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How To Get On Discover Weekly On Spotify

    Spotify is the most famous music streaming platform, and it has revolutionized how we consume music. With its extensive music collection and an easy-to-use interface, it’s gained popularity as the top choice for musicians from all over the world.
    For a better understanding of how to be included in Discover Weekly, which is one of the most well-loved playlists on Spotify, You must first be familiar with the service’s music streaming capabilities and algorithms. In the next section, we’ll provide our perfect strategies to improve the odds of being on the music streaming service’s Discover Weekly playlist.

    What is Discover Weekly?

    Before we go over these three crucial tips, we must first define the concept behind Discovery Weekly.

    As we’ve already said, Discover Weekly is one of Spotify’s most popular playlists, and musicians can get a chance to have their tracks on it.

    This playlist has around 30 songs, which is updated with new songs every week on Monday mornings.

    The thing that makes this playlist is that every participant’s Discover Weekly playlist is personally tailored to the user who is with it; therefore, there is no way that Discover Weekly is the same.

    It means that every person on Spotify can have different tracks on the Discover Weekly playlist—one exclusive to this particular individual.

    Even if the song you’re working on doesn’t receive a Spotify spot on Discover Weekly, then you may still have a chance to be featured on another.

    That’s the reason Discover Weekly is the second most-watched music playlist available on Spotify.

    Additionally, even though the songs are available on Discover Weekly only for this week, subscribers have access to Discover Weekly’s archives. Discover Weekly archive.

    Most of the time, this playlist has more than 2 hours of songs. The users can locate your track on Discover Weekly.

    If you follow these guidelines, ensure that you join Discover Weekly. Discover Weekly playlist:

    How can I access music on Spotify Discover Weekly?

    Every Spotify subscriber receives an exclusive Discover Weekly playlist each Monday at 7 AM.

    The playlist was created purely on the specific user’s musical preferences. The editorial staff doesn’t make it, but an algorithm cleverly analyzes the individual’s listening patterns and suggests tracks the user might have yet to encounter.

    What can you do to increase the chance of featuring your song on a customer’s Discover Weekly?

    Add your playlists to the other ones.

    Spotify is based on its Discover Weekly selections, which are heavily based on different playlists on the service. It doesn’t mean playlists with millions of followers. It analyzes data from each playlist to identify preferences, artist similarities, and what listeners appreciate, whether it’s an album with hundreds of listeners per day, a personal playlist of a user, or even a list of public playlists with only a handful of followers. All of them count.

    It also covers playlists that you make from your own. Creating your playlist using a couple of your tracks can be a fantastic method of aligning your music with the other musicians you’d like to connect with. It also helps put your music into the listening environment you imagined to create.

    The quote is directly from a Spotify executive and gives the simplest explanation for the process by which Discover Weekly is compiled:

    We look at what you’ve been listening to. And what are the songs playing around these songs that you’ve been jamming on but know you haven’t heard yet on Spotify.

    Let’s say you’ve been playing a song by The Killers and by Bruce Springsteen a lot. Algorithms look for how those songs are played and ordered in other Spotify users’ playlists. If people play those songs together in their playlists, there’s another song sandwiched between them that someone has never heard before; that song will show up in your Discover Weekly.

    Use great music to increase engagement.

    Let’s get this over with. If your music doesn’t like you and you have a high rate of skips and low retention of listeners, Discover Weekly will not take care of it.

    However, the focus is more than just the number of streams you’ve got. A track with at least 20,000 streams will have the desirable chance of getting the list. However, crucial metrics to consider from the Spotify algorithm’s perspective comprise the number of your songs being listened to the entire way through, the number of users who save the track, add it to their playlists, and post it to social media, etc. Engagement is vital.


    While Release Radar is still based on an algorithm, it’s less complex in understanding what and how music is integrated. Like Discover Weekly, every weekly Release Radar playlist is unique for each person. Instead of featuring an artist that the user has yet to meet, it offers more than two hours of fresh releases by musicians they already track or listen to regularly. Find out how to get onto this playlist.


    The music you release will usually be featured in the release playlists for those who follow your profile. However, if you would like to let them have the latest tracks, invite people to follow your profile instead of just listening to the music you play through Spotify.

    After you’ve built up an established following, the fans will be informed through Release Radar whenever you make new music available.


    Gonzalez advises that if your company has recently released a brand new track, it should incorporate Spotify to promote your music. In particular, you can post the links to your songs on Spotify on social media platforms and then ask websites that showcase the tracks you’ve released to include your songs on Spotify. The more people visit your Spotify music through “off-platform,” the better.

    The algorithm-driven playlists on Spotify, such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar, aren’t only generating millions of streams for an artist and millions. Fans of music will often check these playlists first while looking for new songs that match their particular preferences or to find the latest tracks from their favorite artists. So, take into account the power of these playlists for promotion.

    What’s the process behind how the Discover Weekly algorithm works?

    What happens when you can tell how the Discover Weekly playlist determines what songs are included is determined by a basic algorithm.

    What it does is record all the actions of the user within the platform.

    It records the songs that they like as well as the genre of music they’ve added to their playlists.

    These behaviors and others are considered incorporated into the Discover Weekly algorithm, which will choose which music it recommends to the customers they want to hear.

    Something to remember, especially when you are an artist, is that the Discover Weekly playlist could differ from what users played before the week.

    This happens because the playlist changes based on the history of your listening.

    Discover Weekly is an excellent opportunity to be featured on thousands, if not billions, of music playlists available on the Spotify platform every week.

    In addition, you should be aware of a second Spotify organic playlist called Release Radar. It operates on the same algorithm but differs for each person using the service. It provides users with new music from their favorite artists every week. So, every artist can ensure that fans who do not remember their every step will get the latest album.

    Consider that Release Radar provides listeners with music that is released by artists they listen to frequently. So, always ask your followers to join your account to ensure that Spotify informs them of the new music you release.

    If your tracks can be featured on the two platforms, Discover Weekly and Release Radar, you can expect them to give you hundreds or thousands of brand-new faithful followers.

    How can you improve the chances of being more Discover Weekly?

    If you want to boost the odds of being featured in the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, it’s apparent that you transfer your tracks on the platform. Its algorithm then is in charge of analyzing users’ preferences and their engagement to suggest your music to those who listen. Regularly releasing new songs increases exposure, which helps Spotify identify your music’s style and popularity with the public, thereby improving the chances of being featured within the Discover Weekly playlists.

    The streaming services are revolutionizing streaming music by offering on-demand, ad-free (via premium) access to all music. Spotify, coupled with Sonos and smartwatches, Bluetooth headphones, or even smart speakers, favor seamless music streaming. Features such as offline listening and high-quality audio enhance users’ experiences. This makes platforms such as Spotify the most popular hub for users for music discovery, sharing songs, and experiencing the latest music in today’s electronic music market.


    Suppose you have your music accessible through Spotify, engage actively with the platform, and release new music. In that case, you can increase your chance of getting in Discover Weekly and gaining exposure. What is the accurate way to get an opportunity to appear on Discover Weekly? It is all about accepting the platform, interacting with listeners, and then leaving Spotify to manage the rest to make your music known.

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