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How To Get A Transparent Profile Picture On Tiktok

    Presently, TikTok has over 130 million active users. It can be challenging to stand out among the other users since you can only tag new trends or utilize popular music on TikTok, which is needed. To make your profile stand out, you should get a transparent image on TikTok.

    TikTok allows transparent photos. You can create a transparent profile photo. It’s good news that creating your personal transparent TikTok PFP is simple and is possible in just a few minutes online, for free.

    What is a Transparent TikTok Profile Picture?

    Transparent images do not include backgrounds. In this case, for example, the photo was taken in a car. You can remove the Background and show your face.

    On TikTok, unlike average profiles that have circles around them, a clear TikTok image appears at the top of the white screen.

    How to Make The Background of Your Profile Picture Clear on TikTok!

    If you’ve seen users on TikTok with a transparent background for their profile pictures, There are likely to be some concerns. The most important one is “How can you clear that background on your TikTok profile photo?” It’s pretty simple, providing you fulfil the requirements. This is how to get an uncluttered background on your TikTok profile photo!

    To get an accurate and precise profile picture on TikTok, you need to be able to access or access Android devices. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smartphone or tablet. It is impossible to see a crisp TikTok profile photo on the iPhone and iPad.

    You will then need to search for a transparent PNG file on Google by typing “transparent PNG”. It is also possible to create your own using Photoshop. Make sure that the end of the file is .png. If you want to have a clean background, take an image and then remove it. Bg to take away the Background.

    After downloading your clear PNG image or the picture from Remove. Bg on your Android device. Use the file to create your profile image. Voila! Your profile photo is now completely transparent!

    This method is lots of fun, and it can create a fantastic, transparent image on TikTok! If you do not own an Android device, you could take a loan from a trusted friend and sign into your TikTok account through their smartphone or tablet. Upload your clear profile picture from the device.

    How do you transform your TikTok profile image transparent when using Android?

    Android is, without a doubt, the most used phone operating system today. These phones have transformed into super-powered devices that can compete with PCs in all ways. As an example, you could utilize your Android phone to alter background photos using the Ultimate Background Eraser. The app is free, and it is optional to have specialized knowledge in editing your images because the interface will explain itself. Touch the image to erase, and then the auto-eraser does the job. As you’d expect, you can remove image backgrounds by hand using the lasso tool and pressing with your fingers. It is also the best thing; you can undo and repeat for precise results. Make sure to follow these instructions:

    Step 1. Visit the Google Play Store and search for the ultimate background eraser. When you’ve found the app, download and install it from your mobile.

    Step 2. After that, you can click on the Picture icon near the bottom to upload your photos. You can also tap the Camera icon for uploading videos. In this post, I’ve chosen the button Photos.

    Step 3. Click the Auto button, spread your finger, and select the areas you wish to delete. Choosing a Manual to pick the picture backgrounds to erase is also possible. In either case, the location you select is likely to turn green.

    Step 4. Select OK and continue to save the image by saving it as JPG or PNG. Additionally, choose Add Background and the background picture for your photo. You can customize the image using stickers, words, illustrations, text, and more. And finally, put it in a folder by pressing Save.

    How do I get a clear profile photo via TikTok for iPhone?

    Here’s the point where things become fascinating. It’s a known fact that iPhones and iPads aren’t able to allow transparent PNG profiles. However, there’s an approach you can use to get transparency in your profile image for TikTok iPhone. We’ll employ Wondershare UniConverter to erase an image background before exporting it onto iOS. It’s a program powered by AI that allows you to erase images and backgrounds without lifting a finger. Apart from erasing image backgrounds, you can change your photos to iPhone-compatible JPG, JPEG, and PNG. Additionally, you can reduce, crop and apply effects to their images.

    Therefore, before you dally around any more, let us show you how you can transform your TikTok profile photo transparent to the iPhone by using Wondershare UniConverter:

    Step 1. Use the background image removal tool.

    Install and launch Wondershare UniConverter 13 on your computer, then click the Toolbox tab. You’ll see several tools to choose from—background Removal.

    Step 2. Upload the image file (s).

    Find your photo files and drag and drop them onto the background remover’s interface. Or, you can press Add Files to open your folders and then upload your pictures. Make sure to note that UniConverter can work with JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF.

    Step 3. Get rid of the Background.

    Once you have successfully added your photos, Select them and press the Start button. The Background Remover powered by AI will obliterate the Background. Find the photo to export it, then transfer the image onto the device you have on your iPhone or iPad. This is how you can make your TikTok profile visible quickly and simply.

    How can I obtain a transparent profile image on TikTok to be used as a Desktop Browser?

    Create and upload images of your profile on your desktop using the aid of the methods in the following article:

    Using Kapong Background Remover

    • Go to our Kapwing Video Background Remover page in your internet browser.
    • Select Upload to upload your video.
    • Select Sign In from the top left corner of your screen to set up and then use your account to export projects.
    • After that, click the Click to Upload box.
    • Choose the image you want to view and click”Open.
    • In the left pane, On the right side, select the ERASE option.
    • Select the Magic Wind option and select Area, Arvind, Subject, and Photo.
    • After that, select the “Remove Pixels” to Remove Pixels option from the right-hand pane to get the transparent image of your profile to use on the profile picture of your TikTok profile.

    Repeat this process until the entire area around the subject is removed.

    • Select DONE, and then Export Project.
    • Choose the format you want to export and the resolution you wish to export the project.
    • Then, go to the TikTok website and sign in to your account using your computer or laptop browser.
    • Click on the icon for your profile at the top of the right, then select View profile.
    • Select Edit Profile > pencil edit icon, which is in your profile picture.
    • Choose the transparent photo and then click”Open.
    • Edit the image, then select Apply.
    • Click Save.


    A clear TikTok profile will appeal to the people you want to reach. Your profile photo will not obscure the visibility of your posts.

    The transparent TikTok profile image is how to create one and how you can configure your TikTok profile to utilize the transparent image you created. Using your Android device to post a transparent profile photo is best.

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