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How to Fix Snapchat Green Line Bug on iPhone

    Snapchat is among the most well-known social media platforms that let users share pictures or videos and send messages to their contacts. However, a few iPhone users have complained about an annoying issue when using Snapchat, which is a line of green showing up on their screen whenever they use the application.

    Snapchat Green Line Bug can affect the quality of snaps, making Snapchat less fun to use. What is the cause of this issue, and what can you do to eliminate it? We will review how to fix the Snapchat green line on your iPhone and offer users a few simple ways to eliminate the issue.

    What is Snapchat’s Green Line Bug?

    Snapchat Stories may display an orange line on specific iPhone 13 models and above due to a glitch within the application. This is a software glitch that is not hardware-related. Snapchat Green lines are usually visible when you shoot stories using the camera on the front, perhaps because of the large resolution camera and screen.

    There’s no solution to this issue, but many users have tried restarting their phone, reinstalling the app or looking for recently made changes to their phone’s settings. The green border in the middle of Snapchat stories indicates they’ve posted them within the past 24 hours. Snapchat users can reach out to Snapchat support if the issue persists.

    Green Line on the iPhone Screen: Possible Reasons

    The first thing to note is that the green line appearing on iPhones is most apparent in models sporting OLED displays. This is in contrast to iPhones that have LCDs. The iPhone has a diamond-shaped sub-pixel pattern on its OLED display. In the event of a problem, the display on your iPhone will show a straight green line across either or diverse sides of the screen.

    We’re confident you’re puzzled about the cause of weird green lines in your iPhone and why it may have caused it. Below are a few causes that caused damage to the display of your iPhone, causing odd green lines across the screen of your iPhone:

    • The connection of the iPhone to the LCD of the digitizer’s side needed to be set up correctly when it was first manufactured.
    • It could be because of damage to liquids.
    • Your display on the display of your iPhone has been hit hard by a significant fall, for example, from a height or lying down for long hours.
    • An element inside may be short-circuited.

    After we have identified some possible causes which could be the cause of the green lines on your phone, let’s take a look at some potential solutions to keep this from spreading or, at the very least, temporarily.

    What’s With the Green Lines on Snapchat Video? How to Fix

    Many iPhone 13 users see a green line as they browse content available on this platform, specifically photos taken using the camera on the front. Since the green line doesn’t appear on the screen, it’s a sure sign that it’s not an issue with the hardware but a glitch in the software.

    There is no definitive solution to this problem. Users have tried various methods of troubleshooting to fix it.

    Method 1: Restart Your Device

    Sometimes, a simple reboot may benefit. Please switch off your iPhone or Android device’s power, then turn it on again to see whether the issue is resolved.

    Method 2: Reinstall Snapchat

    The app can be uninstalled by the Snapchat application and then installed. This helps eliminate the temporary bugs and damaged settings or cache.

    After installation, sign in to your account and examine if the red line is fixed.

    Method 3: Update Device

    Check that your iPhone and Android devices are up-to-date. If it is not updated, it could create compatibility issues that can result in the issue discussed.

    Here’s how to upgrade your iPhone:

    • Navigate to Settings, tap General Settings, and click Software Update.
    • If an update is available, click Download and Install.

    Android users should check out our tutorial on Manually installing Android to the latest version.

    Method 4: Update Snapchat

    Also, you can update the Snapchat app similarly using your App Store or Google Play Store to fix the persistent bugs that cause glitches inside the application.

    Method 5: Contact Apple Support

    If the problem with the green line persists or affects other apps you have installed on your phone, this could indicate issues with your iPhone’s display. Call Apple Support for further assistance or repair in the event of need.

    FAQs on How to Fix the Green Line on the iPhone Screen

    If you have questions concerning how to repair the green line that appears on your iPhone screen, we’ll answer some of your concerns in the following article. Take a look!

    Why do green lines appear that appear on the iPhone screen?

    The green line that appears on the screen of your iPhone may occur due to various reasons. Among them is falling your phone at a high point or even putting weight on your display, such as lying down.

    The issue could be related to manufacturing flaws like short-circuiting.

    Has the blue line appearing on the iPhone disappeared?

    Unfortunately, with the suggestions above, you can temporarily stop the issue or keep the condition from becoming more severe.

    What’s the price to repair the green line that appears on an iPhone?

    The price is based on the iPhone’s model and the parts supply. The pricing information varies from one area to the next. You should check the cost to see the updated screen in your local service centre.

    The Conclusion

    If the red line was visible on the screen of your iPhone because of a manufacturing flaw, it’s not something you can do about it; however, should you stop by an Apple service centre, and it’s covered under warranty, you’ll be able to obtain a screen replacement for free.

    In the meantime, you may test our suggestions for minimizing the damage. This should benefit you. We also suggest that you replace your screen immediately.

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