct Boot, USB sticks or discs.
    2. You can try your Restore Defaults choice to resolve the issues that could be causing problems on your PS4. It won’t erase your PS4 information since it’s not a full factory reset.
    3. Restore the Database. It will check through your PS4 drives and build a brand new database of all the stored content on the PS4 system. This can help you deal with problems like slowing down PS4 games or decreasing frame rates. This approach will likely take quite a while, dependent on the amount and type of data elements.

    How can you get your PS4 to exit Safe Mode 2022?

    To unlock the PS4 to exit Safe Mode in 2022, turn off the console, switch it back on, plug the controller in, and follow the directions on the Safe Mode screen.

    Does rebuilding the PS4 Database delete everything?

    Rebuilding your PS4 Database will not erase any of your data or games. However, it will erase any corrupted data and might cause your PS4 to fail.


    PS4 Safe Mode is a fantastic tool to resolve issues with your console. Most often, the broad selection options Safe Mode options fix any problems with the PS4.

    However, more significant issues can be a problem with the PS4. For example, you may be trapped in a Safe Mode death loop when your PlayStation is constantly restarting after a time in Safe Mode.

    So, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on PS4 Safe Mode to help you solve these issues.

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