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how to get hardwood in stardew valley

    Approximately every Stardew Valley participant will want to get their hands on Hardwood at some unspecified time inside the destiny, as it’s necessary for a massive giant form of in-endeavor craftables, upgrades, and loads greater. But, it can be complicated for game enthusiasts to find Hardwood on the Stardew Valley map, as many strategies can rely on success or hazard.

    Hardwood in Stardew Valley may be obtained from Mahogany Trees, Large Logs, and Large Stumps. Hardwood additionally may be received through a unique method of recreation. Still, the most reliable places are the clearings on the Forest Farm map and the Secret Woods in Cindersap Forest, which respawn Large Stumps daily.

    Modern-day updates have introduced excellent recipes for stressful Hardwood, so its acquisition is more important than ever. Stick around to discover precisely how to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley, further to find out all the fantastic Hardwood locations on the map.

    How To Find Hardwood In Stardew Valley

    Mahogany Seeds may be received with the aid of shaking or reducing down Mahogany Trees, digging up a Mahogany Seed dropped from a completely grown Mahogany Tree, or slicing up a few other Hardwood deliver. They can also be gotten from Golden Coconuts from Ginger Island or dropped with Slimes in the Secret Woods resource. Players also can exchange one Stingray for a Mahogany Seed with the Island Trader.

    The extraordinary vicinity to find out Large Stumps constantly is the Secret Woods placed within the northwestern corner of Cindersap Forest. In it are six Large Stumps that respawn each day, permitting gamers to get twelve portions of Hardwood each day they go to. Players need to first, however, chop down the Large Log blockading the course to the woods. As stated earlier, gamers will want at least a Steel Axe to do this.

    Large Stumps and Large Logs additionally may be observed on game enthusiasts’ farms when they first begin Stardew Valley. These, however, will no longer respawn while gamers cast them off. However, their Hardwood can even though be used.

    How to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

    You can obtain Hardwood with the valuable aid of breaking Tree Stumps or Old Logs across the map. You will first want to improve to a Copper Axe to have the ability to interrupt the Tree Stumps, which may be dotted spherical on your farm – this is the remarkable manner to start collecting Hardwood.

    Later, you could improve to a Steel Axe to break even larger Old Logs and acquire large portions of Hardwood.

    Occasionally, there is a slim danger of having Hardwood from the chests and barrels, which might be located within the Mine simultaneously as you damage them.

    I’m fascinated about a way to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley; however, for additional guides on the farming hobby, look at our Dish O’ the Sea manual to find a way to get the unusual item.

    What Can You Do With Hardwood?

    As we’ve stated in advance, Hardwood has many uses. It’s a key detail in crafting recipes that might be used to make a device to make your farming lifestyle a lot simpler. 

    Here are some useful gadgets that require Hardwood:

    Cheese Press: You can use this to show Milk into Cheese. Requirements: Hardwood (10) Wood (forty-five) Stone (45) Copper Bar (1).

    Oil Maker – This is an Artisan Equipment used to make Artisan Goods like Oil and Truffle Oil. Truffle Oil can be sold for an excessive charge. Requirements: Hardwood (20) Slime (50) Gold Bar (1).

    Cask – Another Artisan Equipment. You can use this to age products like Beer, Cheese, and Wine to further grow their price. Requirements: Hardwood (1) Wood (20).

    Mini-Obelisk – You can use this object to warp to incredible places on your farm in Stardew Valley. You can use it on Ginger Island. It’s very beneficial for getting spherical your farm fast and further effectively. Requirements: Hardwood (30) Solar Essence (20) Gold Bar (3).

    Hardwood Fence – The incredible form of the fence in the game. It has fantastic sturdiness and can close you from 558 to 562 days. Requirements: Hardwood (1).

    All Ways to Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

    To get Hardwood in Stardew Valley, you want to discover the old logs and tree stumps. There is barely reddish or mahogany timber. To break vintage logs, you want a metallic axe or higher at the same time; for tree stumps, you need a copper axe or higher. Finally, mahogany timber may be lessened with any axe.

    There are numerous methods to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley, but here are the best of them:

    Farm Hardwood in Secret Woods

    Clear logs and stumps in your farm

    Open chests and barrels in the Mine

    Buy Hardwood from the traveling issuer issuer

    Play on a foraging map. It has eight stumps that drop Hardwood and respawn each day.

    Increase the Woodskip Fish Pond population to 6

    When you benefit from degree 10 foraging, you can pick out the logger profession. With it, all timber has a danger of losing Hardwood

    Now they will provide you with a first-rate amount of Hardwood; however, only a few of these strategies are farmable. If you’re playing on a traditional map, your super bet can be heading to the Secret Woods daily and getting Hardwood there.

    Why do I want to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley?

    There are some one-of-a-type motives which you want Hardwood in Stardew Valley. For example, there are a few unique Craftable items that require Hardwood. Items including, including the Cheese Press and Worm Bin, require a small amount of Hardwood.

    If you plan on building new homes for your farm, a few may also require Hardwood and the Horse Stable. Hardwood is also used for upgrading your cottage.


    There is an opening of twenty-8 days in every season. The recreation advances 365 days earlier than the subsequent spring starts. There isn’t always any limit to the form of seasons that can be accomplished, but they have connections to particular occasions.

    Hardwood is likewise used to beautify the homes in Stardew Valley. It will take fifty timbers and fifty thousand grams to perform Farmhouse Upgrade 2. Moreover, it will take five iron bars, a hundred pieces of wood, and 10000 grams to make a robust. Thus, this object plays an essential function in the game.

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