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How To Fix PDE.plugin Will Damage Your Computer

    When you print, does the “PDE.plugin will damage your computer” message appears on your Mac?
    It can be irritating to get a warning pop-up every time you try to print something. The warning can be even more alarming if it includes “will damage the computer.” But the PDE.plugin doesn’t do anything malicious. This error may be related to the HP driver.

    macOS has gatekeeping technology that only allows trusted software to run on your computer. HP accidentally revoked some driver certificates in older Mac OS versions. This caused the PDE. The plugin has an error for many HP users.

    There are some simple fixes to this issue. Our team has scoured HP, Apple, and other support forums to find solutions. How to fix “PDE.plugin will damage your computer” on Mac.

    Jump right in!

    What does it mean when my Mac says, ‘Will Damage Your Computer?

    You may see the warning “[Application] could damage your Mac” for several reasons. We’ll go through each one in more detail.

    Apple Certificate Signature is not available. Apple Gatekeeper’s security feature checks the software’s authenticity by checking its unique Apple Certificate Signature. This error will appear if the application developer does not get the Apple certificate signature.
    This program contains malware. The gatekeeper keeps a record of malware signatures and will stop installation when it detects a threat.
    Unknown developer. Apple has a ‘Trusted Developers’ list that includes developers who meet strict criteria. Apple’s error code will appear on apps developed by third parties that have not been verified by Apple, even if the app does not contain any malicious components.
    Old version of the app. Older macOS versions. It will likely occur with older macOS versions (10.12 and earlier).

    Upgrade your Mac

    Update your Mac. The macOS update might include an HP printer update. Then click Software Update. The screen will tell you if an update is available.

    Add and Delete

    Please read the following instructions.

    • The removal of your Printer is effortless. The System Preferences window will open. Click on Printers & Scanscanners. Pick the Printer that you wish to remove from the list. Choose Delete Printer from the list after clicking Remove.
    • Install the latest HP Scan and Print software in OS X. Visit this page:
    • Click on Printers & Scans under System Preferences.

    Reinstall HP Software if you have removed HP Software

    The problem may persist, or the message might differ (e.g., “Matterhorn. Try the following steps if this isn’t working or you have a separate alert (e.g., “Matterhorn.

    • Then click on Applications in the Go menu (Finder> Go).
    • Open the HP Folder or Hewlett-Packard File.
    • If you don’t see HP Uninstaller on your screen, continue to step 2. Continue with Step 2 if HP Uninstaller does not appear.
    • Drag HP or Hewlett Packard apps into Trash by choosing the folder.
    • To go to a folder, click the Go button again. Enter text by pressing enter in the following box.
    • /Library/Printers
    • This folder is called Printers. The Printers folder will be opened.
    • Click the Trash Icon and select Empty Trash.
    • Click Printers & Scanners in System Preferences on Mac, then remove the Printer.
    • Start your Mac by clicking on the Apple menu and selecting Restart.

    HP Uninstaller can be used if you have problems uninstalling software. How to:

    You have now removed HP’s software. We will now reinstall the HP software. How to:

    • Go to the HP’s website:
    • Enter your printer model to find your desired product.
    • The driver file can be downloaded.
    • To open the DMG, double-click on it. Follow the instructions on the screen to install.
    • Click Printers & scanners in the Apple menu after installation. Add your Printer.

    The conclusion of the article is:

    We have listed the most effective methods for solving the error “PDE. The plugin may damage your computer.”

    If the solution above doesn’t work, try all the other solutions and tell us which one worked best for you in the comment section.

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